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64-year-old woman Woman wins lottery scratchie jackpot twice in two months

The 64-year-old woman from Maryland had her first stoke of luck when she won $50,000 (A$73,000) on a ‘Deal or No Deal’ themed scratchie last month and decided to try her luck again on a new’ Holiday Gold’ scratchie.

“Because it was a newly launched ticket, I knew most of the prizes were still available in the game,”she told Fox News.

The teacher bought two of the scratch cards and sat in her car to scratch them.

“The first one was a non-winner, but the second one made me shout for joy,” she said.

The happy go lucky 64-year-old couldn’t believe her luck when she scratched another $50,000 (A$73,000).

The teacher plans on paying her double win forward by staring a local business for to care for the elderly.

“I plan on using this money to continue taking care of my 90-year-old family members and start a business with a focus on elder care for seniors with impairments,” she said.

“It’s going to be needed in the near future.”
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Keanu Reeves Hailed A Hero For Dating Someone Of His Age

“People are calling 55-year-old movie star Keanu Reeves a hero. Why? Because he showed up on the red carpet with a woman he’s dating, who happens to be around his age. She’s actually 9 years younger, but he’s becoming like the poster child for a guy who’s really great because he goes out with a woman whose like around his age,” panelist Joy Behar said at the beginning of the segment.

The “John Wick” actor, who was already somewhat of an internet hero (sometimes referred to as the “internet’s boyfriend” for his consistently wholesome behavior), was hailed for his age-appropriate dating choice on social media after the appearance.

The panel on the daytime talk show discussed the reaction, which largely included praise for Reeves having chosen a woman in his own age group ― a stark contrast to Hollywood’s norm.

“Hugh Hefner was 60 years older than his last wife,” Behar said.

She went on to rally off a long list of dramatic age differences in Hollywood relationships.

“Dennis Quade, 65. En…

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton look sombre in elegant black coats

Meghan Markle looked resplendent in black as she joined Kate Middleton and the rest of the Royal Family at the traditional wreath-laying service at The Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, and the Duchess of Cambridge, 37, both opted for a black coat and hat, as they stood on the balcony to watch Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry lay wreaths to pay respects to its war dead today.

Meghan and Kate were pictured on separate balconies, with Kate joining the Queen, 93, and Duchess of Cornwall, 72, while Meghan joined Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 54, in order of precedence.

The Prince of Wales laid the first wreath on behalf of the Queen, who watched the service from the nearby balcony.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson  and Labour's Jeremy Corbyn were seen taking a break from election campaigning to attend the service at the memorial on Whitehall in central London.

Hundreds of armed forces personnel were also present at the occasion, alongside Cabinet minis…

12 Most Stunning Hairstyles, Beauty Looks of Kim Kardashian

Last summer, Kim Kardashian West openly lamented having cut her hair above the shoulders. But while a little growing and a lot of extensions remedied that regret, it seems she has a whole new attitude about bobs this year.

Kim Kardashian went from reality TV star to beauty and entertainment mogul in a matter of years. Though she's now married to Kanye West—with four kids and her KKW Beauty line—Kardashian West isn't afraid to take the same beauty risks she's always been known for. Blonde hair, spray tans, wet hair, colorful eyeshadow—you name it, Kardashian West has worn it. Here, we take a look back at some of her best and most interesting beauty looks over the years.

14 Best Kim Kardashian Fashion Styles Ever

Kim's outfits certainly deliver drama and sex appeal in spades. Here, an ongoing look at her best style moments.

Kim Kardashian may be known for her ultrasexy looks, but behind her body-baring outfits is some surprisingly practical fashion savvy. Even if you aren't interested in trying Kim's latex dresses, there are still solid lessons to be learned from her sleek looks.

Kim has spent the last few years streamlining her style with help from her husband, Kanye West, and her makeover has inspired us to take a closer look. We know there's a reason behind every sheer dress or floor-dusting coat we've spotted Kim wearing, and we're doing our best to study up. So, before you write off her look as simply sexy, step back and take a second to admire the 14 Best Kim Kardashian Fashion Styles.
1. It’s getting too hot out now to wear my fave puffer

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It’s getting too hot out now to wear my fave puffer 😢 A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkar…