Photos Of How People Will Look Like in 2100

Scientists have discovered how people will look like in 2100.

Photos Of How People Will Look Like in 2100

A company has created a 3D model of a future human, based on some of these scientific predictions - and the result is truly horrifying.

Dubbed "Mindy", the human of 2100 has a hunched back, caused by hours sitting in front of a computer monitor at the office and craning her neck to look at smartphones.

"The way we hold our phones can cause strain in certain points of contact – causing 'text claw' and '90-degree elbow' also known as the cubital tunnel syndrome," said Dr Nikola Djordjevic from Med Alert Help.

"This syndrome is caused by pressure or the stretching of the ulnar nerve which runs in a groove on the inner side of the elbow.

Photos Of How People Will Look Like in 2100

"This causes numbness or a tingling sensation in the ring and little fingers, forearm pain, and weakness in the hands - keeping the elbow bent for a long time."

Mindy's final physical change is possibly her most outlandish - she has a second set of eyelids to filter out excessive light emitted from technology devices.

Photos Of How People Will Look Like in 2100


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  1. Evolution does not make such changes in 80 years. Check back in about 50,000 years.

    1. I can remember predictions in the late 50's, complete with artist's conception drawings, that by "X" year humans would have evolved into just a thumb for pushing buttons and an eyeball for watching TV. That didn't happen, either.

  2. I think he problem is being vaccinated

  3. yeah sure just make things up for what you don't understand.

    Evolution theory is based on discovered old fossils that RESEMBLE today's human skeleton. Scientists can't predict how humans look 100 years from now. In fact each scientist who publish results related to this field has his own version of human in 100 years.

    Is evolution truth? I doubt it. Did someone created human as in this present form? Likely. Can we modify genes in humans such that each offspring is born with exceptional physical and mental traits? No. Will it be possible in future; try predicting it from present progress in the field.