Prince William quite comfortable with the homosexuality of his children

Visiting the premises of an LGBT youth association, Prince William said it would be "just fine" if one of his children was gay.

Prince William quite comfortable with the homosexuality of his children

Prince William on Wednesday 26 visited the premises of the AKT (Albert Kennedy Trust). The organization helps LGBT youth who are hunted by their parents because of their sexual orientation.

This was an opportunity for the prince to answer a question from a young exchange assistant: the hypothesis of the homosexuality of one or more of his children. The reaction of the crowned head pleased the audience.

Despite the very traditional image of the royal family Prince William has indeed been very open in explaining that this situation would " be perfect ".

But William is not a father like the others and he told a young man that it was the media coverage of the sexual orientation of one of his sons or his daughter that worried him.

"I hope we live in a world where it's normal and cool, but given the position we're in with my family, I'd still be worried, I fully support them in the decisions they make, but it makes me nervous as a parent about the barriers, the hateful words, the persecutions and the discrimination that might result from it, it's the part that troubles me, but it's up to all of us to try to change everything "a wise response from a very influential person across the Channel.


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