This neighbour from hell got banned from town for life

A “neighbour from hell” has been jailed and banned from his town for life after police say he embarked on a campaign of hate towards neighbours.

This neighbour from hell got banned from town for life

Peter Johnson, 58, pleaded guilty to serious stalking charges in the English town of Alsager, including constantly harassing an elderly neighbour.

A Chester Crown Court judge labelled him a “vile” and “evil” man when he appeared on Tuesday.

The abuse began when Johnson was arrested on suspicion of assaulting one of the five victims in 2002.

The case was dropped and Johnson “embarked on a campaign of psychological vigilante justice against those who had given evidence against him”, authorities reported.

Johnson tormented and threatened neighbours – one of whom is in their 90s, on an almost daily basis – and verbally abused them, Cheshire police said.

Letters falsely accuse victims of being Nazis, sex predators, terrorists

The abuse also included following victims, making menacing phone calls and distributing senior neighbours brochures for funeral directors services.

He even sent an obituary notice to one elderly victim, claiming they had died, according to police.

Johnson distributed malicious letters, falsely claiming neighbours were terrorists, Nazis, sexual predators, or cannibals, to their doctor, workplace, clients, and even a Royal Air Force base.

“This neighbour from Hell made his victims’ lives a misery, tormenting some of them on an almost daily basis,” Constable Collette Cook said.

“He left victims, including one in their 90s, worried about leaving their homes, answering their phones and looking at their mail.”

He pleaded guilty to stalking offences involving each of the five victims.

Johnson was sentenced to two years and four months behind bars, and given a lifetime restraining order prohibiting him from contacting any of his five victims, either directly or indirectly.

The order also prohibits Johnson from ever returning to Alsager, despite owning a house in the town, the Cheshire Constabulary confirmed.

This neighbour from hell got banned from town for life

Alsager is a town and civil parish in the unitary authority of Cheshire East and the ceremonial county of Cheshire, England, to the north-west of the city of Stoke-on-Trent, and east of the railway town of Crewe. The town has a population of 11,775.


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