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18 Ways To Survive A Shark Attack: Shark Week

Sharks are a group of elasmobranch fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton, five to seven gill slits on the sides of the head, and pectoral fins that are not fused to the head. Modern sharks are classified within the clade Selachimorpha and are the sister group to the rays.
18 Ways To Survive A Shark Attack: Shark Week

A shark attack is an attack on a human by a shark. Every year, around 80 unprovoked attacks are reported worldwide. Despite their relative rarity, many people fear shark attacks after occasional serial attacks, such as the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916, and horror fiction and films such as the Jaws series.

So, if you do spend time in the ocean, it may be helpful for you to know how to survive a shark attack. Of course, the best way to not get hurt by sharks is to avoid a shark attack in the first place. Here are 18 things that you can do:

1- Don't go into water that has sharks. This is obvious. You will not be attacked by a shark in Costco.

2- Do not bleed in the water. Batman asked Superman in a recent movie, "Do you bleed?" Perhaps he was checking if Superman was planning on going swimming. If you are actively bleeding through a wound or menstruation, avoid getting into the ocean. Sharks can sense blood from over a mile away.

3- For pee's sake, stop peeing in the water. If you think no one will notice your peeing in the ocean, urine for a surprise. Urine can also attract sharks.

4- Choose the right friends. If you hang out with fish, sea lions, seals, and other things that sharks like to eat, you are putting yourself at risk. Tell the seals, "Sorry, it's not you, it's the sharks that are going to eat you," and find some other place to hang out.

At the same time, you may want to stay where other humans are. Sharks are less likely to attack a group of humans than an individual. Plus, one human can warn others that a shark has been sighted. On the same vein, if you see fish, turtles, or others freaking out and saying what seems like "run away, run away," that may be a warning that a shark is in the vicinity.

5- Avoid high-contrast clothes, bling, and excessive splashing. Orange (and yellow) may be the new shark attack. Such bright colors and bright jewelry can attract sharks. Also, don't make excessive movements and splash around. Basically, do the opposite of whatever you would do in Las Vegas.
Stay away from places where sharks roam. This includes deeper water and the entrances to harbors.

6- Avoid swimming in the dark. You know all those movies that show people skinny dipping at night? Well, many of those movies are horror movies. Bad things can happen when you go swimming in the dark (or dawn or dusk). Visibility for you is down, but not for sharks and other sea creatures.

7- Don't trust claims about sharp repellents. A lot of products may make claims about how they can ward off sharks. However, you don't want to be in a situation where you are writing the company during a shark attack, "Dear Sirs/Madams, you're product is not helping during this shark attack. I would like a full refund, please, should I survive this attack."

8- Don't provoke sharks. If you see a shark and it is not in attack mode, quietly move away if you are far enough away. If the shark is too close, stay still and let it pass. An ocean is not Facebook or Twitter. You don't want to get into an argument with a shark.

However, if a shark begins attacking, your strategy should change:

9- Don't play dead. That may work for bears, but not sharks. Playing dead may simply make you look more like a main course and easier to eat.

10- Don't lose focus. This is not the time to be distracted by your smartphone. Maintain eye contact with the shark. Try to figure out the shark's intentions, whether the shark wants to make a meal or is simply trying to get you to leave.

11- Get ready to fight. If the shark attacks, go into full battle mode. While you don't want to panic, do whatever you can to ward off the shark, including hitting the shark hard and often. Use whatever equipment or objects that you may have.

12- Go for the gills and the eyes. These are the sensitive parts of the shark.

13- Protect your vital structures. Naturally, you don't want to be bitten anywhere. But being bitten in the face or your neck can be far worse.

If you are bitten take these steps:

14- Get out of danger. Your first priority, of course, is survival. You can't tell a shark to pause while you go back to your corner to nurse your wounds.

15- Apply direct pressure to the wound. You want to stop the bleeding or at least control it.

16- Seek legitimate medical help as soon as possible. This is not the time to see a naturopath or do something with a jade egg. No matter how small you think the bite may be, you need a real professional to make sure that the injury isn't far worse.

17- Keep the wound as clean as possible. One of the biggest risks is infection.

18- Stay warm. Shock is also a risk. Get yourself covered with blankets and other things that won't stick to the wound.

Recent Shark Attack Stories:

A 21-year-old crew member from a crayfishing boat has been attacked by at least one shark in Great Barrier Reef waters off Cape York Peninsula.

It happened when the woman was snorkelling around the boat near Magra Islet, off Cape Grenville, about 6:30pm on Sunday.

She was brought ashore to the islet where a rescue helicopter picked her up.

The woman was initially flown to the Lockhart River Medical Clinic but was then taken to Cairns Hospital by the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) where she is in a stable condition.

Paramedics said she suffered serious injuries to her lower right leg.  Read Story.

2 Men Injured an Hour Apart in Separate Shark Attacks on Florida Coast

Two Florida beachgoers were injured in shark attacks on Saturday at separate locations along the state’s east coast more than 100 miles apart.

Competitive surfer Frank O’Rourke was taking in the waves on his board near Jacksonville Beach Pier around 3:30 p.m. when a shark bit into the 23-year-old’s right arm, he told WJXX. Read Story

List of fatal shark attacks in the United States Here.

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