70 Mind-Blowing Facts About Game of Thrones

What are some mind-blowing facts about Game of Thrones: I am not sure if these are mind blowing facts, but they are facts:

70 Mind-Blowing Facts About Game of Thrones

This first one is my favorite. Jack Gleeson, who played Joff, received a letter from Martin stating “Congratulations on your marvelous performance. Everyone hates you!”.

Maester Aemon (Peter Vaughan) was legally blind in real life as well.

It takes around 240 days to shoot a season. The rest of the time in the year is spent on editing.

The season is shot like a 10 hour movie. It is cut up into parts for each episode.

The maximum number of extras used prior to season 7 was 5000 (S5).

A replica of Gandalf’s sword (Glamdring) from LOTR and The Hobbit is used in the Iron Throne.

Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) recommended Lena Heady for Cersei’s role.

Emilia Clarke got stuck to a toilet seat after being doused in buckets of fake blood in the heart eating scene in season 1.

Iwan Rheon (Ramsay) could have played Jon Snow. He missed out on the part.

Charles Dance was not a fan of the character, Tywin. He often found it difficult mistreating people, specifically Peter Dinklage.

One of Martin’s goals was to write a set of novels that are unfilmable. He believes no show or film can do justice to the complexity of his books. And he is right.

Martin modelled Joffrey after Caligula.

Fans often ask Maisie Williams to read out her ‘kill list’ and put their names in it.
The Mountain is not the tallest man in the show. Hodor is taller.

Actors playing Joffrey and Sansa are really good friends in real life which made it difficult for Jack Gleeson to be horrible to Sophie on the show.

Martin stopped writing his usual one episode per season after season 4 to focus on finishing TWOW. It hasn’t turned out well for both the show and the next book, so far.

After visiting the set of GoT, Queen Elizabeth II claimed to be a show fan. Maisie Williams says otherwise. Apparently, the queen didn’t know what Maisie’s role was.

Emilia never dyed her hair for her role. They spend hours doing make up and fixing an elaborate wig on her. I think the wig is still off and not how Dany’s hair should be.

Martin was once asked if he ever thought to put an end to all the deaths and conflict. His response was that ‘the next book could be a description of a cloud of dust or snow being driven by wind across a graveyard’.

Shooting the show is divided into three sections, ‘wolf’, ‘dragon’, and ‘White walker’.
Martin appeared in the pilot as a large Pentoshi noble. That pilot did not air. He didn’t join the shooting for the subsequent take.

Charles Dance (Tywin) cut up a stag carcass for real on camera. He learnt from a butcher prior to filming. It was symbolism for the Lannisters cutting Stannis’ army to shreds.

Benioff wanted the theme song for the show to be ‘The Rains of Castamere’. Weiss changed his mind.

The Wall is shorter than the tower in Oldtown.

Martin didn’t really know how tall 700 feet would be. It is unrealistic to scale such a structure that is purely vertical.

Three different actors have played the Mountain, so far.

The rate of people naming their children after GoT characters has skyrocketed through the years. 

‘Khaleesi’ is the name of choice, even though it is not a name at all, but a title. One person loved the Starks so much that he named his daughter ‘Sansa Arya Jayawardene’. He is a Sri Lankan professional cricket player.

Ten actors from the Harry Potter films have also starred in GoT.

Harington claims one of his ancestors invented the flush toilet.

The original Daario (Ed Skrein) has suggested that he left the show because ‘politics got in the way’.
Charles Dance (Tywin) was married to a Joanna in real life and has 3 children. None of them are dwarves.

Both Emilia Clarke and Lena Heady have played the role of Sarah Connor in The Terminator, film and TV respectively.

Sophie (Sansa) loved filming her scenes with Rory McCann (the Hound).

Younger cast members have actually not watched themselves in the show yet.

Nikolaj’s children are not allowed to watch GoT. They get confused watching their father kiss another woman, who is not their mother.

The very first episode of GoT premiered on Sean Bean’s birthday.

Stephen Dillane (Stannis) has suggested he doesn’t understand the show or the storylines. He had taken the role for the money. He doesn’t enjoy GoT.

Harry Lloyd (Viserys) is a descendant of Charles Dickens.

The Roman emperor Nero is partly an influence on the character of Aerys II Targaryen.

Barrack Obama requested to see season 6 before it premiered publicly.

Only 3 of the cast members have been American - the actors who play Tyrion, Tyene and Drogo.

King’s Landing, Winterfell and the Wall are always shown in the opening credits. Dany’s location is a must too.

Some people falsely claimed Natalie Dormer (Margaery) condones sex with minors since she had sex with Tommen on the show. Her response was “you do realise these characters are fictitious in a fictitious land and the sex is not real”.

Dany ate a a heart made of gelatin that tasted awful in season 1. Her gagging was real.

Actors playing Rodrik Cassel and Podrick Payne are real life father and son.

Ramin Djawadi started whistling the tune of GoT in the car on his way home before finally writing the piece.

Almost every character in the show is 5 years older than their counterparts in the books. Most initial main characters were 10 years older.

Lena Headey receives plenty of hate mail. Many refuse to have their books signed by her. She is called rude names often.

Jack Gleeson has received worse treatment than Heady. He quit acting for that reason. He was spat upon and hated at his school.

Harington does not understand the significance of the line ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’.
Hand of the king is supposed to represent the king’s right hand. The brooch used in the show depicts a left hand.

Iwan Rheon (Ramsay) is quite nice in real life. He writes and plays music.

Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey had dated previously. They hate each other post their break up. Their scenes had to be filmed separately since they can’t stand each other. This was difficult because Bronn was mainly in KL around Tyrion and Cersei.

The actor playing Varys wanted to play Robert Baratheon. He didn’t get the role and was recast as Varys.

Both Peter Dinklage and Stephen Dillane are older than their show siblings. In the books they are actually meant to be younger.

Most of the actors on GoT have previously been in at least one horror film.

Martin has said that the ‘Red Wedding’ was the hardest chapter of the entire series to write. He wrote the whole book (A Storm of Swords) first, before going back to write the ‘Red Wedding’ chapter.

D&D wanted to make GoT into a movie. The Red Wedding chapter changed their minds.

Sean Bean played soccer with his cut off head.

Sophie Turner adopted ‘Lady’ in real life.

Robert Baratheon is never actually seen sitting the iron throne.

In each season, at least one king or claimant to the throne must die. I am betting on Euron this season.

The show refused to name Renly’s 7 the rainbow guard. They thought it would be ridiculing his sexuality. In the books, the name was an accident and correlated with the 7 colours white light separates into post going through the septon’s crystal.

Most characters are killed or die due to the effects of war. Only Maester Aemon and Hoster Tully died due to natural causes.

Prior to season 7, only 2 episodes had not displayed any death. ‘Lord Snow’, and ‘the Bear and the Maiden Fair’.

Apart from the opening credits, the show’s theme, ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ is only ever played for Jon Snow. Twice.

The sounds Drogon makes are meant to mimic the voice of Khal Drogo.

Ser Patrek of the King’s mountain had to be added to ADWD because Martin won a bet against a Dallas Cowboys’ fan. His sigil is similar to their logo. Part of the bet was that Martin would have the character ripped apart by Giants.

Direwolves are meant to tower over almost all the characters. This is not true in the show.

Martin kept turtles in his childhood. He often fantasized about their lives in their little castle in the tank. He came up with ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ from then on.

Martin was inspired by the death of Wonder Man in his very first showing. He kills off his loved characters tragically based upon that inspiration.

Martin’s Dothraki language was not used in the show. Linguist David Peterson invented the show language with over 2000 words. More words for ‘kill’ than ‘love’ in Dothraki. Many people currently aim to learn the language online.

None of the supernatural concepts in the books will be scientific. The universe is set on our world, a tad bigger, though. Nothing scientific will explain any event. It will be all magic.

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