Here Are 13 Cool Game of Thrones Season 9 Scenarios

Game of Thrones Season 9 Scenarios: This should be fun, here we go. I tried to write a synopsis of each of the 13 fictional episodes of Season 9. Had fun writing this, hopefully at least someone enjoys reading it as well.

Here Are 13 Cool Game of Thrones Season 9 Scenarios

Season 9, Episode 1

Title: Gold

After bringing Sandor Cleganes casket and rotting remains across the Narrow Sea to a cave close to the city of Lys, a new red priestess pleads to the Lord of Light and resurrects Sandor. He immediately kills her and her 4 helpers in a fit of rage, none of them defending themselves as if they were expecting it. He finds that there is a large treasure filled with gold at the exit of the cave, which he takes with him. Seeing his reflection on the golden chest, he realizes his large scar is gone.

Meanwhile in a small castle near Kings Landing, Brienne of Tarth’s baby boy Serwin takes his first steps and is visited by his uncle Tyrion, who brings him Jaimes golden hand and officially hands over Casterly Rock to the kid. Only reluctantly Brienne accepts and after Bran hears of this, he orders Brienne and her son to move to Casterly Rock. Ser Podrick becomes head of the Kings Guard in her stead.

In Kings Landing, Bronn gets caught stealing a large amount of gold and is stripped of his titles and removed from the city. With a small group of men, he steals a boat and sails East.

Season 9, Episode 2

Title: Death of the Raven

In Kings Landing, Bran has trouble entering his meditative state as the 3 eyed raven and is uncharacteristically emotional about it. He sends Samwell Tarly to the Citadel and its library to investigate.

Drogon is shown overlooking Pentos in Essos, visibly starving and mourning over the grave of Daenerys Targaryen, which was built by Illyrio Mopatis (who originally gave her the dragon eggs and is the only person who can get close to Daenerys remains without being immediately incinerated). Seemingly out of the blue, Drogon takes off and flys of to hunt for food.

Jon and Tormund have a falling out, after a group of Southeners (sent by Edmure Tully) find Jon and ask him to return to Kings Landing and claim the throne. Tormund wants Jon to do so but Jon has finally settled down with his pregnant wildling wife. At the end of the episode Jon leaves for Winterfell with his wife and Ghost in hopes that Sansa will take him in.

Season 9, Episode 3

Title: 100’000

Grey Worm and the Unsullied have overtaken several islands around Naath and to the north at Slavers bay. Their army is over 100’000 men strong. His resentment towards letting Jon go and blindly accepting Bran as the King of the 6 Kingdom has grown into a rage. He prepares an invasion of King’s Landing by building a huge fleet of ships.

On the islands of Lys, Sandor Clegane has bought a number of brothels and inns and tries to drink himself to death. He is the richest man in the city. One of his employees informs him that a group of 4 men on a small boat are holding their own against over 50 harbor guards. Visibly drunk, Sandor puts on his armor and is excited to finally fight again. He rides down to the harbor only to find it’s Bronn. Sandor takes Bronn in as a guest in his biggest brothel.

At sea, Arya Stark and her small fleet are slowly dying of thirst. They have been at sea for 12 weeks without a hint of land. A mutiny causes Arya to be arrested and relieved of her command. Just while trying to turn around the crew spots a few seagulls and eventually land. When making landfall they realize that their situation has not improved much, since it’s a hot desert without any signs of edible wildlife or water. Arya manages to escape but is very weak and collapses after a few miles of running.

Season 9, Episode 4

Title: The people in red dress

Jon and his wife arrive at Winterfell. Sansa takes him in with open arms. Soon Jon realizes that Edmure Tullys men have also arrived. Jon tries to leave immediately, but Sansa changes his mind. He is given a large house a few miles from Winterfell to stay and wait for the birth of his child.

In the cave of Lys, where Sandor was resurrected, six men and six women dressed in red pray to the Lord of light to block the ravens sight.

In Kings Landing, Bran is getting more emotional and erratic as he realizes that he no longer has his powers. Tyrion and Ser Davos discuss how Bran is actually an evil man. He had a lot of information which could have saved thousands of lives in the previous battles of Winterfell and Kings Landing. Since Bran is loved by the people, they agree that a coup would end in both of them losing their lives.

Bran could only be removed by a king who is even more loved without the two of them being killed in the process. They secretly send a small group of men up North to find Jon Snow, to see if he would accept to lead a coup. Additionally, under the pretense of helping Samwell finding a cure for Bran’s lack of powers, Tyrion also travels to the Citadel.

Season 9, Episode 5

Title: The boy turned dark

Arya wakes up in a tent. The women who take care of her inform her that she is in the region of New Ghis, an island in Essos. She circumnavigated the World. Her crew has been found dead a few miles north. Realizing she is being groomed to become a slave for a noble man, she kills one of her caretakers, takes her face and flees west.

At King’s Landing Ser Podrick overhears a conversation of Ser Davos about how Bran has become wolf in sheeps clothing and immediately arrests Ser Davos. Bran is informed of this and gets angry. He orders Ser Podrick to get to the bottom of this and -if necessary- use lethal force to put an end to this. Reluctantly, Podrick obeys.

After some torture, Davos tells one of Podricks soldiers about Tyrion’s plan to convince Sam to join in. Davos is then given the option to be beheaded or dive into his own sword. He chooses the latter. A group of soldiers rides after the Citadel to arrest or kill Tyrion. Edmure Tully -who also conspires against Bran as well, but was not aware that Tyrion and Davos felt the same- hears about these events through a raven and sends another group of soldiers to intercept the ones which are hunting Tyrion.

Season 9, Episode 6

Title: The last conspiracy

On the island of Lys, Bronn and Sandor hear about a large fleet sailing by the island in the distance. They find out it’s Grey Worm and the new Unsullied army going West. Neither Sandor nor Bronn seem impressed, but a man dressed in red shows up and asks Sandor whether he knows where Arya is. A surprised and confused Sandor is then given the task to go east, find her and reunite her with her brother. He refuses, but after Bronn convinces him that he has a much better chance of dying trying to find Arya than in a brothel from watery wine, he accepts and they both take a few men, a boat and head east. The man in the red robe informs Sandor to simply watch the fire if he doesn’t know what to do.

Close to Winterfell, Jon’s wildling wife gives birth to a red haired boy. He is called Samwell.

Being constantly pestered by Edmure Tullys men to go South and claim the throne, he eventually brutally beats one of the men. Sansa hears of this and orders all men to be removed from Castle Winterfell. They return to Riverrun (Edmure’s home).

Having arrived at the Citadel, Tyrion and Samwell discuss the possibility of a coup. Sam is reluctant, since Bran has been chosen by them to rule. While the discussion continues, a group of soldiers enters their room, kills Tyrion and arrests Sam. Sam is then taken out of the Citadel to return to Kings Landing, but during their trip another group of soldiers (sent by Edmure Tully) intercepts them, saves and escorts Sam and his family to Riverrun.

Season 9, Episode 7

Title: The captains face

A raven from Edmure Tully reaches Winterfell informing Sansa and Jon that Tyrion was murdered and Sam Tarly is at Riverrun. Thinking he could convince Bran to stop more bloodshed, he travels South with Ghost. Sansa is worried about Jon and secretly sends almost a third of her army (5’000 men) to travel 1 day behind Jon and a group of 20 scouts to monitor his movements and keep him safe.

After killing and impersonating a captain of a fast messenger ship, Arya arrives at Volantis and while still posing as the Captain orders the crew to resupply and do some maintenance on the ship. Having also arrived at Volantis (since it’s a big city close to the east of Lys) Sandor and Bronn also resupply their boat.

Although he thinks it’s ridiculous, Sandor makes a small fire and tries to look at the fire for clues. After a few moments he sees a small ship in the harbor of Volantis. He goes to said harbor and as a man approaches him, he draws his sword. The man tells him to that he is indeed Arya and takes off the captains face. Together with Bronn and Arya, Sandor looks at fire again and sees a completely destroyed Winterfell. They agree to use the messenger ship and head for Winterfell.

Season 9, Episode 8

Title: Three fronts

At Kings Landing, dozens of ravens carry the message that a huge Unsullied army is crossing the ocean. Having lost his ability to see the past, present or future, Bran gets very worried about his next move. At the same time, word from spies reaches him Tyrion is dead, Sam has fled to Edmure Tully’s home and a small army from the North is coming South. He summons Brienne and Podrick and asks them for advice.

Brienne says that the threat to the East by the Unsullied is far greater than the threat by Edmure Tullys army and it’s not clear what the intentions of the army from the North are. Podrick disagrees and says Brans army should be split and a third should be sent to Riverrun to capture Edmure and Sam, while the another third should head North to surprise the Stark army and the rest should prepare to defend Kings Landing against the Unsullied. Bran agrees with Podrick and makes him formerly the Head of War. Brienne is disgruntled and goes back to care for her child.

Season 9, Episode 9

Title: Sons of kings

Jon is on his way South to talk to Bran. During the night Ghost runs away and Jon hears screams in a distance. Ghost returns with the remains of a Stark uniform. Jon orders Ghost to stand down and he goes to investigate. He finds a number of bodies and from distance someone calls his name. A scout approaches him and informs him that a small army and some scouts have been ordered to accompany him to Kings Landing.

Jon waits for the army to arrive and once they do he starts a speech about how they should go home. During this speech, they come to the realization that they are surrounded by Bran’s army. The leader of Bran’s army asks to speak to Jon. It’s Gendry Baratheon. After a friendly discussion and knowing that Jon is an honest man, Gendry believes that Jon has no ill intentions towards Bran and their 2 armies march back in direction of Kings Landing to help defend the city against the Unsullied.

At the same time the fleet of the Unsullied reaches King’s Landing and wastes no time to attack. The short and intense battle ends in the renewed destruction of the city and the entire population including Bran, Podrick and every single human inside the city walls are being killed by Grey Worms armies. Brienne gets wind of the battle but is convinced by her staff to save herself and the baby. They flee North. The Unsullied burn King’s Landing down and march North.

Season 9, Episode 10

Title: Storm’s End

Through messengers Jon and Gendry get informed that Kings Landing has fallen and the Unsullied army is marching North, only a few days away. Realizing that their small army does not stand a chance against the Unsullied, they agree to retreat to Winterfell where Sansas armies might have a bit of a chance. Once they started their retreat, out of the blue a fully healthy and nourished Drogon appears and lands directly in front of Jon. Jon understands that Drogon asks him to ride him and they fly off.

Bronn, Sandor and Arya and her crew make landfall at Storms End. They immediately hear about King’s Landings destruction and hurry to go to Winterfell to help Sansa against the Unsullied. Having brought a fair amount of gold, Sandor can buy a few horses to ride North. After a few hours of travel in the night, they are suprised by Drogon. Jon then takes Arya, Bronn and a very reluctant Sandor with him and they ride north with Drogon.

Season 9, Episode 11

Title: Howl

Sansa heard about the Unsullied through ravens and has managed unite the wildlings and the Stark army once again. They have started marching south and will try get a strategic advantage by using the territory. With its 4 riders Jon, Bronn, Arya and Sandor, Drogon lands closeby and Jon, Arya and Sansa are reunited. Sansa explains Jon her intentions and battle plans, but Jon disagrees, mounts Drogon and flys away.

The Unsullied Army is relentlessly marching north and burns down every house, town and city in their way while killing every one in their path. Drogon and Jon reach and attack the large army by themselves and decimate Grey Worm’s forces until Grey Worm himself manages to shoot Drogon between the eyes with a spear.

Jon falls off the dragon and Grey Worm signals to the surrounding Unsullied that this is his fight. After a long and grueling duel, Grey Worm stabs Jon in the heart. The dying Drogon sees this and tries to incinerate Grey Worm but can’t manage the strength to do so. Both Jon and Drogon then succumb to their wounds. At the same time amongst Sansa’s army a wild animal howl is heard: Ghost instinctively knows Jon died.

Season 9, Episode 12

Title: A bit of peace

The part of Bran’s army which was ordered to kill Edmure Tully in Riverrun is close to Riverrun when they are informed by a raven that King’s Landing has fallen. They turn around and march back to King’s Landing.

Edmure Tully also gets the same information but decides to stay put and see how everything plays out in hope of becoming King someday.

The Unsullied army although being reduced by almost half of it’s size by Drogon, is continue its march North and they finally meet up with Sansa’s army in a large swamp somewhere west of Greywater Watch. The battle is intense but almost evenly matched (with Grey Worm having a slight advantage).

Sansa is discussing strategy with a few generals but gets closer to the fight than she should. During fighting Sandor starts to smile for the first time in a long while and at the same moment a random Unsullied soldier reaches Sansa’s horse. He cuts it down and just as he stabs Sansa, he is killed by Sandor. While Sansa dies in Sandors arms, he screams in agony and goes berserk on the other Unsullied.

In the middle of the battle, Grey Worm is being stabbed in the back by an angry Arya and while dying looks completely disgusted that he has been killed by a “little girl”. Bronn jumps in says “Let me be so kind” and stabs Grey Worm repeatedly while an amused Arya stands by.

In the end, the Stark and wildling forces are able to defeat the Unsullied.

Season 9, Episode 13

Title: Fate of Westeros

During the council of Winterfell 15 leaders of Westeros meet to discuss the future of the continent. Among them are Arya Stark, Gendry Baratheon, Sandor Clegane, Edmure Tully, Samwell Tarly, Brienne of Tarth, Bronn, Tormund and others.

The goal is to decide about who the new ruler of the 6 Kingdoms and the North will be. Arya speaks out her vote for Gendry as King of the 6 Kingdoms, due to him being Robert Baratheons son and a just and brave man. He gets all votes except Edmure Tullys.

Sam then proposes Arya Stark to become the Queen in the North, after which Arya accepts and immediately resigns, naming Sandor Clegane as King in the North. Arya then leaves, saying she has to continue to explore.

Gendry officially gives Brienne and Jamie’s son all gold and real estate owned by the Lannister family and gifts Jon’s wife and child with a newly to be constructed castle north of Winterfell. It will bear the name of Castle Aegon and be roughly 2 thirds the size of Winterfell. Jon’s son will bear the title of Lord of Aegon.

Since King’s Landing is completely destroyed, Gendry decides to name 2 capitals which he will live in for 6 months each per year: Storm’s End in the South and White Harbor in the North.

The End

Other Scenarios:

Sam begins to mistrust Bran’s motives. Slowly he pieces together the realisation that Bran was able control Dany, Jon and Tyrion in order to decimate King’s Landing and take out the Dragon Queen. He manipulated Jon to do his dirty work and Tyrion to nominate him. Drogon remains immune to his powers, as do the Stark sisters due to thier genetic similiarity to him. Hence why he allowed Sansa to take the North, but prevented the Iron Islands and Dorne from leaving.

Sam is able to work out a way to make him immune from Bran’s influence and sends word to Queen Sansa. He realises the Night King was sent to save the world from Bran.

In the meantime Drogon places Danerys body in Valeria, where a woman dressed in red approaches.

Jon finds evidence of ‘the Great Other’ a being that has controlled the Night King in the previous seasons.

In the meantime Arya is running into difficulties herself. She wakes up to find all her shipmates have been taken and she is left alone on the ship.

The age of the dawn has finished, the age of invention has begun.

Its been over 80 years since the forces of the living defeated the Nights King and the beginning of the reign of King Bran the Broken began.

The story focus’s on the descendants of the heroes we previously watched.

Jon has since passed, but before he died he started a new family North of the wall in the ruins of Hardholme. In the 80 years, this small settlement has become the one of the largest towns north of the neck. Trading with the Nights Watch, The North, the 6 Kingdoms and Essos. The new season follows Jon’s Great Grandson. The Prince beyond the wall.

Sansas’ rule on the North was a long, but troubled reign, this new season follows the bankrupt north resisting pressures from the 6 kingdoms to bend the knee and the potential violence that is threatening to erupt.

King Bran is now approaching his 100th Birthday, yet he looks no older than a man of 30. The Godswood of Kings Landing now has several Weirwood trees of the old gods. It is said that the King spends more time in the Gods Wood than his own chambers. From the Kings own mind, countless new inventions have been spawned.

In the East, there are rumors of Dragon sightings again. Smoke rises from the once Doomed Valyria, but no-one dares investigate. The Dragons haven’t been seen since the death of the last Targaryen. However the sightings aren’t of a single dragon, but of 1 enormous black Dragon, flanked by 8 smaller younger dragons.


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