Kim Kardashian West Marks Daily Mail's News as Not True

Kim Kardashian West tweeted a reply to Daily Mail's News stating that Kanye West, Kim's Husband 'is plotting to turn Sunday Service into money-making TV show'... but Kris Jenner 'doesn't want to mix religion and business'.

Kim Kardashian West Marks Daily Mail's News as Not True

Kanye West is in the building and he too wants to make money off miracles.

The 42-year-old rapper is currently working on the creation of a reality show based on his weekly, celeb-favorite Sunday Service according to a report from Radar Online on Wednesday. The Daily Mail reported.

An insider for the publication said: 'Kanye is legit trying to sell a show that is based on his Sunday sermons and he is trying to get Kim’s mother Kris on board to help launch it.'

'He wants the show to air on Sunday’s right before Keeping Up With The Kardashians and he’s been telling people that this has been his goal ever since he came up with the idea for Sunday services.'

According to the publication, his 38-year-old wife Kim Kardashian is supporting him in the endeavor, however, momager Kris Jenner, 63, is 'skeptical' according to their source.

The insider explained: 'Kris is having a hard time buying this and she knows that she is going to have a hard time selling it too.'

However Kim Kardashian West took to her twitter account to announce that the news is not true.


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