Man Shares Emotional Message on Single Act of Kindness He Experienced

A Quora community member asked the question: What is the biggest single act of kindness you have experienced? and the answer from this man will leave some impressions on you.

Hector Quintanilla shared this  Emotional Message on Single Act of Kindness He Experienced:

This is my father. He’s 90 years old. My dad has a back problem that prevents him from walking. He was released from the hospital a couple of days ago. He needs special care 24/7.

Man Shares Emotional Message on Single Act of Kindness He Experienced

This is my mother. She’s 81. My mom loves to help people and she loves to express her appreciation for the people she cares about through giving gifts.

Man Shares Emotional Message on Single Act of Kindness He Experienced

It’s easy to take advantage of my mother’s kindness. The moment anyone makes an emotional connection with her, she will give him/her something — it can be anything, from a drink from her fridge to money or works of art from her home.

Sadly, my mom is struggling with her memory, which makes it easier to take advantage of her.

Here’s the problem: my parents can’t be alone anymore, so we have had to hire nursing caregivers to help 24/7.

Believe me, finding decent caregivers has been a nightmare!

Some caregivers lack patience, others don’t have any empathy, others don’t have any experience… and several have been opportunistic thieves.

After several months of trial and error, I’m extremely grateful because we now have two great human beings taking care of my parents.

They’re different from all the rest we have hired before.

Both are from Venezuela. They have political asylum in Mexico. Both of them left their families behind in Venezuela and have experienced pain and sacrifice.

Every week, I’m blown away by the high work ethic these two individuals have. They report to us everything that my mom gives away to them.

Last week, they returned this sculpture to me:


Today, they gave me this ring my mom has had since 1961:



These are gifts from my mom to her caregivers. I respect her decision, as they’re not taking advantage of my mother’s mental condition — but it takes significant love, respect, ethics and kindness from these caregivers to report to us everything she gives away.

Having patient, honest, loving people taking care of my parents is kindness like I’ve never experienced before in my life.

Man Shares Emotional Message on Single Act of Kindness He Experienced

This is also another person's answer:

I was on my way to the bank to cash my check when I saw a young black man walking on the side of the road. His car was still in sight so he hadn’t been walking long. I felt that God wanted me to help this young man. So I stopped and offered him a ride. I am a white woman in my 50’s. I had planned to get gas after I cashed my check so I was low on fuel.

The man said he was coming back from a family Thanksgiving event and his car had quit on him. He needed to get to Memphis, Tennessee. I said although I didn’t have much gas in my car, I would take him as far as I could. Memphis was about a 2 hour drive from where we were. We got to talking and I learned his girlfriend was in the hospital having their baby.

Now, I had a moment or two of doubt that what I was doing was smart or safe. I finally shut those thoughts off and trusted God. I took him all the way to where he needed to go and drove off feeling I had fulfilled what God had wanted me to do. Then I realized, I had no cash or debit card and my checks were from Mississippi.

I didn’t know how I was going to get gas but I knew I would not be able to get back home without some. I stopped at a couple places but they all told me they couldn’t take an out of state check. I stopped at one gas station where there were two police cars and another vehicle where they looked like they were just shooting the breeze.

I asked if one of the officers could trade me cash for a check but they all said they had no cash. So much for serve and protect, huh? I was getting super low on fuel and I had no idea where I was, I called my husband who couldn’t believe how stupid I had been and he told me that he couldn’t come get me. I was on my own.

Then, out of desperation, I stopped at a bank and asked them to cash a personal check but they couldn’t. That’s when I started crying. I explained everything to the bank tellers. They not only gave me cash from their own pockets but got online and printed out directions so I could get home. (This was before GPS was on every phone).

I gave them each a check for the amount of the cash. When I finally made it home, I looked up the number for the bank and called to tell them I had made it home safely and would be forever in their debt. Even though I had gone through a small ordeal, I still feel that God moved the hearts of those bank tellers to help me, just as He moved my heart to help that young man. Cindy Smith


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