People Who Don't Want Kids Are Sharing Their Reasons

A Reddit thread asked people: People who don't want kids, what are your reasons? Some answers are Ridiculous, Funny, hilarious and fearful.
People Who Don't Want Kids Are Sharing Their Reasons

Here are what People Who Don't Want Kids are saying:

1- I can't even take care of myself. Amsheel's reason.

2- It isn't so much that I have reasons that I don't want kids. It is that I have never, ever, in my 36 years of life wanted kids.

It seems to me that if you have kids, you should probably want them. Have a desire to raise them. I don't.

No reason. I just have no want of children.

If I had a kid I'd probably emotionally neglect them. That hardly seems fair. So I just won't have any. FalseAesop's reason.

3- To paraphrase the comedian who said this (and whose name I've forgotten):

"I don't want a bunch of unemployed people sitting around my house, eating up all my food." clit-eastwould's reason.

4- I don't like kids, simple as that. "But it's different when they're your own", yeah I can't get away from them, making my situation way worse. xxZ3taxx's reason.

5- Being pregnant/giving birth is my #1 biggest fear.

But also I just don't want them, the same way I don't want to own my own business or play sports. It's not something that interests me. I don't find taking care of children rewarding the way others do. nyxloa's reason.

6- Primarily because I don't want the responsibility, the stress, and they're expensive. I enjoy being around kids occasionally for short times, but having one full-time would not be fun for me.

I know this is kinda fucked up to say, but I also don't want the risk of having a messed up kid. If I knew the child wouldn't have any major problems beforehand I would be more willing to have one. Mister-Fantasy's reason.

7- I like having free time, money, a social life, freedom to make a spontaneous plans, not having to find a sitter just so I can go to work. I also hate children so there are many reasons why I don't want kids. Down the line if I eventually do decide to I would much rather adopt a child in need that already exists rather than spread the terrible genes my parents gave me. pops992's reason.

8- I like money, time and my body. Still_kinda_hungry's reason.

9- I know people say it's different when it's your own child, but when I think of everyone in my family or among my friends who have had a child, all I see is the time they don't have anymore, the money they've spent taking care of it, and the negative effect it has on their body. Then I look at the kid, who can't do anything for themselves until they're like 10, and even then there's so much they don't know. I guess there just isn't a parental instinct for me. thebachmann's reason.

10- I'm secretly hoping my husband feels this way when our closest friends who are married have kids. Don't worry--we discussed this before marriage. He knows I'm on the fence leaning towards child free. He's never even changed a diaper or been around a child/baby for more than an hour. I think he likes the idea of being a father whereas I consider every negative, nitty gritty aspect of it. Plus he doesn't have to be pregnant for 9 months and then have a 9lb potato scream its way out of his ripped vagina. murphSTi's reason.

11- I have very little faith that the world will still be comfortably inhabitable by the time my offspring grows up.

I doubt my capacity to love is sufficient to put up with all the stress my kid would be me through. The fire station might have a new baby after my first sleepless week.

I have a few minor genetic issues that I don't think another person needs to deal with. Nothing disabling, but just icing on the reason cake. My genetic quality is slightly below average, so I'm in no hurry to spread this stuff around. Calbinan's reason.

12- Being pregnant reminds me of Alien, and I just don’t want to go through 9 months of agony.

Children consume your life and it’s not something I want to trade my current time for. I enjoy my hobbies and I work a 9-5 job.

I want to travel the world throughout my life. I want money to spend on stupid things that I want. I want money and time to give to others that I feel deserve it or are in need.

I’m not maternal, in the general sense. I don’t think most babies are cute. I don’t want to hold babies. I don’t want to care for a baby. I am much happier being in the aunt role.

I just don’t feel the need for a child. People around me are having children. The population won’t dwindle to nothing, that’s for sure. My genetics aren’t special. I don’t care what my boyfriend and I would look like if we created an offspring and that baby looked like us combined. People who want kids can have kids but there’s no reason I need to have kids. My parent’s lives won’t be less because they don’t have grandchildren and my boyfriend and I won’t be lonely in 50 years. sleepycharlie's reason.

13- My current bf is my only long term relationship. We met when I was about to graduate college and we've been together for 5 years. I told him within the first few months I never wanted to birth my own children. I'll consider adoption down the line. At first, I could tell he was mentally like, "Sure, but maybe you'll change your mind."

At this point, he has stood his ground to his family and told them that it's my decision and he loves me for who I am and that includes that decision.

I know I'm lucky to have effortlessly found someone like that, but I don't think there's a trick to it. It's simply finding someone who respects your decisions. I just told him, "Imagine, if we don't have kids, we can visit a new European country every year." and he was like, "...You're right, that sounds way better." I know he would have liked kids, but he knows life goes on. He's also the kind of person who is happy with what he is. He truly is a simple man, but in a good way.

And, like I said, I am not against considering adoption. But I'm gonna wait until we are at a more comfortable stage in life to consider that seriously.

I don't know if you'll like this explanation, but the way people generally stop harassing me about it is when I describe the way I feel about it. When I mention how disgusted I am with the idea of something moving inside of me. How nauseated I feel when I think of a lifeform growing in my stomach, day after day. In anti-abortion law debates, I've openly expressed to people that I will down a bottle of pills if it helps me miscarriage.

I understand that this is all horrifying but my body apparently missed the step where your brain is supposed to be loaded with feelings of wanting to be a mom. I hate that my body was designed to be an incubator for a new life because I've chosen I don't want it.

But, my more civil way of arguing is just smiling and shaking my head. People will FUCKING FIGHT ALL DAY with me that I will change my mind. I told them that they can keep an eye on me for the next 15 years of my life and when I change my mind, they can brag. But not until then.

It's hilarious how much people make other people's bodies their business. I have two good friends who just both had children in the past 12 months and people just invite themselves in on the business of their child. It drives them crazy. So, the long story short of all of that is that you honestly can't win. The best way to handle it is just stay true to your beliefs and not worry too much about what others think. sleepycharlie's second reason.

14- I'm not sure that I don't want kids.

However, I am sure that I don't want kids right now.

Here's why:

I don't have (or make) enough money.
The average cost-per-year of raising a child is approximately $17,000. Given that I already have trouble saving that much every year, I certainly couldn't afford to spend it on offspring. Besides, I'd want to make sure that any son or daughter of mine would be given the chance to experience the same opportunities that I had while growing up, and much of that would require even more money.

Children are loud, messy, and unpredictable.
I prefer some semblance of order in my life. I like to know that when I go to use the toilet, it won't have been blocked up by pieces stolen from the vacuum cleaner.

The time investment is daunting.
At the time of this writing, I am thirty-three years old. I've accomplished and experienced a lot in my life... but not nearly enough for me to feel satisfied with it. Maybe this is a selfish perspective, but I'd much rather focus on my personal goals and aspirations than put aside eighteen years for a larval human.

I would almost certainly be arrested for child abuse.
Back when I was growing up, my parents allowed me to make my own discoveries and mistakes. I'd want to offer my own children the same freedom, but the world seems to view that mindset as being a neglectful or malicious one nowadays. Letting a kid walk to the store on their own seems like it has become an invitation for a police report, and heaven forbid you let a minor actually play outside.

My living situation isn't conducive to raising a child.
I've never had a back yard of my own. I've never had a garage. I've never had a spare bedroom (unless you count my office), nor a place that any progeny could call their own. That, at least to my mind, is a requirement for having children, and it's not one that I can fulfill.

Fortunately, my significant other agrees with me in full. RamsesThePigeon's reason.


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