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South African plus-size lady's Black and White pics go viral on twitter

A South African plus-size lady, Minnie Sangweni is causing a stir on Twitter after she shared these eye-popping photos of herself to her page saying: Drop your black & white,pic and follow everyone who likes it.

South African plus-size lady's Black and White pics go viral on twitter
South African plus-size lady's Black and White pics go viral on twitter

Born Mini Entle Lindeka Sangweni, Minnie Sangweni is a God fearing woman who has been slaying the Instagram with her killer curves. She is as humble as humble can be and with such good family values that you can’t see in most women of today, she she was well brought up.

South African plus-size lady's Black and White pics go viral on twitter

Minnie Sangweni has tremendous followers on Instagram and growing exponentially. Meet the most humbled South African woman with curves better than your average socialite and it’s all’s natural.


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