Top 5 Best Shooting Free Android Games Ever

These 5 Best Shooting Free Android Games are selected base on user reviews and the top most downloaded.

Content Highlight:
  • Special Strike Shooter
  • Counter Shooter Mission War
  • Call Of Sniper Battleground Shoot
  • Flight Gun 3D
  • Frontline Sniper Shooting Strike
1- Special Strike Shooter

Special Strike Shooter has the most advanced and thrilling combat combat missions. You have to fight with courage and fearlessly for your country to win the fight. With the best weapon to destroy all enemies.
Top 18 Best Mobile Shooting Games Ever

No matter what kind of shooting game you like, this first-person shooter will satisfy your desire for shooting games. Slide your screen to control, including moving, jumping, throwing explosives. This is just the beginning of a battlefield battle that requires excellent combat skills and shooting skills to accomplish all kinds of difficult missions.

Your mission is to destroy all enemies and you have to find them. They do not know your presence. But when you start shooting, they will hear gunshots and discover your presence. So when you start shooting, it is necessary to be very careful. To escape the enemy's firepower, one by one to kill the enemy.

This is a very interesting and very challenging first-person shooter game. He has high-definition graphics and is simple to operate. As a commando, you need to have incredible bravery, even in the face of brutal enemies. You have to destroy all the enemies, to complete the mission. You can destroy the enemy to get gold coins, use gold coins, you can buy more powerful and more advanced weapons. Use your mighty weapon to destroy more enemies. Join us, fight is about to start!

The mission is full of excitement and challenge. Kill all your enemies and win. Clear the area and get a new mission. You have to clear all the deadly areas below you. Do not be defeated, destroy all your enemies.

Download Special Strike Shooter at Google Play Store.

2- Counter Shooter Mission War

Counter Shooter Mission War is a first person shooter. You are a super anti-terrorist, your mission is to combat all terrorist forces!
Counter Shooter Mission War

In the game you are a combat capable, experienced anti-terrorist. The terrorist attacked the city during the crisis and the country sent your team to eliminate the terrorists. Focus your attention and do not end your life.

In order to complete the mission and not be killed by them, you must go all out to have a chance. The enemy is attacking you, you have to show your skills and destroy them by shooting. In the game, you should defend and assure your safety while attacking. And find the enemy through radar. Shoot in a hidden place and safely destroy the enemy.

Download Counter Shooter Mission War at Google Play Store.

3- Call Of Sniper Battleground Shoot

Be prepared to become a super hero of the Marine Corps special operations mission. You are a well-trained modern commando shooter. Terrorists have long been destroying the peace in the country and must destroy them.
Call Of Sniper Battleground Shoot

You are known as the best Army sniper rifle archer, with excellent survival skills, with modern weapons and gun experience in various areas of combat and warfare. The army again chose you to do something special. Terrorists will be ready to fight back, so keep vigilance there. 

Watch out for enemies equipped with sniper rifle guns, pistols and machine gun weapons and guns, but what they lack is your skill. Destroy enemy defenses, kill all terrorists and prove that you are the only true war hero. Army best rifleman and sniper rifleman.

Global terrorism is frightening for all. They have destroyed all the bridges and roads and prevented the army from reaching the battlefield of warriors. You must do your best to accomplish the mission!

Download Call Of Sniper Battleground Shoot at Google Play Store.

4- Flight Gun 3D

In the history of the most popular the most fun 3D shooting plane game has landed Google play game platform, this is a super classic shooting game. It has a fine 3D picture, awesome music, simple and convenient operation, rich game content, ranking system, integral interaction will allow you to experience the new feeling of the game. To try this wonderful little game, when you are free to play the game, I believe you will love it.
Flight Gun 3D

Game: how to play

Touch the lower bullet icon for shooting.
Sliding screen can rotate mobile perspective.
Click on the upper left back button can switch the main interface, the upper left medical kits and drop medical kits can complement HP.

The Game features: Game features:

1. Game levels mode: the game model of infinite levels, can let you play with very fun.
2.Enemy planes flying in and out of the enemy planes flying in and out of the rich types: a variety of different types, armed helicopters, planes, B - 2 bombers, fighters, and so on, can be to challenge the player's ability to fight.
3. The flexible combat mode: medical kits can be purchased or fall in battle added HP, experience the unique fun in the process of fighting.
4. Fierce fighting scenes, vivid visual effect and explosive battle music, has a crazy shooting.
5. Ranking system: through ranking, can find the current integral and the highest points, you can also interact with other players and see other people's highest integral result.
6. Endless ammunition system: don't have to buy the bullet can play good.
7. Free game: free download, free gold, let you can play without paying for it.

Download Flight Gun 3D at Google Play Store.

5- Frontline Sniper Shooting Strike

Frontline Sniper Shooting Strike is the latest first person sniper shooter. Choose a powerful sniper weapon to accomplish your glorious mission!
Frontline Sniper Shooting Strike

The war began, went to heights, searched for suitable sniper locations, searched nearby enemies, aimed at them, fired at and destroyed all terrorists, protected their own safety, rescued innocent people and restored peace in the city. We must protect the safety of civilians. If enemy troops find you, they will lead the war to civilians. Each bullet you have to consider carefully after the launch, to ensure their own safety while the perfect completion of the mission!

The army provides you with a variety of powerful sniper rifles, equipped with a special sniper mirror, through the sniper you can more accurately destroy the enemy in the distance. I wish you a successful mission!

Guns: MP5, K1A, M16, AWP, AK47, KRIS, WA2000, AS50.

Download Frontline Sniper Shooting Strike at Google Play Store.


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