Top Trending News On The Summer Heatwave

Here are the Top Trending News On The Summer Heatwave.

A WOMAN has been filmed strolling through East London naked as Britain sizzles in a summer heatwave.

The pedestrian appeared to have found an interesting way to cool off in the scorching weather as temperatures soared across the country.

Footage shows her wandering through an estate wearing nothing but shoes.

She appears to be yelling something at a full-clothed man walking ahead of her but it isn't clear what she is saying.
Top Trending News On The Summer Heatwave

The ten-second clip was posted on Twitter yesterday with the caption: "Only in east london.... I hate ends sometimes".

It has since been viewed more than 150,000 times and liked by almost 2,000 people.

Some commenting on the post have questioned whether the woman simply needed to cool off in the summer heat.

2- Family's unbelievable response after dog saved from hot car during heatwave.

The owners of a little dog trapped for hours in a hot car during a heatwave have had an unbelievable reaction after police saved their pooch.
Family's unbelievable response after dog saved from hot car during heatwave

Charles Cross Police Team, based in Plymouth in England’s southwest, were called to rescue a dog on Wednesday (local time).

“Another dog left in the sun, another window smashed,” police tweeted.

“This little guy was alone for over three hours. If you love your furry friends, please think. He was very happy to be set free.”

The dog might have been pleased to have been freed from the hot car.

But his owners certainly weren’t impressed.

Police community support officer Tracy Cunningham told the Metro the family just returned to the car after police had smashed the window.

“They weren’t happy with us because their window was put in,” she said.

They had to be spoken to via an interpreter who explained the dangers of leaving animals in hot cars.

The RSPCA examined the dog and released it back to the family.

Hundreds of passengers were forced to leave a Eurostar train in scorching heat when the train lost power.

According to the train company, there was a problem with the overhead power supply.

It caused the air conditioning to stop functioning onboard the morning train from London to Brussels.

According to several Twitter users, passengers were then evacuated to the side of the track to wait for a replacement train.

n issue with the power supply. 

“We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, and another train has been sent from Brussels to collect travellers on board. 

“Customers with bookings this afternoon should check our website for any cancellations caused as a knock-on effect and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Eurostar is advising passengers not to travel on the Belgian line today due to knock-on delays. It has also cancelled two services between London and Brussels. 

Passengers with Belgium bookings today can change their trip or get a refund for free.


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