3 Best Platforms To Teach Online: Earn Money From Your Online Courses

Teaching doesn’t have to take place in a physical classroom. As online classrooms continue to grow in popularity, there’s never been a better time to find online teaching platforms to start sharing your skills and Earn Money From Your Online Courses.

3 Best Platforms To Teach Online

1- Udemy 
3 Best Platforms To Teach Online: Earn Money With Your Online Courses

Udemy is an online teaching and learning platform that connects students to qualified instructors and vetted materials. Students can choose from more than 100,000 courses on subjects like business, IT, office productivity, personal development, design, marketing, health, the arts, and more. Courses are continually being added and are currently offered in more than 50 languages, making Udemy a global destination for expert instruction.

Courses can be created in just a few steps. Start with Udemy's guide to determine what topics are in demand, as well as what students might be interested in. Qualified instructors can then craft learning objectives for a specific audience. Udemy's bulk uploader allows for the import of course content, and their audio visual tips help instructors record, polish, and submit a test video for free review. Using Udemy's feedback, instructors can then prepare their remaining lectures and materials, revise, and then publish their course to reach students across various platforms.

Earn money

Earn money every time a student purchases your course. Get paid monthly through PayPal or Payoneer, it’s your choice.

Inspire students

Help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by sharing your knowledge.

2- Teachable

Teachable is the world’s most user-friendly and powerful online course creation platform.
3 Best Platforms To Teach Online: Earn Money From Your Online Courses

With just a few clicks, you’ll get your own school website with powerful features— like integrated payment processing, student management, multimedia lectures, and everything else you need to teach online.

Top-class learning experience

Package your knowledge into a clean and professional virtual classroom experience for your students

Easy to customize without coding

Get a beautiful website out of the box and easily customize any aspect of it without the need for coding skills

Advanced learning insights and analytics

Visualize your students’ engagement with lecture completion tracking, video stats, quiz scores, and leaderboards.

Join instructors who have made over $100 million in sales

Their secret? Focusing 100% of their effort on creating and promoting their amazing courses, and letting Teachable take care of the rest.

Create an online course and earn a full-time income on the platform used by the world’s best online teachers to reach millions of students worldwide.

Join the 68,000+ instructors who use Teachable to share their knowledge. Easily create an online course with our powerful yet simple all-in-one platform.
18m+     Students learning
186k+    Active courses
68k+      Instructors online
$338m+ Earned by instructors

3- Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, tech, and more. Anyone can join the millions of members in the community to learn, teach, cutting-edge skills, network with peers and discover new opportunities.
3 Best Platforms To Teach Online: Earn Money From Your Online Courses

4 Million students, over $5 million paid to teachers with 22,000 classes.

What's included in a Skillshare class?

Skillshare classes include a combination of video lessons and a class project. All classes are pre-recorded and average 30-40 minutes in total length. The class project is a short assignment that helps students put their new skills into action.

What should I teach?

Skillshare classes are for creators, and fall into a variety of topics, including Illustration, Design, Marketing, Photography, Web Design, Entrepreneurship, and more.

How can I earn money?

You'll earn money through monthly royalties based on the amount of minutes watched in your classes plus a referral bonus for every student you refer to Skillshare Premium Membership.

Skillshare's top teachers make up to $100,000+ a year! In this section, learn everything you need to start earning money teaching on Skillshare.


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