Automate Your Workflow Using GitHub Actions with CI/CD

Introducing GitHub Actions with CI/CD: Learn about the next step in automating your workflow with GitHub Actions.
Automate Your Workflow Using GitHub Actions with CI/CD

Kick off workflows with GitHub events like push, issue creation, or a new release. Combine and configure actions for the services you use, built and maintained by the community.

Whether you want to build a container app, deploy a web service, publish packages to registries, or automate welcoming new users to your open source projects — there's an action for that.

GitHub Actions Features

Automate your workflow from idea to production

GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate all your software workflows, now with world-class CI/CD. Build, test, and deploy your code right from GitHub. Make code reviews, branch management, and issue triaging work the way you want.

Linux, macOS, Windows, and containers

Hosted runners for every major OS make it easy to build and test all your projects. Run directly on a VM or inside a container.

Matrix builds

Save time with matrix workflows that simultaneously test across multiple operating systems and versions of your runtime.

Any language

GitHub Actions supports Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Go, Rust, .NET, and more. Build, test, and deploy applications in your language of choice.

Live logs

See your workflow run in realtime with color and emoji. It’s one click to copy a link that highlights a specific line number to share a CI/CD failure.

Built in secret store

Automate your software development practices with workflow files embracing the Git flow by codifying it in your repository.

Multi-container testing

Test your web service and its DB in your workflow by simply adding some docker-compose to your workflow file.

Community-powered workflows

GitHub Actions connects all of your tools to automate every step of your development workflow. Easily deploy to any cloud, create tickets in Jira, or publish a package to npm.

Want to venture off the beaten path? Use the millions of open source libraries available on GitHub to create your own actions. Write them in JavaScript or create a container Action—both can interact with the full GitHub API and any other public API.

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