Galaxy Note 10+: Reviews, Specs And Price

Galaxy Note 10+: Reviews, Specs And Price: The Galaxy Note 10+ isn't just a new smartphone. It's a gaming console. A film studio. It's a computer with an intelligent pen control—and it's all in one device.
Galaxy Note 10+: Reviews, Specs And Price

Samsung makes excellent phones that check nearly every box of what you'd want in a device: a clear, brilliant screen. Great cameras. Strong battery life. But it's been years since all the individual parts have come together in a way that makes me sit back and say, "Wow." The Galaxy Note 10 Plus does that.

No time is the right time to be caught without a charge, so the Galaxy Note 10's cutting-edge battery intelligence ensures you won't be left powerless. And Super Fast Charging gets you back to 100% super fast.

Galaxy Note 10+ Price: $ 1,099.99

Seller: Samsung Store

Galaxy Note 10+ Features:

1- Intelligent power that keeps up with you
Galaxy Note 10+ Features:

Galaxy Note 10's power algorithm learns from how you work and live to optimize power, for hours of juice from minutes of fast-charging. With super speed processing, Wireless Power Share, and massive storage, Galaxy Note 10 keeps up with whatever you throw at it. 

Super Fast Charging 2.0: big battery boost, small wait time.
Harness the Galaxy Note 10's power for a 30 minute power-up that lasts for hours.1 Or ditch the cord with Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.

Next-generation S Pen

The redesigned S Pen puts more power at your fingertips.

Air Actions, remote photos and handwriting-to-text, all in an elegant, unibody design that lasts longer: one 6 minute charge gives you up to 10 hours of battery standby time.

Navigate a presentation, play and pause videos or snap a photo—all with a click of the S Pen.

The re-engineered S Pen will detect the movement of your hand, allowing you to control your phone via simple gestures.

Like a pro studio in your pocketLike a pro studio in your pocket

With a full set of pro lenses – including ultrawide for stunning landscapes and micro-zoom for epic details – Galaxy Note10 puts a studio in your pocket. Live video bokeh, precision audio focus and super-stabilization mean you can get perfect content every time. 

Live Focus now works in video as well as photos, blurring out backgrounds with four video bokeh effects for cinematic depth of field in real time.

Control the sound around you as you zoom in or out, giving you the power to capture sound that matters.

Shoot smooth, natural action footage easily with Super Steady video stablization. It predicts movement and reduces vibrations, even in Hyperlapse and 2x zoom.

Shoot 4K UHD videos and play them back with incredible color and detail thanks to HDR10+ recording.

4- Endless screen in an impossibly slim form
Endless screen in an impossibly slim form

Galaxy Note 10’s nearly bezel-less Infinity Display gives expansive viewing space in a slim, balanced form – with a cinematic AMOLED+ screen to elevate whatever you’re watching. 

Next-level, cinema grade screen

Thanks to Dynamic Tone Mapping, the Galaxy Note10's HDR10+ certified screen delivers lifelike color and contrast whether you're in a dark room or in bright sunlight, so you see HDR10+ content on YouTube the way it was intended to be seen.

Galaxy Note 10+ Reviews:

This is truly the best note so far, at this time it really surpassed all my expectations. Ahead of everyone and truly puts it on that competitive edge, i have been a loyal note fan since the first one, so obviously this is was a must. Camera is amazing!, Video and the ability to edit and make it look like a movie is just...well no words, truly is capable of doing so and in no way is a gimmick. Stunning screen, i feel like i have a mini theater in my pocket specially with that duo dolby atmos speakers. Just WoW!. 

Performance and battery duration are what they say they do. This is no longer your average phone, this is truly a powerhouse of entertainment and productivity. Making this device part of your life to make your life way more easier and efficient is why i would recommend this phone 100% of the time. I back up this phone and will recommend all the time. By Frddy snchz  


N10+ is in a class of its own...

My review will be divided into multiple sections to cover my time with the device. To begin I'll go over aesthetics. The Note10+ has its predecessors beat- none of them are as visually appealing. On the front you're treated to trimmed bezels, a centered front cam, and a massive display. This iteration forgoes the right-side power key, giving us a combined power/bixby button on the left side. Users can reassign this key to other functions.

The backside is where things heat-up. Like with the S10+, the N10+ is equipped with 3 sensors- normal, wide, and telephoto lens. In addition to those you also gain a ToF/depth module. Initially I didn't know what to think of Aura Glow, but it's beginning to grow on me.. Although, Prism White remains my favorite color scheme. To end, the Note10+ includes a new S Pen design. Now we'll move onto longevity.

Please note that run-time can vary; otherwise, I consistently charge my N10+ every other day, which is in line with my charging habits for the S10+. Screen time ranges from 7-10hrs on LTE. My phone is needed for a myriad of duties, ranging from photography to content creation. Most days BT is enabled for fitness tracking, music and calls. Battery drain over night swings between 1-3%.

At this point I want to cover performance. The Note10+ houses the SD855, a generous 12GB of RAM, and rather speedy storage. I think they hit all the boxes here as far as specs are concerned. All my favorite games play just fine, and I haven't seen any instability software-wise. That said, allow me to touch on camera quality now.

As I mentioned earlier, the Note10+ offers multiple sensors. My most used one is definitely the telephoto lens, followed by the primary. Images and videos captured have a high level of detail, while the latter has a new trick. That trick being "zoom-in microphone". I tried this new option, and yes, it really works. As you zoom on a subject, audio emitted from it is raised. Another thing I've played with is AR Doodle and the new video tool. With the new editor you can stitch videos together, mute, trim, rotate, etc. HEVC support is a nice touch.

Now let's talk about call quality. In this area mine is perfect. People can hear me, and they come across clear on my end over VoLTE. I haven't tried WiFi calling.

Since this is a Note, it's about time we discuss the S Pen. For newcomers, an S Pen is, in effect, a pressure-based stylus. Whatever you write/draw will appear "thin" or "bold" depending on the amount of pressure applied. Those that write signatures, or request them from clients will appreciate this. Before I forget, the screen-off memo offers more color options. You're not limited to the S Pen's shade. I only use my S Pen for drawing, and feel content with what it produces.

My review is starting to look a tad dense, so allow me to wrap-up with my opinion on the screen. While the panel itself is large, the thin bezels help limit the overall height of the phone. In any event, the display is amazing. And as usual, Samsung flexes their display prowess. Overall it's a nice screen for media, games, or adjusting pics. Also outdoor visibility hasn't been a concern, I can see under sunlight. By Gilgamesh


Best phone I've ever had!

Coming from a S10+ which I loved. The Note 10+ is so awesome! The fluidity, screen, S-pen features, battery, camera; literally everything about this phone is an upgrade. The fact that the phone charges noticeably faster is a huge bonus. I really enjoy playing around with the camera's new features - the possibilities are endless. 

The Note 10+ sparks my imagination in creating new kinds of photos I wouldn't normally have thought were possible (thanks to the S-pen). UFS 3.0 is a game changer, allowing for blazing fast file transfer speeds. Playing games is also something I do a lot on my devices, and the Note 10+ is ideal is in this regard. I cannot bring myself to say anything negative whatsoever about this device, and am very pleased with my decision! Way to go Samsung! By Xipetotecc


A Note Truly out of this Galaxy

The Galaxy Note 10+, a device I didn't know I needed until I had it. A device like none other.

I received my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ right after it was announced in Brooklyn, NY at the Unpacked event. From the moment I received the device, I haven't taken a single look at my previous phone. Literally, it's been on the shelf (and it's the Galaxy S10+ lol)

Everything from the all day battery to the dynamic amoled display, this phone is a beast. As a father, I take plenty of photos and videos of my kids and wow, the cameras on this handset are outstanding. One of the most underrated features is Live Focus Video. Being able to blur out or apply special effects on my videos is just beyond me. My daughter is obsessed with AR doodles as well.

Another feature I've grown to obsess over is the S Pen. All the new S Pen features are game changers. PENUP has developed to be a daily hobby of mine. I find it to be a stress reliever. Drawing out my emotions is now a little thing.

And don't let me forget about the new internal memory. This phone is BLAZING fast. With the all new UFS 3.0 and f2fs file system combined with 12gb of RAM is phenomenal.

I can go on for days but I'll stop while I'm ahead. The Galaxy Note 10+ is the best phone available. Plain and simple. By Rydah


Absolute Grand Slam

Everything you could possibly want your phone to do, the Galaxy Note 10+ delivers! It's like when you see the most beautiful thing or meet the most beautiful person for the first time and you're in awe, that's what seeing the Auro Glow Note 10+ made me feel like. Absolutely stunning look and design. Everything about this phone is exceptional, from the look, the feel, the speed, the battery life. It adapts to your usage. 

A smooth and satisfying experience. The best camera in the game hands down. Love taking pictures on this. Ultimate control of your camera with Pro Mode and other features/modes. Using the new S-Pen will make you feel like a wizard or a conductor with all of those new gesture features. Not having to touch your phone to perform certain task. INCREDIBLE.

My Galaxy Note 10+ is like my partner is crime, it does everything I need it to do and a lot of times I simply can not put it down. By KnightRiderRalph


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