The Best Social Networking Site For Students And Travelers

We are introducing InterPals The Best Social Networking Site For Students And Travelers: the top site to make new friends, practice languages with native speakers and meet travelers!
The Best Social Networking Site For Students And Travelers

On InterPals, a pen pal is more than just a friend for letter writing! People in the community connect with native speaker language partners, meet friends for cultural exchange and find travel partners and travel buddies.

For over a decade, InterPals has been the Internet's premier free site for online correspondence, cultural exchange, and learning foreign languages.

Created in April 1998, the site began as the "International Penpal Page." A friendly forum for people to find email and postal penpals from around the world, the page quickly became so popular that it was rebuilt from the ground up in 1999 and renamed InterPals. (Want to see what it looked like? View archived versions of InterPals).

Since then, the site has become by far the largest and most popular free pen pal site on the web. Not only that, but it has become the go-to site for language practice and finding friends at travel locations. Still, InterPals original mission remains unchanged: to help people meet friends from all over the world for free.


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