The Easiest Way To Upgrade To The Latest iPhone

The Easiest Way To Upgrade To The Latest iPhone: Get a new iPhone every year with the Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program.
The Easiest Way To Upgrade To The Latest iPhone

You’re eligible to upgrade to a new iPhone once you’ve made 12 payments. Just trade in your current iPhone and start a new plan. It’s that easy.

When you join the iPhone Upgrade Program, AppleCare+ is included in your monthly payments. And now you have the option to expand your coverage to AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss for an additional cost. Simply choose the coverage that’s right for you.

Low monthly payments

You don’t have to pay for your new iPhone all at once. You can simply pay over time. The full cost of your iPhone and selected AppleCare+ coverage is spread out over 24 months with 0% interest. And you can upgrade once you’ve made the equivalent of 12 payments.

Works with your carrier

You’re buying directly from Apple. Which means no more financing your iPhone through your carrier or committing to a multiyear service contract. Your new iPhone will work with your carrier, so you won’t have to make any changes to your rate plan. And if you ever decide to switch carriers after you activate your iPhone with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon, you can easily do that, too.

5 Ways to Join the iPhone Upgrade Program

1- Join online

Visit apple.com or use the Apple Store app and buy either iPhone XS or iPhone XR. Choose your model, carrier, and capacity, then select Apple iPhone Upgrade Program as your payment option. Or visit an Apple Store and ask a Specialist about the program.

2- Choose your level of AppleCare+ coverage.

Decide between standard AppleCare+ or AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss.2

3- Provide your carrier account details.

If you currently have a wireless account, you’ll need your password and any other relevant account information.

4- Back up the data on your current mobile phone.

If you’re joining the iPhone Upgrade Program for the first time, remember to back up your data to your computer or iCloud, and take note of your Apple ID.

5- Have your personal information and credit or debit card on hand.

You’ll be asked to provide your Social Security number and date of birth for a credit check. You’ll also need a valid U.S. credit or debit card. Prepaid cards are not accepted. If you’re signing up at an Apple Store, you’ll also need valid primary and secondary forms of ID, and the first and last names on both must match.

Join Now

The best way to buy an iPhone

There are lots of great options for purchasing an iPhone. Whether you buy from Apple, a carrier, or another retailer, finding the best option for you really comes down to a few simple questions. Let’s break it down.

Do you prefer to pay all at once or over time?

Reasons to pay all at once

One payment and you’re done.
You can choose your carrier and switch at any time.
You can upgrade whenever you want, without having to pay off a balance.

Reasons to pay over time

You pay in installments, often with 0% interest and no money down.
You can choose a payment plan that works for you.
There are many plans that let you upgrade to a new iPhone every year.

Trade in your smartphone for credit.

With Apple Trade In, you can get credit toward a new iPhone when you trade in an eligible smartphone. It’s good for you and the planet.

Turn the device you have into the one you want.

Trade in your eligible device for credit toward your next purchase, or get an Apple Store Gift Card you can use any time. If your device isn’t eligible for credit, Apple’ll recycle it for free. No matter the model or condition, Apple can turn it into something good for you and good for the planet. See how it works


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