Great news for Avengers fans, because Amazon has announced that Alexa will be getting the voice of a major name from the franchise.

Amazon's Alexa to start getting Avengers legend as a new voice

Samuel L Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in the MCU, is set to voice the tech company's smart speaker, giving customers the opportunity to interact with him. The new feature will be available later this year and it will cost $0.99 (80p).

On Wednesday (September 25), during its annual hardware exhibition in Seattle, Amazon confirmed that Jackson is one of the first celebrities who have agreed to become an Alexa voice.

Alexa will also include some of Jackson's notorious language and customers will have the option to choose between two audio versions – one where he swears and one where he doesn't.

The new feature comes as part of other upgrade news. The tech company also confirmed that a deal with General Motors will bring the smart speakers to vehicles from next year.