Free Online Networking Courses on edX From University of Washington

University of Washington free online courses on Networking found below can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee.
Free Online Networking Courses on edX From University of Washington

Attending a Networking Event

Improve your ability to meet new people. Learn to give an “elevator pitch” (speech) to introduce yourself to new people and to highlight your key qualities. Make connections with people and use your skills to attend a networking event.

In this course, you’ll focus on two key parts of networking.

In the first part, you will focus on an elevator pitch, a short speech to highlight the qualities that are important to finding a job or making a connection.
You’ll practice giving your speech and get feedback on your content, vocabulary, and pronunciation. 

The second part of the course is about networking events. These are informal meetings to make connections with people in a certain area. You’ll practice making “small talk” and you’ll get better at making conversation and ending conversations. You’ll also know how to dress for success and attend your own networking event.

We’re sure your network will grow after you take these steps.

What you'll learn

Create and deliver an "elevator pitch" 
Find a networking event you would like to attend
Make small talk
Prepare for and attend a networking event
Add at least one new person to your  network

This free online course is from the University of Washington

The University of Washington is one of the preeminent public research universities in the world dedicated to preparing leaders of change, promoters of ideas, and creating a culture of collaboration. The UW is ranked number one among public universities nationally that receive federal research and training funds, and since 1975 has been in the top five for public and private universities. The most recent report from China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked the UW 16th among the world’s top universities (14th nationally), and the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan, which measures the quality and impact of research endeavors, identified the UW as the top public university in overall ranking worldwide.

Using Email for Networking in English

Effective writing is an important business skill, especially for networking, and most communication takes place using email. 

In this course, you’ll learn important vocabulary and strategies for writing effective emails, starting with the subject line.  You'll learn how to write messages for different audiences and understand when to be formal or direct. You’ll also learn how your choice of words can change the way people view your message. You'll practice writing emails to follow up with people in your network.

What you'll learn

Create and use email messages, including greetings, body of message, format, and closing
Use appropriate tone and formality in your emails
Use email to invite a person in your network to meet with you
Write follow-up emails

Preparing to Network in English

Learn the basics of networking while you grow your social network and professional connections. Practice speaking to improve your English language skills for increased success in job hunting.

Networking in the business world is key to career success.  Research shows that many jobs are never officially advertised. Many companies rely on word-of-mouth advertising to hire employees, so connections with people are important!

It’s also clear that English is an important language in the global job hunt. 

But what exactly is networking? And how do you do it in English? This course helps you understand the basics of networking and why it’s important. You’ll identify the key qualities that you personally want to focus on developing.

Most importantly, you’ll grow and expand your business network and professional connections. Gain confidence in your speaking while introducing yourself in English. You’ll also learn about business culture in North America and around the globe while you improve your English language skills for increased success in networking and job hunting.

What you'll learn

Identify your goal for networking
Define your network and make decisions on how to grow it
Identify your unique skills and qualities
Make effective introductions for yourself and others
Use LinkedIn and business cards to make and maintain connections with your network
Use culturally appropriate greetings and customs

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