iPhone 11: Price, Specs and Features - #AppleEvent

Confirmed: Apple to host launch event on Sept. 10

The Sept. 10 launch date suggests an in-store release and shipping date of Friday, Sept. 20, though it's possible that one or more of the phones could ship later. In 2018, Apple unveiled three phones on Thursday, Sept. 13 and released the first two, the iPhone XS and XS Max, on Friday, Sept. 21, with the iPhone XR shipping more than a month later, on Oct. 26.
iPhone 11: Price, Specs and Features - #AppleEvent

Apple will introduce three new iPhone models this fall, according to the Wall Street Journal. They are expected to include a "budget" successor to the iPhone XR, a midrange flagship like the iPhone XS and a supersize model in the vein of the iPhone XS Max. 

The consensus is that Apple will call its next flagship the iPhone 11, and that part feels like a no-brainer. But as to the names of the particular models -- all bets are off. The company has traditionally reserved the "Pro" designation for its highest-end products: the MacBook Pro laptop, the iPad Pro tablet, the forthcoming $6,000 Mac Pro desktop and, perhaps starting in 2019, its most premium iPhone. 


After Steve Jobs introduced Apple's iconic smartphone 12 years ago, the iPhone completely changed the mobile phone world. Though mobile browsers, touchscreens and camera phones existed before the first iPhone, Apple's sleek device delivered a package of features we'd never seen. It wasn't long before millions of us figured out that Apple had made phones easy to use, with software that didn't require an instruction manual.

Join us Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 10 a.m. PT, to find out how the iPhone will evolve -- again -- when Apple hosts its next event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. The company is expected to unveil three phone models, the rumored iPhone 11, 11 Max/11 Pro and 11R. The bet is that they'll include better cameras, faster processors and the previously announced iOS 13 mobile software. That's just for starters. New software and services are also anticipated, along with a few surprises. Join us on Sept. 10 to find out what's new.

Rumor: The A13 processor will power the iPhone 11

The A12 Bionic chip that powers the 2018 iPhones is incredibly powerful. According to analyst Ben Thompson, the processor is "so far ahead of the industry that it will still be competitive with the best Android phones in two years, and massively more powerful than lower-end phones." 

Apple doesn't appear to be resting on its laurels, however -- at least in the processor department. A Bloomberg article from May reported that Apple was then on the cusp of mass producing the next-generation processors expected to power the next series of phones. This could be a variant of the A12X processor that's currently used in the newest iPad Pros -- or a new chip, ostensibly called the A13.


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