The Best Online Store Promotion and Instagram Marketing Tool

In this article of The Best Online Store Promotion and Instagram Marketing Tool, we are introducing Ecwid:

Ecwid is a leading choice for small business merchants to easily set up a store and start selling fast. No need to abandon your existing site — Ecwid can be added virtually anywhere you have an online presence. You have the freedom to operate multiple online stores including on your website, social media channels, and mobile devices. So stop reading and start selling from your new online store!
The Best Online Store Promotion and Instagram Marketing Tool

Start Selling on Instagram with your Instagram Store!

Reach 1 billion Instagram users longing for products like yours with Shoppable Instagram posts from Ecwid E-commerce. Set up your Instagram shop in minutes to sell everything from clothes to antique furniture.

An Instagram shop meets your customers in the same space they connect with friends, news, and favorite brands. Every day, 300-million Instagram users visit an Instagram business page after seeing a post in their feed. Eighty percent of users follow at least one business on Instagram. And 60% have heard about a business or product through Instagram. Your Instagram store extends your digital footprint, creating new and engaging opportunities to promote your products.

By enabling Shoppable Instagram posts, shoppers are free to move from inspiration to decision instantaneously. Your product catalog is synchronized with your Facebook and Instagram accounts automatically.
Then, when you tag products in your photos with shoppable pricing tags, Instagram users are enabled to view featured products, decide, and order right from their own Instagram accounts.

Whether your Instagram shop is a hobby, side-hustle, or full-time effort, Ecwid makes it easy to promote your products to engaged Instagram shoppers. Is it time to expand your customer outreach with an Instagram store?

With Ecwid’s user-friendly platform, we make selling on Instagram easy. Complex and powerful technology is hidden behind simple forms and easy-to-follow instructions. Our state-of-the-art technology gives you advanced control over your Instagram store to turn your low-ROI social-sharing into true social-selling. Get started with Ecwid today, and discover just how easy it is to sell on Instagram with Instagram e-commerce.

Enable Facebook e-commerce with a Facebook store
The Best Online Store Promotion and Instagram Marketing Tool

Set up an Ecwid Facebook Shop to connect with billions of Facebook users from across the globe. Your Facebook Shop is simple to set up and maintain and enables you to add your online store to your Facebook page in minutes.

With Facebook Shop, it is easy to display and sell your products directly through your Facebook page. Ecwid automatically syncs all of your product information from your online store with Facebook, so any changes you make will automatically appear in your Facebook e-commerce store.

Regardless of whether you want to sell products for your business, blog, or hobby, Ecwid’s Facebook Shop enables you to extend your reach. An Ecwid Facebook store provides you with revolutionary Facebook e-commerce potential and advanced control over your business. Get started with Ecwid today, and you can find out just how easy it is to sell with Facebook.

Google Shopping
Google Shopping

Get your products to the top of the world's most powerful search engine with Ecwid's automated Google Shopping advertising solution.

As a Google Partner, Ecwid is offering customers a credit for advertising on Google. Spend $150 within 31 days and we'll automatically top up your account with an additional $150 worth of advertising credit. Limited to first 1,000 customers.


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