Top 10 Best Sales & Marketing Software Downloads

Top 10 Best Sales & Marketing Software Downloads, CRM, sales and marketing automation platforms to Automate your sales and marketing.

1- Infusionsoft
Top 10 Best Sales & Marketing Software Downloads

Infusionsoft is a full sales and marketing automation app, not just a standard email marketing tool. It’s a great tool for saving you time and increasing your sales. With Infusionsoft you can manage and automate your sales and marketing programs under one roof. It has some great features that really stand out from the crowd, such as advanced lead capturing tools, lead scoring, e-commerce components, and an advanced email marketing platform.

Infusionsoft ensures that when your customers undertake tasks, such as filling out forms, clicking links, and navigating from one sales page to a next etc, then you are able to program a myriad of things to happen depending on each action that, once setup, will run on its own automatically so you don’t have to worry about it. With Infusionsoft you can leverage automation to nurture leads, trigger behavior-based communications, and streamline workflow. This is really useful because it saves you time and creates a more consistent, timely system for managing your sales and marketing processes.

Customer relationship management is just one aspect of Infusionsoft’s services, but it is a massive part! With Infusionsoft’s CRM you are able to track customers, leads, prospects, and vendors while analyzing key data such as demographic information, notes, and client history. If you need a flexible CRM tool then Infusionsoft hits the mark. Not only do you have access to standard key data, but you can also given up to 100 custom fields for tracking anything else you may need that is specific to your field of business.

List Segmentation
Consistent and accurate list segmentation is a crucial component of any email marketing campaign. Infusionsoft has superb list segmentation tools that provides a great tagging system, which is simple, yet powerful, so you can keep track of who belongs to what list. This is a great time saving feature because you can have contacts that belong to multiple lists, so it makes it easy to undertake searches while excluding multiple tags, in order to pinpoint who you want to send a specific campaign to.

Infusionsoft has powerful marketing tools that will help you to connect with leads via email, and social media, to build relationships and cultivate new leads. A cool feature of Infusionsoft’s marketing platform is that it correlates your CRM and e-commerce data so that it allows you to create personalized communications, which will lead to increased conversion rates.

With Infusionsoft’s email marketing platform you can pick from a range of ways to design professional-looking emails for your customers. You can design in HTML or plain text, and you can include elements like text boxes and social sharing widgets, or you can take advantage of Infusionsoft’s drag and drop tools, via the Campaign Builder, to custom design your promotional content. It is worth noting that Infusionsoft's email marketing platform includes spam scoring. This is a really neat feature because it will help to ensure high inbox delivery rates for your customers.

Infusionsoft uses a subscription pricing model with plans starting from $199.00/month for the Essentials package, rising to $379.00/month for the Complete package. All the plans that Infusionsoft have on offer provide contact management and marketing-automation capabilities. Sales automation is available only in the Deluxe Sales and Complete plans, whilst e-commerce tools are available in Deluxe E-commerce and Complete plans. It is also worth noting that the Essentials plan supports only three users, but the Complete plan supports up to five users.

Bottom Line
Infusionsoft’s platform offers a plethora of sales and marketing functionality. It is a quality CRM solution that will help you manage all your customer interactions. The ability to capture and convert new leads and sell and collect payments online, are great tools in themselves, but combined with contact management, list segmentation, and multimedia marketing management, makes Infusionsoft a great all-round suite.

2- Desk.com
Top 10 Best Sales & Marketing Software Downloads

Desk.com is Salesforce's out-of-the-box customer support help desk that is specifically designed to help businesses offer fast, awesome customer support. The app has been designed for speed, ease of use, and scalability. It puts all the support needs for your business into one tidy package; with agent productivity tools, an easy to manage knowledge base, and a cutting-edge mobile app, coupled with intuitive reports and dashboards, you'll have all the tools you need to provide quality customer service to your clients.

Where Desk.com excels is in its ability to keep things simple, it concentrates on getting tickets raised from email, phone calls and social media while giving agents a good selection of workflow and processing tools. Desk.com is part of the Salesforce family and a leader in cloud computing; it is both scalable and secure and has great features, including customer relationship management, issue reporting, and customer profiling.

Universal Agent Inbox
The Universal Agent Inbox is the place where you get started using Desk.com. In this area you will receive your notifications for your customer's support requests. These arrive from various sources, including email, live chat, online forums, and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. A great feature of Desk.com is the fact that it doesn't overcomplicate the way tickets are raised and how they are made visible to agents. The unified inbox is a quality tool because it brings all tickets into one view no matter their source, thereby reducing the risk of tickets being missed.

Case Management
Desk.com uses a streamlined Support Case page that handles all of your individual customer requests. The customer cases are constructed and populated with the customer data and problem information and then archived for future retrieval. You can record and review the customer’s complete interaction history within each case and when it is needed to be recalled, agents can simply click to view the complete history.

If an agent has a complex case that they are not able to resolve, it can be redirected to a senior agent, and because Desk.com’s case management tools can continuously track the status of cases and set priority levels, this ensures all issues are resolved in order of their importance.

Business Insights
What is really cool about Desk.com is the ability to generate key business performance insights. By clicking on the Business Insights tab, you can generate detailed customer service related reports. The Business Insight’s dashboard helps you make actionable insights on overall business and agent performance. This tool lets you analyze your customer service operation quickly and easily. The data you gather from Business Insights, allows you to track and measure the volume and nature of the tickets your business is receiving. Not only that, you can also monitor individual agent performance. You will gain a greater insight into where your cases are coming from and how your agents are handling the volume.

The beauty of Desk.com is that if you need to upgrade to Service Cloud because you need more customization for your support team, your businesses’ data is synced seamlessly with Salesforce so the transition will be effortless.

Desk.com operates a subscription pricing model and has four pricing structures: starting at $3.00/month and rising to $135/month per agent for the Service Cloud (Enterprise) option. It covers options for a wide range of budgets and requirements and there is a Free Trial available (No Credit Card required).

Bottom Line
Desk.com is a great solution for the SMB sector, particularly those looking for a more basic help desk software option. It has a simple approach to customer support, without missing any key features. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, with plenty of pricing options.

3- Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the most popular Helpdesk solutions available today. It is used by a large number of companies both big and small as Zendesk is a solid application. This customer service solution utilises the power of the cloud. It is easy to use, efficient, and highly flexible, and because the software is fully scalable, it can be used by businesses of all sizes.

Zendesk allows tickets to be raised via an array of sources: email, web, telephone, chat, and social networking sites. The myriad of ways tickets can get raised into Zendesk is one of its strengths; as soon as a ticket is raised, the application allows agents to add internal notes to it. This is a really useful feature that can be a huge help when tickets are being handled by multiple agents during its lifetime. The benefits of having all your data under one roof are evident in the fact that agents can quickly view the cases which require immediate attention and deal with the customer issues immediately, thereby leaving your customers satisfied.

Zendesk's user interface displays everything you need, without you having to to click between tabs or windows. One cool feature of Zendesk is the Views screen. This lets agents see all of the tickets that are unsolved or recently added. It can also be extensively customized to your specific needs and requirements.

Email System
Email is the primary tool that Zendesk uses to gather customer feedback from. When an email is sent to the customer service department, it turns into a support ticket that includes all communication (replies, comments) from then on and until the ticket is solved. Zendesk gives you the ability to add multiple support addresses and you can also tweak your email templates to suit your specific needs.

Task automation is a really cool feature that Zendesk offers. Common tasks can be automated using Triggers, Zendesk’s smart system. For example, if a high profile customer sent an email, the ticketed request can be set up to follow specific actions, be addressed by a particular agent and be given the highest priority; all under an automated action. Trigger creation is easy, simply click the Admin icon on the sidebar and select the "Triggers/Add Trigger" option. You then populate the required fields according to the actions you want to undertake and save it. If, at a future time, you need to edit the Trigger, you can easily do so from the settings menu in the same admin menu.

Zendesk Reports are available on all pricing plans and will provide metrics on KPIs such as daily ticket activity, SLA compliance, average resolution time, customer satisfaction, and agent performance. You can view whatever information you need via the reporting tool; simply define the parameters of ticket properties and the time period you wish to view.

Zendesk Insights is an advanced reporting feature that is offered on Plus and Enterprise plans. It gives you the ability to carry our more customized analysis of KPIs at a deeper level. You can then use the data to analyze a particular customer group, or demographic group based on different variables. If you need to pinpoint issues and identify key performance areas, then Zendesk Insights is a very neat tool to make use of.
Self Service
Zendesk offers advanced self-service functions that provide a 24/7 service solution. Zendesk makes full use of comprehensive knowledge bases, which are updated by connecting solved cases and then assigning them with tags. This is useful because future customers can navigate your company's website and search to find what they are looking for immediately, without the need to contact customer services to locate the solution to their problem.

Zendesk has more than 200 integrations available at no charge, via the official Apps Marketplace. These apps range from agent productivity enhancers, and analytical tools through to telephony/sms apps and chat clients. Popular integrated apps include ZenCart, SalesForce, TeamViewer, Joomla, Wordpress, and MailChimp

Zendesk uses a subscription pricing model with prices starting from 1$ per agent per month on the Starter plan. The plans other four available plans are Regular (25$), Plus (49$), Enterprise (125$) and Enterprise Elite (195$). The Plus package is offered as a Free Trial for 30 days (No Credit Card required).

Bottom Line
Zendesk is a capable Helpdesk solution that helps you unify your communications. It has most of the features that a small, medium, or even large organization will need, as long as tickets and the way they get raised are what your business primarily requires. Zendesk is a sleek, workable solution that has a highly customizable interface and useful tools such as the Triggers system will help you to stay engaged with your customers.

4- Vocalcom

Vocalcom is a reliable, web-based contact centre solution that is solid, robust and user friendly. Vocalcom offers superb cutting edge features such as real-time contextual routing, and predictive dialing. By utilizing the power of Vocalcom, your business has the ability to rapidly deploy a constant, highly secure contact centre solution. With Vocalcom you can easily add agents, customize reports and design specific IVRs .

Vocalcom’s cloud contact centre platform supports voice, email, chat, SMS, Facebook and Twitter; all from a single environment that has a simple, fast and manageable interface. The Vocalcom WebRTC Platform enhances the standard customer experience beyond simple Web chat and voice communication. Vocalcom includes video and co-browsing and can streamline transitions from self-service to live service whilst maintaining the context of previous communications.

Visual IVR
Rather than the standard, voice-driven, automated service, customers can opt for IVR menus to be displayed visually within mobile and web applications, without listening to long menus and struggling with poor voice recognition software. This is a great feature of Vocalcom as Visual IVR, either through a website or mobile app, is a superb way to eliminate one of the top reasons that customers dislike call centre experiences.

Proactive Chat
Vocalcom has extensive intelligence capabilities, which examine customer behaviour, customer data, and web analytics. The system will proactively offer an immediate connection with a live person, and it can also deliver the right chat invitation to the right customer at the right time.

Call-back and Appointment Setting
Vocalcom uses sophisticated calling features that can be utilized to increase your contact rate. Agents can schedule general call-backs or agent-specific appointments. For general call-backs, the call engine automatically chooses the best time to call customers back.

Multi-channel virtual queuing
With Vocalcom’s Multi-channel virtual queuing system you can respond to customers faster, no matter how they contact you. Vocalcom can both virtualize and scale enterprise routing rules and contact distribution. It uses an intelligent universal routing system, which is a great feature because it gives your customers a seamless cross-channel experience. It no-longer matters what communication method is used: voice, email, chat, social media, and mobile.

Real-Time Active Blending
Real-Time Active Blending is a another noteworthy feature of the Vocalcom suite. It auto-adjusts contact centre traffic call-by-call, and always prioritizes inbound customer service calls, in blended environments, by automatically moving outbound agents to inbound queues. This is a great time and resource saving tool that keeps customer satisfaction levels high.

Vocalcom uses a subscription pricing model that starts from $99.00/month with a Free Trial available (No Credit Card required).

Bottom Line
Vocalcom powers intuitive customer experiences and improves contact centre performance. It is cloud-based, massively scalable, and built with solid web technologies. Vocalcom can simplify multi-channel customer experiences and can enhance sales effectiveness and increase customer service satisfaction levels.

5- Sisense

Sisense is a Business Intelligence (BI) solution that uses stunning data visualisations. It was developed to be accessible for users of all levels of expertise, even novice users with no prior experience with BI software. The platform can be used by companies of all levels and sizes and because it doesn’t require a long implementation period or extensive training, businesses can begin using it almost immediately.

Sisense’s stand-alone applications provide users with the tools they need to manage and support business data using visuals and reporting. It offers data and text mining with interactive analytics tools. Sisense uses ElastiCube as their analytics database, which makes use of In-Chip technology. This enables a single server coupled with minimal hardware to handle big data.

Integrated within the suite, Sisense includes functionality for dashboards and scorecards; data warehousing; extract, transform and load (ETL); and a query and report writer. The entire suite is managed via a single interface that has been designed with the end-user in mind.

Data Visualizations
A key feature of Sisense is the ultra detailed data visualizations that give you a clear and unrestricted view of your data. Sisense’s data visualization toolset, provides you with the ability to generate dynamic visuals and interactive business intelligence reports. You can create stunning graphical representations of your data in the form of charts and from these, you can produce whatever reports you need. You have the option to adjust queries by clicking on any section of a chart or graph, and then drill down to view underlying data. Sisense can also format the data correctly, ensuring it is primed for whichever visualization type you choose.

With Sisense, users can design interactive dashboards using widgets. You can customize the dashboard that best suits your needs by using different visualization types. You can choose from geographical maps, gauges to measure KPIs, line charts, scatter plots, and pie charts. Because Sisense makes good use of drag and drop functionality, you can simply choose what you need and place it into the dashboard on the page location where you need it. An individual dashboard has the ability to hold numerous widgets and filters, which can be added or removed as required.

Sisense has great support for third part data sets to be integrated into its Dashboard. Usefully, it has built-in connectors that allow it to join present and future data. Sisense connectors support file types such as MS Excel, CSV, and MS Access. It also supports applications such as Amazon Redshift, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, and Salesforce, Quickbase and Zendesk.

Sisense’s pricing model is based upon a users individual requirements. Key factors include the number of concurrent required users and the volumes of data being processed. Sisense provide a free trial (No Credit Card required). For further information please contact Sisense directly.

Bottom Line
Sisense provides a solid platform for Data analysis for both data professionals and nontechnical staff. It has a fresh and clean user interface, customizable dashboards, and outstanding data visualisation tools that provide users with a better way to view data from multiple areas within a single environment. Sisense also has a really quick implementation time, with no lengthy customizations required before users can begin using it.

6- FreshDesk

Freshdesk is a completely customizable set of tools that offers all the features and functionality which a modern help-desk requires. From robust multichannel capabilities, smart automations and advanced ticketing through to integrated game mechanics, Freshdesk is a forward-thinking solution that provides quality cloud based customer support.

Freshdesk provides a streamlined and well structured help-desk solution that is both productive and easy to manage. It uses a smart ticketing system that sorts through all incoming tickets and organizes, prioritizes and sorts client requests and assigns them accordingly. Freshdesk also makes good use of a company knowledge base, which auto updates to include data from archived emails, conversations and ticket resolutions. Freshdesk’s knowledge base feature works very well, with a comprehensive article archive that is streamlined, simple and easy to navigate from both the agent’s and customer’s side. This is a really useful feature of Freshdesk as a support department with a wealthy knowledge base usually receives less customer requests.

Advanced Ticketing
Freshdesk provides an automated ticketing system that sorts through all incoming tickets and assigns them accordingly. By using standard SLA’s that have pre-defined parameters for service workflows or custom SLA’s for priority customers with specific needs and requirements, all of your customers can be given the highest level of customer service available. This can be customized and configured via the Ticket tab. From there it is easy to set all your ticketing rules and workflows that you need.

Multi-Channel Support
Freshdesk has been designed to automate tasks and save on ticket resolution time via multiple platform integration. The main avenue is through configurable email integration. This very useful Freshdesk tool allows agents to manage, update, reply to and assign tickets directly from their company email accounts. Freshdesk allows you to configure these requests so all emails sent to company accounts are logged as tickets. These, in turn, can be categorized, prioritized and assigned to the correct agent, and because you can define behavioral rules for requests, tickets will always go to the correct support agent.

One very handy feature of Freshdesk is ‘Email to Knowledge base’. This tool can be set to automatically convert email threads or ticket replies into articles for the Knowledge base archive. This data is saved as draft information that can be edited before publicising it in the Knowledge base.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are also supported by Freshdesk. This is a very useful tool, as you have the means to reply to urgent requests from these channels in real-time. Freshdesk also has a live-chat solution called Freshfone, Freshdesk’s integrated voice telephony system. With Freshfone you are able to track tickets from multiple sources and provide further support channels to your clients.

A really cool feature worth mentioning is Freshdesk’s gamification tool. With integrated game mechanics, team leaders and managers can keep all members of their team motivated. With this tool, support tickets become stepping stones to advance up the leaderboard. Freshdesk Arcade turns normal tasks into game missions. You can create Quests to make sure the tickets that are the highest priority get done quickly. The system rewards agents with a selection of badges for the best performers. these badges are then displayed on their help desk profiles.

Freshdesk offers an ever expanding number of both native and 3rd party integrations. Native integrations include Facebook and Twitter; Saleforce, Highrise, Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM and Capsule; Freshbooks and Harvest; Atlassian from Jira; Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Gmail Gardets, Google Hangouts and Google Drive; HelpOnClick and Snap Enagae; MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact; Olark, Survey Monkey, Dropbox, Zapier and Shopify, among others. Third party integrations include Magento, Talkdesk, Kipfolio, Pipeliner, OneSky, Userlike, Woo Themes, Timecamp, and Fromcrafts.

Custom integration are also available as Freshdesk provides a service called Freshplugs. Conveniently, Freshdesk also has a mobile help-desk plugin called MobiHelp, which is available for Android and iOS platforms.

Freshdesk uses a subscription pricing model with a Free Trial available (No Credit Card required). It is well suited to all users from freelancers through to mid sized businesses. Freshdesk is priced per support agent per month, and has 4 different plans to choose from; Sprout - $15 per agent per month (first 3 agents free). Blossom - $29 per agent per month. Garden - $49 per agent per month. Estate - $79 per agent per month. The Blossom plan includes social support, community forums and game mechanics. The Garden plan includes live chat, multiple products and multiple locations. The Estate plan includes enterprise reports, portal customization and custom agent roles.

Bottom Line
Freshdesk is a well managed service desk solution that offers a streamlined and intuitive web interface. It has a good online help section, native and custom integrations, and a mobile help-desk plugin. With cool features like Freshdesk Arcade, automated IT tasks and ticketing, and multi language support, Freshdesk is a great choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

7- FinancialForce Accounting

FinancialForce Accounting is a comprehensive and innovative financial management system, which takes a fresh approach to accounting services. The online accounting app combines the power of Force.com’s cloud with a groundbreaking accounting system design. At its core is an innovative accounting engine which leverages the technological and virtual workplace enabled by Force.com (including collaboration tools like Chatter). The engine contains a central set of accounting components that are embedded in a Salesforce environment, thereby making it the perfect financial complement to Salesforce CRM.

FinancialForce Accounting is incredibly easy to use and has full integration with Salesforce CRM. Since FinancialForce.com is built on the Salesforce.com platform, FinancialForce Accounting orders can be formulated from a Salesforce entry as well. This is such a great function. It means that users don’t have to spend time manually entering each order and can focus on more important tasks.

FinancialForce Accounting sits neatly on top of Salesforce CRM's cloud platform. Both the apps share the same infrastructure, database, development tools, reporting tools, and user interface. This is a really cool facet of the service because both FinancialForce Accounting and Salesforce CRM are embedded together, providing a simplified user experience and enabling more fluid training across functions.

The Chatter function makes it simple for the entire business team to collaborate on orders, unpaid invoices and collections. This makes FinancialForce Accounting a great fit for any growing organization that is seeking a flexible and scalable financial management system.

FinancialForce Accounting 360° View 
FinancialForce Accounting holds all your key financial information securely on one system and in one place. With FinancialForce Accounting 360°, you have a comprehensive reporting app that spans customer activities in Accounting, CRM and Service. Cash processes can flow seamlessly and securely through sales, billing and receivables without any special integrations or extraneous spreadsheets. FinancialForce Accounting has a unique single ledger that eliminates subledger reconciliations and labour intensive period-close processes. This is massively advantageous on a number of levels, but mainly because all your team will be able to see the key data that they need in real-time.

FinancialForce Accounting has a subscription pricing model with Free Trials available (No Credit Card required). For more information see FinancialForce Accounting’s website.

Bottom Line
FinancialForce has strong accounting, billing, PSA, and media solutions. It is a well suited platform for any mid level business, but it will be particularly useful to those who are Salesforce CRM customers, as it is a professional services solution that communicates natively with Salesforce CRM’s cloud platform.

8- Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a solid customer relationship management platform that provides a complete CRM solution. With it you can manage sales, marketing, customer support and service and inventory management via a single system.

Zoho CRM is based in the cloud, so no setup is required. It can be accessed from anywhere, using both desktop or mobile device. Zoho CRM allows you to generate and track leads, manage tasks, and follow the entire sales pipeline directly from within the app. By utilizing the power of mobile applications utilizing the cloud platform, Zoho CRM allows team members to work collaboratively by giving them access to the most current information available.

Zoho CRM’s customizable workflow management tools allow true automation of regular tasks. This is really useful because every time a new event occurs, Zoho CRM can be configured to automatically deploy a new task and assign it to a specific user, who will then be notified accordingly. Zoho CRM’s Workflows lets administrators set up actions to be executed when certain criteria are met. This, in turn, gives you greater control over how leads are handled.

Email Integration
A key feature of Zoho CRM is that it can integrate with your existing email environment. This is useful because it provides users with a universal platform of communication across your organization. By integrating an existing email system, users will be able to access new messages and reply them from directly within Zoho CRM.

Mobile Integration
The Zoho CRM mobile app on both iOS and Android, allows you to access contact details, edit accounts and leads, and view and work with reports. Zoho CRM also supports offline access, which is another extremely useful feature.

Alongside the aforementioned email integration, Zoho CRM has the ability to connect to many third party app: including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, PhoneBridge, and QuickBooks. Zoho CRM for Google Apps also takes the software beyond simple email integration. It also integrates with MailChimp and Constant Contact for email marketing, Evernote for note-taking, ClickDesk for Help Desk service, Outlook for email and calendaring, Microsoft Office for documents, Quickbooks for accounting, and VWorkApp for job dispatching and tracking. Using Zoho's API, developers can customize Zoho CRM as required.

Zoho CRM uses a subscription pricing model that starts at $12.00/month with a free trial available (No Credit Card required). For up to three users, a free plan includes all of the basic features of Zoho CRM, with up to 5,000 records. A standard plan that adds sales forecasting, reporting, and more, is available for $12 per user, per month; while a plan that includes email integration costs $20 per user, per month. An enterprise version for multi-level organizations is available for $35 per user, per month.

Bottom Line
Zoho CRM is particularly effective for organizations that already use the company's other products, such as Zoho Projects or Zoho Books. It makes good use of Google Apps integration, which also makes it a natural choice if your organization uses those tools for email and calendaring. It has comprehensive reporting tools, advanced CRM features, and good email marketing tools. It has seamless integration between pre-sales and post sales activities via the Inventory Management tool and great integration between Sales and Customer Support processes via the Cases and Solutions feature. Overall, Zoho CRM is a powerful solution for small and medium-size businesses that is available at an affordable price bracket.

9- Insightly

Insightly is a CRM platform that provides you with great ways to build better relationships with your customers. The Insightly CRM and project management system allows you to manage contacts, organizations, vendors and suppliers from within its unified system. Using Insightly will help you streamline everyday processes for improved business efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. Insightly lets you access deeper insights into how your customer relationships are influencing sales. From analyzing this data, many businesses experience an increase in sales after they begin using Insightly’s platform.

Insightly has an is easy to follow interface and there are plenty of customizations and integrations. The Facebook-like layout immediately feels familiar, with a Recent Activity feed in the center and login and navigation links on the left hand side. Your feed can be filtered by activity type and user, so you can quickly see emails that were recently sent or monitor a specific team member's progress. The navigation panel links you to your team's tasks, contacts, organizations, leads, opportunities, projects, emails, and reports. Insightly also has the ability to link any object—such as a contact, organization or opportunity, to any other object. This is a great feature that helps to give you a complete view over your networks at a single glance.

Managing Contacts
By utilizing Insightly’s CRM toolset you have a transparent view of all of your customers and prospects in a centralized location. To help you keep track of various clients, Insightly provides you with numerous tools at your disposal, including flexible calendaring, notes, comments, and tagging features.

To add clients and prospects to Insightly you can add them manually, entering the information for each new client and prospect or you can import data in bulk. Insightly contact templates provides you with space for personal details and the contact’s social media accounts, in addition to their basic details.

Using Pipelines
Another great feature of Insightly is Pipelines. Pipelines allow you to see the progress along a specific path in a project, so you will always know exactly where you are in the stream of time. Creating Pipelines are easy. Simply navigate to ‘System Settings’, choose a name for the Pipeline, and click the ‘Edit Stages’ link next to it. Your Pipeline should include all the anticipated stages that are in the workflow, from conception to the completion of the project. Insightly will draw the pipeline stages above your stage list. When you create a new project, you can view the pipeline from a populated list.

Generating Reports
Insightly has a comprehensive reporting tool that is based on opportunities and completed activities. You have the option to filter reports by date ranges and topic. You can choose from such reports as Opportunity Category Breakdown, Reasons For Losing Opportunities, Opportunity Pipeline Stage Report, Total Incoming Opportunities, and Value Of Opportunities. Generating a report is straightforward, simply click on the type of report you need and customize your parameters that you require based upon the dates, pipelines, tags, and responsibilities. With Insightly you also have the option to export your records. So, if you need to use a third party application for other analysis, you can!

Insightly allows you to connect your CRM and project management system to products and services such as Google Apps, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, Evernote, Xero, Quote Roller, MailChimp, Torpio, and Zapier. It integrates very well with a whole range of popular business apps and services on the market, but where Insightly really shines is the integration that it offers with its Outlook App. This provides enhanced productivity for businesses that use Office 365 and Outlook 2013. In addition, to help in assisting with company accounts Insightly has good integration with QuickBooks Online, and Xero. This are useful integrations, which allow you to view all your customer and financial information in one place.

Insightly uses a subscription model with a free 14-day trial trial available (No Credit Card required). Free accounts are available for businesses with two or fewer users. Monthly pricing plans start at $12 per user, per month (when paying annually). Upgraded plans range in price from $29 per user, per month to $99 per user, per month (when paying annually).The Free plan supports up to 2,500 records and up to 200 MB storage, whilst the free 14-day trial showcases the features associated with the Professional plan and supports unlimited number of users.

Bottom Line
Insightly is a well designed and powerful CRM and project management tool that is not only affordable for the SMBs, but is also packed with team-friendly features. Insightly is a feature rich online CRM platform that can help your businesses not only organize interactions with clients, but also keep track of projects, emails, notes, leads, and milestones via a streamlined and easy to navigate interface that gives users a clear 360-degree view of their business networks.

10- Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales pipeline management platform that is based in the cloud. It has been designed to keep sales processes simple, straightforward, and efficient. You can use Pipedrive to organize contacts, forecast sales, and follow-up leads at optimal times. Pipedrive is a truly mobile solution thanks to its robust framework of desktop interface and iOS and Android applications.

Sales Pipelines
A great feature of Pipedrive is the Sales Pipeline View. It can be more effective than traditional to-do lists because pipelines display sales and leads at every different stage. This gives sales staff a clear view of their productivity and how they can locate deals, which require immediate attention.

To see an overview of your team’s current situation, simply navigate over to your sales pipeline. With Pipedrive’s zoom features, you can locate deals that were added in the past day or week. By utilizing drag and drop functionality, you can move deals forward through the pipeline.

One of Pipedrive's best features is the icon, which appears next to each deal in your pipeline. The data it provides, at a glance, is very comprehensive: you can tell if you have any activities scheduled that are associated with a specific deal, see if you are behind on your scheduled activities, or even if you still need to follow up the lead.

Timeline Views
Pipedrive’s Timeline View gives you a clearer insight into your sales, with accurate sales forecasts for the coming months and quarters. Timeline Views provide superb advanced reporting tools that allow you to set both personal and group targets and track them in real-time. The Timeline Views can be customized to suit your personal preferences or existing sales workflows.

Integrations and Mobile Access
Pipedrive integrates well with numerous third-party applications including Dropbox, MailChimp, Google Apps, and Google Drive. Pipedrive’s REST API is also available. You can also access data on the go with Pipedrive's apps for iOS and Android. These mobile apps are simple and easy to navigate, just like the desktop web interface. You can quickly see your deals, activities, and contacts, or use the search function to search for pertinent data.

Pipedrive uses a subscription pricing model that starts from $12.00/month with a free trial available (No Credit Card required). Pipedrive is reasonably priced and one of the easiest CRM platforms that is available to set up and use. Pipedrive has an easy to understand pricing level system that is great for smaller companies, but it will get expensive rapidly if you have lots of employees. Pipedrive's website informs you to contact them if you want to purchase more than 50 seats.

Bottom Line
Pipedrive is a great CRM platform that is quick to set up and easy to understand. It is completely customizable and has a simple, intuitive interface that is coupled with some helpful guidance, which makes it a breeze to use. The Forecasting tools provide managers with a birds-eye view of group performance and the suite’s mobile applications allow users to search through contacts and deals 24/7. With Pipedrive you will spend less time working with the software and more time working on sales. Pipedrive may lack in some native capabilities, but it excels with time-saving visuals and ease-of-use.


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