Top 10 Best Scott Adkins Movies of All Time

The list of the Top 10 Best Scott Adkins Movies of All Time: Scott Edward Adkins (born 17 June 1976) is an English actor, producer, screenwriter and martial artist who is best known for playing Russian prison fighter Yuri Boyka in the 2006 film Undisputed II: Last Man Standing and its two sequels: Undisputed III: Redemption (2010) and Boyka: Undisputed (2016) and as Casey Bowman in the 2009 film Ninja and its 2013 sequel Ninja: Shadow of a Tear. He has also appeared in Doctor Strange, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Expendables 2 and Zero Dark Thirty and Top 10 Best Martial Arts Actors of All Time Ranked.

1- Special Forces: 2003

Top 10 Best Scott Adkins Movies of All Time

American photo-journalist and humanitarian activist Wendy Teller is captured in the war-torn former Soviet nation of Moldavia by the maniacal Bosnian war criminal Hasib. The U.S. Government subsequently receives a video from Hasib, who demands the release of war criminals for Teller’s release. To rescue the hostage from Hasib’s clutches, the Pentagon summons a six-man Special Forces team led by Major Don Harding, who has a personal grudge against Hasib after their past encounter in the Bosnian War.

He’s not the only one with a bone to pick with Hasib, however, which he soon discovers after his unit crosses paths with SAS operative Talbot. Talbot who had previously been sent in by the British government is now on a revenge mission after the public execution of his partner at the hands of Hasib’s right-hand man. With the clock ticking on the impending execution of the hostage, Talbot and the American team unite to bring Hasib’s forces down.

Special Forces is an important movie for Scott Adkins career, because this was Scott's first collaboration with director Isaac Florentine.

2- Hard Target 2: 2016

Scott Adkins, Hard Target 2, 2016

Professional MMA fighter Wes Baylor (Scott Adkins) takes on Tim Sutherland in a match at the MGM Grand. Upset with the judges' score, Baylor tries to knock Sutherland out and accidentally kills him. Overwhelmed with guilt, six months later, Baylor is still haunted by the death of Sutherland and competes in underground fight clubs. A man, Aldrich watches Baylor fight, and offers him $1 million for a private one-off match in Myanmar.

But when Wes arrives for the fight, he learns he's been tricked into becoming the target of a human hunt. Carrying only water and a ruby-filled money belt for the last person standing, Wes must outsmart the heavily armed group that has paid to kill him.

As he fights for his life in the treacherous jungle terrain, the hunters become the hunted...

3- Eliminators

When his home in London is attacked, a former federal agent (Adkins) must come out of hiding of the witness protection program to protect his daughter. With his true identity exposed to the criminal underworld, he goes on the run with Europe’s most dangerous assassin (Barrett) on his trail and must use every trick he knows to keep his family alive.

4- Assassination Games, 2011

Assassination Games, 2011 Scott Adkins movie

Brazil (Jean Claude Van Damme) is a contract killer, willing to take any job if the price is right.  Flint (Scott Adkins) left the assassin game when a ruthless drug dealer’s brutal attack left his wife in a coma.

When a contract is put out on the same coldblooded drug dealer, both Brazil and Flint want him dead. Brazil (JCVD) for the money. And Flint (Adkins)  for revenge. With crooked Interpol agents and vicious members of the criminal underworld hot on their trail, these two assassins reluctantly join forces to quickly take out their target before they themselves are terminated.

Assassination Games was the 2nd time that Scott Adkins teamed up with Jean-Claude van Damme in a movie and they deliver an entertaining movie. Aldo, both are incredible fighters, directer Ernie Barbarash could have done more in the script to use the phenomenal ass-kicking potential of Adkins together with Van Damme. That's a missed opportunity because there's only one quit simple fight between them.

Overall, Assassination Games is a decent movie that tried a bit too hard to be poignant and emotional when it should have focused more on the action.  Van Damme turned out a solid performance and his samurai sword epilogue was outrageously fantastic.  He does some really brutal killing as he escapes through a kitchen—perhaps one of the better opening sequences of a Van Damme movie.

And also Adkins does a good job in acting and has some more action scenes than Van Damme. He has a personal tragedy driving him and making him careless and undisciplined.

The action in the movie overal is pretty brutal and various but you should expect more with the names of Adkins and Van Damme on the movieposter.

5- Green Street 3, 2013

Green Street 3, 2013

Danny Harvey played by Scott Adkins returns to London in order to find the killer of his younger brother who has been killed during a pre-arranged fights between rival football gangs.

Harvey has rejected football related violence but plans to gain his revenge by turning his unfit and overweight firm, the Green Street Elite, based on the supporters of West Ham United FC, into a fighting force using the training methods of mixed martial arts and beat their opposing firm, supporters of their arch-enemies, based on the supporters of Millwall FC. Victor, played by Joey Ansah, is the martial artists expert who takes on the role of training the fighters.

6- Savage Dog, 2017

Savage Dog, 2017

Indochina-1959. A lawless land controlled by criminals where Vietnamese warlords and European war criminals hold the power. The Den Dhin Chan Labour Camp is the worst prison in the land, run by a quartet of four dangerous men. It is here that a European former boxing champion, Martin Tillman (Scott Adkins), has found himself. He’s survived the prison by taking part in the illegal fight game which sees wealthy criminals gambling on the outcome. With Tillman due for release – and planning on returning home – the corrupted souls who control the jail will do anything they can to keep him locked down and making money for them. But when all that Tillman holds dear is taken away in a vicious act of violence, he will be forced to walk the road of vengeance and unleash the ‘savage dog’ that dwells within…

Once again Scott is looking for revenge - we have a dead woman -  in a movie.  The story in this film seems to be subordinate so don't expect the most original plot. But that also doesn't seem to be the goal of the filmmakers.  This movie is made for action fans: there are many man to man fights. Scott is busy with using choppers, shotguns, grenades to kill people or is just strangling, kicking or beating people.

Savage Dog is Scott Adkins' most violent movie since Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning. Expect buckets of blood. The fights are slightly different than what we used to see in many other Scott's movies. They are more grounded and rawer, and for example almost no flying kicks. The fights look awesome and very brutal.

Also Scott himself is very violent and very bloody. This movie once proves to us that the movies of Scott are a bit darker, and far more violent that we've seen before from for example Jean-Claude van Damme or Arnold Schwarzenegger. There may not be a doubt that Scott is the Savage Dog...

7- Accident Man, 2018

Accident Man, 2018

Mike Fallon, the Accident Man, is a stone cold killer, whose methodical hits, baffle the police and delight his clients, he is the best at what he does. But when a loved one is dragged into the London underworld and murdered by his own crew, Fallon is forced to rip apart the life he knew in order to hold those accountable and avenge the one person who actually meant something to him.

Scott Adkins about Accident Man:

"When I was a kid I came across the comic book and I loved it, and I always felt it would be a great film. Nobody made it so I took it upon myself to make the film. I now am Mike Fallon, the Accident Man. I optioned the property myself, wrote the script, produced it, starred in it – so I don’t think it gets much more of a passion project than that."

"I’m a big fan of comics but I like the British stuff like 2000AD. A lot of the comics from that era were quite violent and anarchic and sardonic and all the rest of it. I liked the character and I did like the violence, to be honest. I enjoy violence on film, I always have. I was exposed to violent movies as a young boy – I find it very entertaining.
Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not a violent person in real life. Although I do martial arts, I don’t go round punching people. But there’s a certain entertainment value to be had and when I was growing up they used to make action films that were proper, very violent movies."

"Mike Fallon is a sarcastic arsehole so maybe I share that in common (laughs). He’s a pretty despicable character to be honest but i love anti-hero’s and I believe that as long as you make that character interesting or charming then no matter how much of a bad guy he may be, as long as you mount the obstacles against him and make his enemies more despicable then the audience will go along for that ride."

"I’m proud of many things in the movie: I’m proud that it’s my first time as a producer, I was able to pull that movie off on a very small budget. I really like my performance in it as well: I thought I took a step up there. It was a dream project, I wanted to do it just to do it. I didn’t want to die, having not done this. I’m very happy that people seem to like the movie. I know it’s already found its audience and I hope it continues to find more people that like that sort of film."

8- Incoming, 2018

Incoming: Scott Adkins movie 2018

The International Space Station is now a prison - the ultimate black site. No one's getting out. And no one knows it's there. But when the imprisoned terrorists take over the Station and turn it into a missile aimed at Moscow, only a shuttle pilot and a rookie doctor can stop them. Their task is complicated by a rogue CIA agent (Scott Adkins) who has his own plans for the station and the terrorists within.

Incoming commits multiple sins, but chief among them is misusing Adkins. It’s an ensemble film making him just one of many, but rather than make the most of his time onscreen his action beats are kept to a minimum. Worse, he’s forced to fight down to the level of his co-stars meaning his swings are slower and higher — read less convincing — then you find in his other films. On the plus side, there are some cool knife scenes where he does get to dispatch a few baddies, and the film isn’t shy about its rapid-fire stabbings.

9- Avengement, 2019

Scott Adkins movie Avengement, 2019

While released on furlough from prison, a lowly criminal evades his guards and returns to his old haunts to take revenge on the people that made him a cold-hearted killer. It’s an epic, bloody battle to search for the soul he lost years ago on the streets of an unforgiving city.

Reuniting actor Scott Adkins and writer/director Jesse V. Johnson (“The Debt Collector,” “Savage Dog"), this is a unique take on the classic gangster film. Violent, stylish and unfolding in a non-linear fashion, the film boldly harkens back to its cinematic forebears: “GoodFellas,” “Pulp Fiction” and “Chopper.”

Tagline: He has less than 24 hours to kill quite a lot people

Scott Adkins: "Meet Cain Burgess. Trust me - you do not want to mess with this guy!"

"AVENGEMENT marks my sixth film with Jesse V. Johnson and there's a very good reason why we keep working together. Jesse allows me to play in the action genre sandbox that my fanbase expect whilst simultaneously pushing me to stretch myself as an actor. Along with co-writer Stu Small he crafted a story that allowed me to create a unique and interesting character who I relished playing. Can't wait for
everyone to meet Cain Burgess," says Scott Adkins.

Director Jesse V. Johnson: “Every film you get to make is a gift, and as such you must be sure to attempt to create something worthwhile. With AVENGEMENT, Scott and I worked very carefully to author a character and scenario that was original and fresh, with action sequences that were justified and exciting without repeating anything we had done before. With Cain Burgess, Scott has built a
nuanced, interesting but paradoxically, a both frightening and sympathetic character. A man who has tempered his pain and rejection into a carbon steel tool for revenge, but this is not revenge in the skindeep film-noir style, this revenge is deeper and more resonating, a satisfyingly baroque almost elegant retribution.”

10- Triple Threat, 2019 Scott Adkins movie

Triple Threat, 2019 Scott Adkins movie

This breakneck thriller teams over half a dozen of the world’s biggest action stars for the martial arts film event of the year. When a hit contract is taken out on a billionaire’s daughter (Celina Jade) intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate, a team of wanted mercenaries (Tony Jaa, Tiger Chen) must take on a group of professional assassins (Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Michael Bisping) to stop them from hitting their target. Also featuring Iko Uwais and Jeeja Yanin.

MAAC Review:

"Scott Adkins is the real standout, not only getting to show off his martial arts skills but getting some of the film’s best lines. Adkins still takes part in some of the film’s most impressive action scenes and his fans will not be disappointed, even if he is playing the bad guy."

All these action heroes from the previous generation... Scott could replace them all.  Jean-Claude van Damme would go mad if he could do the same martial arts moves as Scott Adkins.  About Scott's martial arts skills compared with those of Van Damme Scott said: "I think it’s like anything else. When Van Damme appeared on the scene there was no one around doing what he did, at least where Westerners are concerned. He set the bar for all of the young hopefuls and they would train until they could do all of Van Damme’s moves and then some. The next generation will always be better because they start off where their peers left off."  and  "With Jean-Claude, to be honest, I have to dumb it down a little bit to cater for him, I'm afraid to say, because we're from different eras. We do it faster, more like they do in Hong Kong these days. And when Van Damme came up, they were doing it the Western way. That's a bit slower and a bit more step to step."

Scott Adkins also did an action movie set at  the Burmese border. In Ninja Shadow of a Tear he painted bright red with the copious blood of mutilated Asian orpses, just like Sylvester Stallone’s masterpiece Rambo in the past. With the scenario of an one man army using his superior mind and his bare hands he overcomes betrayal and dominates a scary exotic Eastern land.

And unstoppable - like Arnolds'  Terminator - he destroyed a whole army in Universal Solider Day of Reckoning in a very brutal manner. OK, not in a leather suit but his t-shirt steeped in blood. In the TV serie "Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Second Chance"  Scott proved that leather stands him well just like Arnold.


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