Best Free Password Manager To Secure All Your Passwords

Introducing Dashlane!!!

Dashlane is a password management application that lets you store and fill passwords for various account-based websites. The app automatically saves and fills your passwords and other personal information, so you don’t have to type them yourself.
Best Free Password Manager To Secure All Your Passwords

It also comes with a built-in password generator that helps you create stronger passwords for new accounts or update your old passwords to a better one. The app also provides extra security by sending alerts whenever a possible data breach is detected. The free version allows you to save up to 50 passwords on one device.

To unlock unlimited password storage and the ability to sync passwords on other device, users will need to get the premium version. The premium version also comes with VPN and secure storage for sensitive files.

Dashlane is absolutely free as long as you don’t exceed more than 50 stored passwords. All your passwords on your Windows, iOS, Mac or Android devices are completely safe. Do yourself a huge favor and make your (online) life easier. With Dashlane you have to remember only one password, plus it doesn’t limit its power to passwords but you can also save your notes, codes, and anything highly private you cannot lose.

Your password won’t be hacked anymore with Dashlane. Your password is probably something like 123456 or supersecret1 (at least, that’s mine) but Dashlane generates passwords up to 40 random characters made up of a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.

Every time you visit a website which asks you to register or log-in, Dashlane will prompt you to create a password and it will store it for you. Set it and forget it. All you need to do is create your one single Master Password which will give you access to the Dashlane app. With Dashlane, remembering all those different passwords is a thing of the past.

What else does it do to make your life easier? Dashlane fills out forms with one click. Also tired of filling out forms over and over again with your address and shipping details? The next time you order something online and you are being asked to fill out your billing or shipping details, one simple click and Dashlane will take care of everything.

Besides the free version, there is also a Premium version which has two major benefits. First of all, it allows you to synchronize your passwords across all your devices. Keeps passwords safe on your pc and on your mobile phone at all times. The second BIG benefit is that it comes with a free VPN service included. This is a great feature if you are using public wifi or are relaxing by the pool on your holidays. You want to make sure you maintain your privacy at all times.

Dashlane offers great value for money since most VPN services charge more per month for just a VPN service alone. Dashlane premium offers the best of both worlds: a world-class security product PLUS a VPN service.


Automatically Saves and Fills Passwords
Built-In Password Generator
Easy Password Management
Intuitive Interface


Premium Version Is a Bit Expensive
Limited Password Storage for the Free Version
The Free Version Can Only Be Used on a Single Device

Dashlane is a trustworthy app, try it for yourself! Get your free Dashlane here!


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