PS4 Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Out Now

Gear up for a bold, narrative-driven reimagining of Call of Duty's classic Modern Warfare series. Immerse yourself in a raw and provocative new incarnation of the Modern Warfare series.
PS4 Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Out Now

Developed by Infinity Ward, the original creator of the Modern Warfare series, this new iteration draws you into a visceral single-player story campaign that aims to push boundaries and break new ground for the franchise.

Engage in breathtaking covert operations alongside a diverse cast of international specialist operatives and freedom fighters, skirmishing your way through iconic European landmarks and volatile Middle Eastern hot-zones.

Modern Warfare unites the community
Modern Warfare unites the community

Play with friends on any platform: Modern Warfare supports cross-platform online multiplayer between PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Free updates for all players: Modern Warfare will not have a season pass. Developer Infinity Ward want to avoid splitting the player base so expect regular free maps and other content to arrive post-launch.

Multiple control inputs supported: Not only are keyboard and mouse controls now supported on PS4, but you can choose to play in input-specific lobbies.

Unified progression: All gear you unlock will be available for use in all modes.

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