Top 10 Common Windows 10 Problems and Solutions

Windows 10 is a series of personal computer operating systems produced by Microsoft as part of its Windows NT family of operating systems. It is the successor to Windows 8.1, and was released to manufacturing on July 15, 2015, and broadly released for retail sale on July 29, 2015.

Windows 10 receives new builds on an ongoing basis, which are available at no additional cost to users, in addition to additional test builds of Windows 10 which are available to Windows Insiders.

Top 10 Common Windows 10 Problems and Solutions

Devices in enterprise environments can receive these updates at a slower pace, or use long-term support milestones that only receive critical updates, such as security patches, over their ten-year lifespan of extended support.

Meanwhile, Windows Latest reports that KB4517211, an optional cumulative Windows 10 update, is behind problems with Windows Search and Cortana with users making complaints on Microsoft’s community forum as well as Feedback Hub.

Here are some common Windows 10 problems users are experiencing and the solutions that were provided to them.

1- Windows 10 wakes from sleep after 2 hours

Whenever I sleep the computer, it wakes after a couple hours, though not at any regular interval and usually at an unusual timestamp such as 12:32.51 (i.e., not at 12:30.00). It is Windows 10 Pro, Version 1903, build 18362.388, but all recent builds have had the same problem.

there are no wake timers (per `powercfg -waketimers`)
wake timers are disabled anyway
only the keyboard is allowed to wake the computer (network devices and mice are prohibited)
I have tried every solution proposed in this thread.
The system log reports "unknown" reason for the wakeup every time. Please help, it's really becoming a problem! See solutions.

2- Microsoft Spotlight is not working windows 10

The lockscreen is stuck on 1 image. In a nutshell, the Assets folder is empty, the spotlight is not downloading images. Even when I manually included some wallpapers in the Asset folder, Spotlight is not using these wallpapers. The result, the lock screen is still the same. 

What I did: tried reset of spotlight, powershell commands, installed Microsoft iso and nothing worked. I basically tried different fixes related to spotlight but in vain

P.S Another thing that is confusing me is the source of my current lockscreen wallpaper. Currently, my Asset folder is empty. See solutions.

3- Cannot print since latest Windows 10 update

One of our users can no longer print since her laptop got the most recent Windows 10 updates (her laptop is up-to-date as of this morning).

One of three things happens when she tries to print:

-- The application shows all the installed printers in the drop-down, but when she clicks print, nothing happens

-- The application shows all the installed printers in the drop-down, but when she clicks print, she gets an error saying there are no printers installed

-- The application does not show any printers

The printers are all showing in control panel.

It is not even possible to print to PDF.

I have tried restarting the print spooler service in services.msc but that hasn't helped.

More than 100 users have this same problem, see solutions.

4- Windows 10 deactivated after update

My windows 10 installation got deactivated last night after an update. I'm getting error 0xc0000022. Trying to enter my key again says its invalid. I've ran sfc /scannow but it was unable to fix some errors.

How should I proceed next? See support.

5- Cannot disable touchpad when using mouse since Windows 10 upgrade 1903

After upgrading to Windows 10 Version 1903 two things happened. 1) my setting to disable the touchpad when a usb mouse is connected was reset without my knowledge or OK.  2) The ability to change this setting disappeared entirely from the Device > Touchpad screen.  So now I am left with always having the touchpad active even when I am using a mouse.  I don't know if others have this problem but for me this causes frequent accidental actions on the touchpad that cause havoc with what I am doing at the time.  So I want this option restored.  And I cannot just disable the touchpad for all situations because then if my mouse fails or the battery dies I simply cannot use the computer at all until I fix or replace the mouse.  Anyone have a solution? See solutions.

6- How to run a cd on windows 10

I cannot figure out how to run a cd on my windows 10 computer, more than a thousand users are experiencing this issue, see solutions here.

7- Desktop "New" Context Menu Behaving Slow After Upgrade to 1809

When I right click on the Desktop and choose "New", it either locks up or takes forever to populate choices for New Menu. Never had problem before this upgrade. Same problem in File Explorer as well! See solutions.

8- Mystery app preventing Windows 10 shutdown after update.

Since a Windows 10 update a few weeks ago, when I go to shut down, it says it is closing and there is an app running  ------- but there is no app running   So I wait for it to close that nonexistent app, and after a few minutes, I am back to the computer being ready to work, not shutting down. When will a new update fix this?  Yesterday's update did not fix this. It is not a serious problem, but it is annoying to have to click "Shut down anyway" to really shut down.  What is this app that hides itself and won't quit? See solutions.

9- Why is Windows Store's download speed so slow?

I juts don't get it. I can stream Netflix, HBO and download games just fine with full speed (13-20 MB per sec) from Steam, Origin, GOG, Uplay and Battle.net. But with Win10 Store the speed is so damn slow that it takes FOREVER to download games. It's ridicules. Is there any fix for this or is the speed of the store just broken? See solutions.

10- Windows 10 updates 1809/1903 error 0xc1900101

I'm currently running Windows 10 version 1809, and trying to upgrade to version 1903, but no matter how many times I try it, once the update reaches 100%, it says restore to the previous version of Windows or something like that, and in The update, history shows the error "0xc1900101". See solutions.

Have you experienced any of these problems? Was this information helpful?


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  1. Most of the errors associated with windows 10 updates are directly associated with the fall creators update, so a windows restoration is highly recommended as Restoring a Windows System to its default state resolves major such issues.

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