Top 50 Most Reputable Countries In The World 2019

How does a country’s reputation get made? Events that make front-page news play a big role, as do economic and environmental conditions and so much else. Consciously or unconsciously, people rely on these reputations when deciding where to set up a business, where to live and where to travel on vacation.

Top 50 Most Reputable Countries In The World 2019

“Reputation determines whether people support a country through their behaviors. Good reputation means more exports, more investments, more people coming to visit,” says Nicolas Georges Trad, chief operating officer at the Reputation Institute, a reputation measurement and management services firm. Since 2008, RI has published the Country RepTrak, an annual study of countries’ reputations, based on a survey of citizens of G8 nations.

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When asked why those particular countries were selected for the survey, Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, chief reputation officer at RI, explained: “It provides a proxy for the opinion of the population of the world,” adding that the survey responses are “driven and weighted by the perceptions of the most important economies.” This year’s ranking revealed an average 0.5-point increase in the reputations of Country RepTrak nations, barely enough to compensate for the average 1-point decline recorded last year.

Some of the countries that appear in the upper echelon of this year’s list may, in light of recent events, come as a surprise. Canada, for example, despite revelations regarding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appearing in brownface and blackface on three occasions, climbed one spot to claim the No. 6 position, a rise that may have been due to the fact that research for this list was conducted between March and April 2019.

What should shock no one, however, is that Sweden has claimed the No. 1 spot and appears in that position for the second year in a row.

The list of the Top 50 Most Reputable Countries In The World 2019:

1 Sweden
2 Switzerland
3 Norway
4 Finland
5 New Zealand
6 Canada
7 Denmark
8 Australia
9 Netherlands
10 Ireland
11 Japan
12 Spain
13 Austria
14 Belgium
15 Italy
16 Portugal
17 Singapore
18 United Kingdom
19 Germany
20 Czech Republic
21 France
22 Greece
23 Thailand
24 Taiwan
25 Peru
26 Poland
27 Malaysia
28 Chile
29 Argentina
30 Vietnam
31 South Korea
32 United Arab Emirates
33 Indonesia
34 Brazil
35 Philippines
36 United States
37 India
38 South Africa
39 Egypt
40 Mexico
41 Qatar
42 Israel
43 Romania
44 Turkey
45 China
46 Algeria
47 Bangladesh
48 Colombia
49 Venezuela
50 Nigeria


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