10 Best Super Flattering Hairstyles With Bangs For 2020

Welcome to the list of the ten Hairstyles With Bangs That Are Super Flattering. Let these ten celebrities be your guides.

10. Long, Choppy Bangs

10 Best Super Flattering Hairstyles With Bangs For 2020

Kelly Rowland's choppy bangs are similar to Watson's in style but their length makes them more appropriate for the risk-averse.

9. Textured Baby Bangs

Textured Baby Bangs

"A short, textured style like Emma Watson's is nice for people who are willing to take risks," says Riley. "Her bangs are edgy, fun and take any haircut to another level. They have an undeniable 'retro' vibe and also look amazing with layered haircuts." To keep them from looking crazy when you wake up, Riley suggests sleeping with a silk wrap over them.

8. Long, Shaggy Bangs

Long, Shaggy Bangs

Consider this shaggy style the looser, cooler cousin to curtain bangs. Almost anyone can pull it off, says Riley, but it's particularly flattering for oval or round faces.

7. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs

Thicker than Chung's middle-parted style, curtain bangs are another face-framing option requiring minimal upkeep. "They have a cool-girl, '70s effortless vibe and are super low maintenance. If they grow out, they usually just start to blend into your haircut," says Riley, who especially loves the look paired with a ponytail or tousled bun.

6. Middle Part and Side Swept

Middle Part and Side Swept

Love the face-framing power of bangs but not quite ready to fully commit? Capomaccio recommends a long, middle parted look like Alexa Chung's. "These bangs tend to grow out pretty easily and transition into a nice face-framing layer quickly!" says Capomaccio.

5. Long, Thick Blunt Bangs

Long, Thick Blunt Bangs

Paired with an equally blunt bob, Kerry Washington's bold fringe is best suited for those with thicker hair, says hairstylist Irinel De Leon. (The style can start to look a little piece-y on those with thin or particularly fine hair.)

4. Thick, Tapered Bangs

Thick, Tapered Bangs

Though similar to Swift's in their thickness, Zooey Deschanel's bangs boast slightly longer sides that taper into a nice frame, making them a bit more universal.

3. Classic Fringe

Classic Fringe

"Because classic bangs like Swift's generally give some fullness to the face they tend to work best on people with longer or more oval face shapes," says hairstylist Kathleen Riley. They're also on the higher maintenance side, she warns. "Since they fall straight forward, you'll need frequent trims to keep them at the perfect length.

2. Curly Bangs

Curly Bangs

Curly haired gals have long been told to avoid bangs, but Sandra Oh's springy fringe proves the look is actually quite doable. (Not to mention fun and youthful!) The trick? Load up on moisture to keep coils happy.

1. Face-Framing Fringe

Face-Framing Fringe

Tend to wear your hair up a lot? This bangs style might be the one for you, says hairstylist and colorist Amanda Capomaccio. "Face-framing bangs look so perfect for the effortless person who likes things a little more undone and messy. This style is super cute with a top knot or low pony!"


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