4 Best Free Online Magazine Cover Makers

Is your magazine losing some of its magnetism? When a publication isn't able to grab attention with its cover design, potential readers may be passing over issues without even realizing it. A fresh, unique, eye-catching magazine cover can help you draw in more subscribers and boost your brand – and you can achieve all this easily with these four online magazine maker tools.

1. Canva free magazine cover maker

4 Best Free Online Magazine Cover Makers

With Canva, you can create a magazine cover nobody can take their eyes off.

You’ve made a mark in your industry if you land the cover of a magazine. Even in an age where anything can get an online feature, the curated content of magazine is full of integrity and credibility. The cover would be the money maker that captures your feature story and unifies everything else in your release.

If you’re the editor-in-chief of an awesome publication in any field, Canva has just the cover design template for you. And with tools and easy-to-navigate interface, you can even customize it according to your particular brand of editorial savvy.

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2. Adobe Spark

Create Custom Magazine Covers for Free with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark offers hundreds of magazine cover templates so you can unleash your creativity and design a cover that that's professional, sleek and ready to attract readers. You can even save your designs and fonts so that you don't have to start from scratch for each issue. With the wide variety of customization options and templates, your covers will be able to stun and intrigue with every release, so you retain loyal readers and even draw in new audiences.

Well-crafted design always requires tweaking to achieve, but Adobe Spark’s magazine cover maker allows you to make adjustments to your layouts and imagery so that your covers are always unique and engaging. Switch up your color palette to totally change the mood, or add a filter to your background for a vintage appeal. You can also move text around to make room for all your article titles, photos and other cover graphics. You’re completely in charge of both layout and effects, so don’t be afraid to make changes!

DIY-ing your magazine covers can have huge impact on your business, from cutting down time to slashing your graphic design budget. Being at the helm of your cover design means you can make your vision come to life exactly as you imagine it, without having to translate your wishes to a designer. Start designing with Adobe Spark, and transform your magazine into a striking, can’t-miss publication.

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3. PosterMyWall


PosterMyWall is another great free magazine cover maker with design skills.

Set the right tone for your magazine with the perfect magazine cover. Target your audience with expressive text and images that will pique their interest. Choose from thousands of perfectly curated professional magazine covers and create stunning designs in minutes.

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4. FotoJet


Whenever you need a magazine cover design, FotoJet's magazine cover maker covers for you! It has preset a series of magazine cover templates, which can help you make your own magazine covers in seconds. Simply choose a template and edit it freely to create your cover of magazine.

Whether you are looking for a magazine cover template for fashion or for travel, you can always find a template to customize with FotoJet. With the beautifully designed template, you will be amazed at how easy it is to make a magazine cover.

What Can You Do With FotoJet Magazine Cover Creator?

Good magazine content deserves a fantastic magazine cover design! FotoJet's magazine cover creator makes it easy for anyone to create a magazine cover even without graphic design experience. Just combine your creativity with the templates, customize it with your own images, messages, etc. to make your own magazine covers!

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