9 Most Romantic Places To Visit In Gdańsk (Poland): For Lovers, Couples

You are welcome to my list of the top most romantic places to visit in Gdańsk, a port city on the Baltic coast of Poland. At the center of its Main Town, reconstructed after WWII, are the colorful facades of Long Market, now home to shops and restaurants. Nearby is Neptune Fountain, a 17th-century symbol of the city topped by a bronze statue of the sea god. Gdańsk is also a center for the world’s amber trade; boutiques throughout the city sell the ossified resin.

The City is ranked number two among the most beautiful Cities in Poland.

Love is in the air! There are places in Gdańsk where it feels like love is in the air. It can sometimes be felt only on some days in a year while in others, the magical atmosphere remains throughout the year. Engagement on the seashore by the setting sun or perhaps a romantic date in the centre of the city? Every dream can come true in Gdańsk and the city itself is a perfect background for the most beautiful love stories.

1. Gdansk beaches

9 Best Romantic Places To Visit In Gdansk (Poland), For Lover couples

Is there a more romantic way to spend time together than an evening walk on the beach by the setting sun or in the moonlight reflected on the surface of the sea? Gdańsk beaches attract large numbers of tourists, especially in the summer when the water is quite warm. Lover couples can be met there in great numbers. Most popular beaches are located in Jelitkowo, Brzeźno (with the only pier in Gdańsk) and on the Stogi.

However, if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle and go for a long romantic walk visit the Sobieszewska Island where the beach is wild, wide and… can surprise you with amber! Who knows, perhaps your find will be perfect for an engagement ring? Looking for treasures on the beach together can be great fun. You can also talk wrapped in a blanket, looking at the horizon lit by the setting sun. The beach itself is a perfect place to awaken emotions but the access to it can be equally interesting because you will encounter the Ptasi Raj (Birds' Paradise) nature reserve on your way. We are sure it will not disappoint you.

2. Oliwa Park

Oliwa Park

The Oliwski Park is the most romantic place in the open air. This beautiful place full of greenery, located in the historical district of Gdańsk Oliwa is often used as a setting of wedding photo sessions. It says something  The Oliwski Park is rich in varied flower compositions, charming ponds and interesting architecture (Abbots’ Palace, Oliwska Cathedral).  The central part of the park contains a palm house with various tropical plants. Do not forget throwing coins to the nearby fountain to have a happy and rich life. In the summer, you can stroll along the alleys surrounded by classical music as numerous concerts such as the Mozart festival are held there.

3. Love Bridge

Love Bridge

At the junction of the Korzenna and Na Piaskach streets, you will notice a bridge with beautiful, openwork railing. The railing becomes less and less visible each year because colourful padlocks hanging there cover it. Lovers come there to symbolically make their relationships more durable by hanging a padlock with their initials, important dates or vows of undying love.  For the vow to be valid, they have to throw the key to the padlock to the Radunia river flowing beneath the bridge. Who would think that the Most Chlebowy (Bread Bridge) where bread used to be sold in the past, would become the Love Bridge!

4. Lighthouse


What about a date with a view of the Gdańsk Bay, Gdynia and, in good weather, even the Hel Peninsula? A historical lighthouse built in the 1890s is located in the Nowy Port district. 114 stairs lead to the top and the entire lighthouse is 27 metres high. It is probably the most beautiful lighthouse in our country and maybe even in Europe! The most interesting feature of the Gdańsk lighthouse is the reconstructed unique Time Ball that was used for navigation in the past. The building can be visited in all seasons. However, remember to take a photo by the sea; it will be perfect for your album.

5. Millers’ Manor

Millers’ Manor

A date with a cup of hot chocolate? Why not! A Millers’ Manor once used to stand in the contemporary Jan Heweliusz Square. A decision was made during its renovation to move it to the Młyńska Island at the split of the Radunia Channel between the Wielki Młyn (Great Mill) and the Most Chlebowy (Bread Bridge) currently known as the Love Bridge. It houses the Czekoladowy Młyn (Chocolate Mill) now where you can taste various sweets; but this is not all… From time to time, you can drink hot chocolate surrounded by live music or take your drink outside and sit in the Heweliusza square by the colourful fountain.

6. Mariacka Street

Mariacka Street

Another unique place for a special wedding portrait session is the Mariacka Street believed to be the most beautiful street in Poland. The Mariacka Gate, characteristic perrons finished with gargoyles and the towering building of the St. Mary's Church (Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) are an exceptional background of many photo sessions. Amber galleries, small cafes and street artists encourage one to stay there for a longer moment to feel the climate of the city to the full. The Mariacka Street is one of the favourite places for many artists and a setting of TV productions. Many couples visit the place, especially after dark when everything is beautifully illuminated with romantic lanterns.

7. Mariacka parish house

Mariacka parish house

Inhabitants of the city rarely reach this place and tourists reach it even more rarely; this is why it is so magical. A small parish house with a mysterious yard stays in the very centre of the city, near the St. Mary's Church and the Royal Chapel. It is worthwhile to pop in there for a moment for a respite from the city bustle and have a look at the interesting architecture. Characteristic historical objects include a wooden façade and portal with the 16th century coat of arms of the Ferbers (Maurycy Ferber was a parish priest and the initiator of the construction of the parish house).

8. Zachariasz Zappio Lane

Zachariasz Zappio Lane

A certain unique place for lovers that takes on a special ambience once a year is located in the vicinity of the St. John church in the Świętojańska Street. It is the Zachariasz Zappio lane that becomes an official stop for couples during the Saint Dominic Fair. The place is also known as the Lane of Kisses because it is there that one can kiss the loved one in the quiet, hidden from other people’s eyes. While being there, you can also enter the St. John Church that, in addition to being a shrine, also plays the role of a concert hall and an exhibition area.

9. Motława Wharf on the Granary Island

Motława Wharf on the Granary Island

One of the spots we can most frequently see on postcards from Gdańsk is the Długie Pobrzeże (Long Wharf) and the Motława River with the characteristic Crane. The Granary Island has been renovated recently and a pedestrian area with numerous benches was built there but it is not the most interesting thing about the place. A wheel similar to the well-known London Eye is a permanent part of the Main Town landscape. Can you imagine a more interesting date in the city centre than the one that allows you to admire it from 55 metres above? Even though the Gdańsk wheel is only open in the summer, it is very popular both among tourists and the locals.

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What to eat in Gdańsk

Gdańsk offers a wealth of international cooking with a long-standing tradition and first-rate sen/ice. Above all, there is a huge variety of cuisines, dishes and places where you can eat. You will find sophisticated cuisine from all the countries of Europe, exotic tastes from the Middle East and Asia and very original old Gdańsk cuisine* Everyone, even the most demanding gourmand, will find something to satisfy his palate and wallet. And if you are a vegetarian there are entirely vegetarian bars or restaurants which offer vegetarian courses next to the meat courses.


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