'Lotto Lout' found happiness after losing entire $18m fortune

A man nicknamed the “Lotto lout” who blew his $18 million fortune on sex, drugs and alcohol has said he does not regret spending all his money.
'Lotto Lout' found happiness after losing entire $18m fortune

Michael Carroll, who was known as the “Lotto lout” after throwing wild parties at his Suffolk mansion, now works in a coal mine in Moray, Scotland and says he’s never been happier.

Michael Carroll was 19 when he won the $18 million lottery jackpot in 2002. He gained global notoriety after he managed to lose all the money, something a surprising amount of lottery winners do.

But he managed to burn through his cash after giving more than $7 million away to family and then spending the rest on a life of hedonism.

This included buying a $730,000 mansion and spending money on trips to Spanish brothels with his friends.

By 2012 he had spent all his cash and lost his three properties.

Mr Carroll is now living in Moray, Scotland, after leaving his mansion in Suffolk, northeast of London.

He now works in a coal mine earning less than $19 an hour but told The Mirror he couldn’t be happier.
'Lotto Lout' found happiness after losing entire $18m fortune

'Lotto Lout' found happiness after losing entire $18m fortune

Michael appeared in court more than 30 times, often in luxury cars and swigging a can of beer. The Sun reported.

His drinking and wild holidays in the brothels in Puerto Banus with his mates put an end to his short marriage to Sandra Aitken, who was seven months pregnant with their daughter when he won the lottery.

When he won the jackpot he immediately gave £4million away.

Michael, whose dad died when he was 10, gave a million to his mum, his aunt and his uncle, his ex-wife Sandra and his ex-wife's mum.

He was then left with £5.7million, which he also used to buy his eight-bedroom £390,000 Norfolk mansion - the spot for wild parties and demolition derbies.

His mansion fell into disrepair and the other two that he bought eventually slipped from his fingers.


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