People Are Sharing The Best Mistake They Ever Made: Here Are The Best Answers

What's the best mistake you've ever made? is a question asked buy a Quora community user and we have picked these two heartwarming stories for you, read on.

Here is the answer of  Meghan Cerdeña Luce- Dela Cruz , a Filipina mother.

She wrote:

I let go of my 7-year relationship. He was my first boyfriend and my first love. I was young, innocent and passive. I gave him everything and was always there for him. I accepted him and understood everything about him, his weakness, ego, dislikes and beliefs. He broke up with me several times. He was always angry with me and every time we had an argument, I was always the first person to apologize. I loved him with all of me. I was dumb to hold on to the relationship that only caused me pain and tears for seven years.

2016 January, I went to Japan and lived there for several months. For a few months we were exchanging messages daily, until one fine day, he stopped messaging me back. He also stopped answering my calls and I thought that maybe he was just too busy with his work. I waited and waited for a few months and didn’t hear a single word from him.

2016 October, I returned to Manila from Tokyo and I knew then that something was wrong. While I was planning to visit him, my best friend told me that he has been in a new relationship with another woman. My heart broke into tiny pieces, I couldn't move and everything reminded me of him. I was depressed, lonely and many times I thought about ending my life. I got addicted to cigarettes and alcohol and in my dreams he was always there. I was angry with him, I hated him.

Then a year later, I met a kind and loving man. He's a psychotherapist and one of the reasons that I am still here. He’s my counselor, my family and home. He told me to be brave, to not dwell on the past, to move on and never regret anything. He took care of me, he inspired me to write again, he gave me hope and a new direction. We fell in love and got married last year, we now have a baby girl.

On our wedding day, I told myself , “things didn't work out with my ex because a better man was on his way, a greater love is about to happen.”

Without my ex and my broken heart, I wouldn't have met my husband. My past and best mistakes led me to the love of my life, my family.

My advice for you:

Remember, a right person will not make you feel less, a right person will make you feel more than enough no matter your past. God can make beauty from ashes and He will make all things beautiful in His time—trust The Lord.

In the meantime, love yourself and know your self-worth then everything else will fall into place. You don’t have to stay broken. Maybe not today, not tomorrow but it will always come. It will always come because all good things come to those who believe in happy endings.

Second best answer by Hector Quintanilla

He wrote:

Having sex with NO condom!

While traveling, I got the most unexpected video call from my wife…

The screen showed her face. She was crying. Speechless.

“Tell me, what's wrong?” I asked.

She placed a small white stick on her hand and showed it on the camera.

“What's that?” I asked confused.

“Its a positive pregnancy test,” she said.

“Oh, cool! Which of your sisters is pregnant?” I asked.

“I'm pregnant!” She said crying as she showed the pregnancy test to the screen.

“No, you're not,” I said, “That's not possible!”

“Yes honey… I'm pregnant with our 4th child,” she exclaimed.

In an instant, I lost my smile. I felt a cold shiver go through my skin. Fear took hold of me. My day immediately turned into a nightmare!

A million questions rushed through my mind, “But… How could this happen? When? Oh shoot! Four kids? This is crazy! My oldest son is 12, my youngest is 6! We can't possibly start all over again!”

By now we were both crying through the video conference. Speechless. Terrified of the unimaginable challenges ahead.

I couldn't believe what was happening. This was completely unexpected. We honestly never saw this coming!

A few weeks went by. Her belly started to grow…

A storm of questions rushed through my mind, “How can we ever handle four kids? How am I going to manage the financial stress? We need to buy all the baby stuff all over again! How can I pay the hospital bill?”

We had already donated all baby stuff a few years back.

“Why is this happening? We were done with babies! Why God? Why are you doing this?”

I complained daily…

“This is NOT fair! Why are you doing this to us? What have I done wrong? I don't deserve this punishment! I can't handle so much pressure! Can't you give us a break? I have enough trouble and problems in my life! I don’t like this!”

Nine agonizing months went by. Always complaining, full of fear, and unanswered questions!

Finally… the day came!

“Push, push!” The doctor exclaimed. “One more time!”

And then in an instant, there he was…


A perfect, beautiful, healthy baby boy.

He was crying.

My wife held him close and he calmed down. I was in complete shock. I felt like crying but I couldn’t.

Emotions were in control of me. I didn't know what to do. I was paralyzed, full of fear trying to overcome the uncertainty of how I was going to deal with this new challenge in my life.

Well, this is how the BEST days of my life started! Ironically what makes all of us smile at home every day is my little “nightmare”.

For the past four years, every single day, he's the #1 source of our smiles at home.

He’s always happy—and that happiness simply makes our days really special!
People Are Sharing The Best Mistake They Ever Made: Here Are The Best Answers
I truly don't have writing abilities to describe how much joy this little guy has brought into our lives. His siblings enjoy him, and my wife and I, well, we are overwhelmed with joy.

Our lives at home went from the normal daily routines to unexpected sparks of fun and happiness that make us laugh and fool around.

Everyone in my family has been transformed by such a wonderful gift our little ‘surprise’ has brought to us.
People Are Sharing The Best Mistake They Ever Made: Here Are The Best Answers
To answer your question, what I thought was a disaster turned out to be the biggest unexpected blessing in our family life.

God had good plans. I now believe and understand that He knows how to make us happy, but I need to trust Him.

Even in the middle of the most difficult parenting days, my life would be meaningless without my four “monsters” who constantly push me out of my comfort zone.
People Are Sharing The Best Mistake They Ever Made: Here Are The Best Answers

Third answer from Salma Medina, An Arab woman

Losing my virginity. She wrote:

I am an Arab living in an Arab country. In other words, my virginity is sacred. In fact, if I lose my virginity unmarried, big chance I'm welcoming eternal shame and belittling. I might even get divorced if my future husband finds out he's not my first. I won't be killed because my parents aren't barbaric. But I will definitely be shamed to no end and treated no better than a bug.

So why on earth would I commit such an obvious mistake?

A couple years back, I knew I was no longer a Muslim. . I was suicidal because I had no options. I couldn't live the way I wanted. I was always a hypocrite. Always pretending to be something I'm not. There was no way I would tell my family about my change in views. There was no way they will let me do what I want. There was no way I'm going to get married to a non-Muslim like me without a world war. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't face the universe. I'm not some superhero. I am a weak person. All I wanted was the end.

But if I were to end it, why not experience the pleasure of sex beforehand?

As I said before, I was really starved for affection and love. And at that time, I happened to meet a man that I liked a lot. He was very gentle and nice. “Liked him” is probably an understatement. I was really fond of him. And I was at the end of my rope. Somehow, I wanted to give my all in this half-relationship of ours. I wanted to get him to love me. And if it all fails, does it matter? What will happen? I'll throw myself out of the window and end this pointless life. When you're desperate, you are the bravest, boldest, and craziest you'll ever be.

So I told him I wanted to do it. He asked me repeatedly if I'm sure. He knew my background and what kind of disaster this can bring on me. But I told him I have nothing to lose. It's fine.

The moment it happened, I started crying uncontrollably. I wasn't in pain at all… not physically at least. But all I could think of is “that's it. I've really done it. What's going to happen to me now? There's no marrying an Arab in my future”.

For the months that followed I continued in this informal relationship where we both really liked each other but given the circumstances couldn’t be in a relationship.

I was scared for months, thinking “now what?”.

I had no idea whether I will regret my stupid mistake or not.

Months later, that man had to leave Kuwait. I told myself “there you go. You lost your virginity for what? A moment of pleasure? He's leaving and god knows what will happen from now on".

On the day he was leaving I went to see him for the last time. We had a very passionate goodbye and hugged plenty.

And right before he left, he whispered to me “I love you". I said “what did you just say?”. I blamed it on my ears. He said “you heard me”. I was shocked but happy. I told him that I loved him too.

We continued a long distance relationship for a year after that. And now, we're married !

It could've gone terribly wrong. It could've been my most regrettable mistake. But it wasn't. It was the best risk I've ever taken !


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