It's no secret that HRH Elizabeth II is fond a tipple or two (in fact, it was even recently reported that her royal dresser has a special use for gin), but have you ever sat down to your morning bowl of Weetabix and thought "I wonder what the Queen kicks off her day with? Like, what is she eating right now?".

Fear not... as always, we're on hand to answer that question.

Royal biographer, Katie Nicholl, has said that the Queen's favoured breakfast is actually something that could be easily recreated by us normal folk at home. "HRH typically starts [the day] with a simple cup of tea and biscuits, followed by a bowl of cereal, famously served from Tupperware." Yup, just like your mum, the monarch keeps her Cornflakes in a plastic storage box until it's time to eat them – as she believes it's the superior way of keeping them fresh.
See what Queen Elizabeth II eats for breakfast every day
"For dinner, HRH will usually eat a starter followed by a main course, with her favourite dish being lamb in addition to game. For dessert she indulges with a chocolate torte, which is just enough to satisfy her sweet tooth." Phew. Sounds divine.
See what Queen Elizabeth II eats for breakfast every day

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