Stunning ‘Ice Ball’ Phenomenon on Finnish Beach (Pictures)

Photographer Captures Picture of Stunning ‘Ice Ball’ Phenomenon on Finnish Beach. When an amateur photographer went for a walk on Marjaniemi beach earlier this week, they witnessed a rare and surreal natural phenomenon.

Risto Mattila and his wife are now considering themselves among the lucky few who have been blessed with the chance to see thousands of “ice balls” covering a stretch of shoreline on Hailuoto Island.

According to weather experts, the balls are formed when pieces of ice are buffeted by wind and rough waters. Mattila says that some of the frozen spheres were the size of soccer balls.

Hailuoto island, which sits between Sweden and Finland, is not the only frigid region to create such a breathtaking phenomenon, but Mattila feels lucky to have witnessed for the first time such a thing.
Stunning ‘Ice Ball’ Phenomenon on Finnish Beach (Pictures)

Stunning ‘Ice Ball’ Phenomenon on Finnish Beach (Pictures)
"I was with my wife at Marjaniemi beach. The weather was sunny, about -1C (30F) and it was quite a windy day," he told the BBC.

"There we found this amazing phenomenon. There was snow and ice eggs along the beach near the water line."

Mr Mattila said the balls of ice covered an area of about 30m (100ft). The smallest were the size of eggs and the biggest were the size of footballs.

"That was an amazing view. I have never seen anything like this during 25 years living in the vicinity," Mr Mattila said.

"Since I had a camera with me I decided to preserve this unusual sight for posterity."

"The general picture is that they form from pieces of larger ice sheet which then get jostled around by waves, making them rounder," he said.

"They can grow when sea water freezes on to their surfaces and this also helps to make them smoother. So the result is a ball of smooth ice which can then get deposited on to a beach, either blown there or getting left there when the tide goes out."

Similar sights have been reported before, including in Russia and on Lake Michigan near Chicago.


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