Wednesday Updates On King Of Hearts And 8 More Zee World Series

Zee World Series: Wednesday Updates On King Of Hearts, Kulfi the singing star, Family Affairs, Made for each other, Inseparable, Game of love, Gangaa 2, Married again and Lady luck.

1. King Of Hearts

Wednesday Updates On King Of Hearts And 8 More Series: Zee World Series

Raj returns home. Sid asks if he went to see Roshni? Raj says he did. Sid asks why he went and what she said? Raj tells Sid to stop drinking because alcohol will not help him. Sid says he tried his best with Roshni and he’s tired.

Raj asks if he wants to forget her? Sid says he wants to forget and move on. Raj says he can’t forget her. Sid says when they thought she was dead, she was alive to him but now she’s dead to him.Neel invites Ragini into his Office. She is shocked to see Sid. Neel introduces Sid to her as Anya’s husband and the biggest sponsor of their magazine.

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2. Kulfi the singing star

Kulfi the singing star

Bhola missing Pakhi, he sees Kulfi and both give each other cold looks. The kids start teasing Bhola. The kids are addressed and principal Vikram Ahoja, is welcomed. He addresses the kids and says this school will make you star and once Vikram sees the shine in you, he will make you superstar I promise. Bhola says may I sing, I sing very well. Vikram things of Sikander looking at him. Bhola rushes to Guruji and takes his blessings, and begins singing. Vikram has grudges for Sikander and says we had started together, he became super star and I became dean here, I had sworn that day I will snatch everything from him. Bhola teases Kulfi while singing.

Pakhi says mummy I’m missing papa. Nandini says 10 days and he will be with us. Just then, Nandini gets call from Lovely. lovely says I’m not feeling good and just hoping he is fine. Nandini says Aai had called and she said it’s good day today to pray for husbands. Bhola hugs Vikram and asks how did he sing. Vikram doesn’t answer. Bhola says no worries tell me later. Kulfi steps in and thinks Baba you will have to sing with me today. Bhola says this witch will sing and I will throw eggs on her and then the camp people will send me to Pakhi.

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3. Family Affairs

Family Affairs

Kaushalya asking Shanti to get Sarla inside the house. Shanti looks at everyone and ask them to get Sarla inside the house. They all get glad and run outside. Sarla shivers. Shivam asks her to come. Sarla cries and says I won’t come till Shanti comes and calls me, and Shivam why did you come, your wife is responsible for this. He requests her to come inside. Sarla refuses. Nimmi says please come, I want my old Bua with whom I can fight. Shivam tells Sarla that he will lift her and take her. Sarla scolds him.

Kaushalya asks Sarla to come, and make a start. Sarla says no, I won’t come. Shanti says wait, I will show you, and brings a stick to beat Sarla. Sarla hugs Shanti and cries. Shanti asks her to stop crying. Kaushalya gets aarti and welcomes Sarla at home. Sarla sits on the swing along Shanti and is very happy to be back in Shanti Sadan. Riya tells Rani that she is making tea. Rani helps her and asks her to be careful now, as Sarla is back with Shanti. Riya laughs off and takes her words light. Rani says your problems doubled. Riya says I m very happy that a mum got a daughter, my fight is not with anyone, its with morals. Rani says fine.

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4. Made for each other

Made for each other

Anurag hugging Prerna and thinking I wanted you to be with me, but this will only hurt me, no Prerna, you have to go away from me. She says your beard has come out Prerna. She gets shocked. He says you did all this for these papers, Prerna. She pushes him on the floor. She says I knew that you are with Komolika, you want divorce, but I won’t let this happen. She locks him and runs. Komolika gets Chobey’s call. She asks where are you, I can’t tolerate these idiots. He says listen to me, this raid is fake, I had got a call from IT dept, they told me that they didn’t pass any such order, those people have barged into the house with some motive. She gets shocked.

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5. Inseparable


Kadambari chachi starting bottle game with girls while Viren, Virat, Inder and Madan chachu watching them through a window.

Kadambari chachi asks Pinki to tell the person name who touch her first. Madan chchu feels bad when she informs all that was a boy Akash. But Madan soon feel happy when she tells Madan is everything for her now.

Viren overwhelmed when Jeevika tells them that she wants to live with Viren forever.
Manvi could not able to give answer about favorite dish, color and ice cream of Virat. So, Manvi dances for the song Mere Haathon mein Nau Choodiyan along with others.

Viren, Virat, Inder and Mandan also dances with them by covering their face. Manvi feels bad not to know about Virat and Virat tells her that her love is everything for her.

Jeevika feels bad recalling swamini bua's rude words.
Viren promises her never to be separate from each other.

Jeevika drsses Maanvi up for her pre-nuptial functions. Jeevika and Maanvi meet Mona, Viren and Viraat's aunt. Maanvi does not get along with Mona.

6. Game of love

Game of love

Bua says its the limit, Shivaansh and Radhika are missing. Nani says he maybe stuck in work. Shivaansh and Khanna come. Nani asks where were you, its Shivani’s Sangeet. He asks why is it so dull here in Sangeet. Bua says there should be dhol playing here, you were missing and Radhika came in bad state. He asks where is Radhika. He sees Radhika and asks are you fine. She says yes and faints. He shouts to Dhruv. He asks him to call a doctor. Doctor checks Radhika and says she is fine, she fainted because of head injury.

Nani curses the one who did this with Radhika. Varun makes a face. Doctor says call me if there is any problem. Shivaansh asks Dhruv to get medicines. Bua scolds Shivaansh and says your entire family is unlucky, your grandparents and then parents died, people get killed in this family. Nani says forget it, everything will get fine. Bua says we will see it that time, but now we don’t want this alliance. She asks Angad to return ring. Angad says but… Bua gets the ring from him and gives to Shivaansh. She takes Shivani’s ring from her hand. She says I m breaking Shivani and Angad’s relation.

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7. Gangaa 2

Gangaa 2

7 years later, Ganga playfully throw water to defeat the group of boys break the water pot. She hurries through the corridor to find a girl crying, the girl complains she forgot her doll home. Ganga asks about her name, she replies its Falak. Ganga assures Krishna is always in one’s heart, you just have to close your eyes to spot; but he is never a friend of the children you cries. Falak cheers. Ganga comes out to see Krishna eating butter. A boy argued that Krishna can’t break the pot, Krishna brings about a catapult. The group of boys take Krishna along, a gift of 10,000 is fixed for them; everyone claps to welcome the group.

Kashish comes to ask Ganga stop Krishna. Ganga was relaxed and doesn’t let Kashish go to stop Krishna, children must be taught courage and for that a mother has to get her heart strong. She asks what if Krishna even gets a bit hit. Krishna finally takes hold of the water pot, Ganga instructs her to focus and not to lose her hold. Krishna finally takes her stroller off to throw it down. Ganga was worried for her now, and asks her to keep her eyes over the pot. All at once, Krishna lost her hold and fell off. Ganga walks towards her worried. All the team mates gather around Krishna who was laughing, she notices the danger, then getting hold of her shoes she flee. All the children chase her.

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8. Married again

Married again Zee World Series

Sarita is sleeping and someone knocked at the door, she run to open the door and see Divya there she get happy. Raj see Divya and is overwhelmed being close to Divya after 10 years and caresses her cheeks. She says that she has left her wedding in between, for him. Divya says that how can she become someone else’s wife, when he hasn't given the same right of being a wife to Sarita, and asks him to look at her and see how much she loves him that she has stooped down to the level, and she has asked her husband’s ex girlfriend to help her get his love. She tells him that Sarita wants her to get this done by her and thats why she has come here. While Sarita is puzzled and hopeful at the same time Raj is boggled and looks to and fro, from Sarita to Divya. He goes with a stoical face to Sarita and faces her.

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9. Lady Luck

Lady Luck

Latha calls Maan’s friends and does not find him with them. Rajender get restless and ask them to call Maan. Latha informs her husband that Maan is no where to be found and tell Rajender that Maan left for office. He says he did not see him out. She says car was parked backside and Maan is very workoholic. Rajender asks when will he come back. Devar says he must have gone for some important work and does not know when will he come. Rajender says he will apply haldi on Surbhi and go back home.

Janki applies haldi on Surbhi followed by Dhara and Vasundhara’s family members. Rajender says he will leave now. Devar thank Rajender for understanding their situation. Rajender takes out letter and says Bhoomi has sent Maan a letter. Vasundhara asks to give it to her. Suman snatches it and drops it in haldi bowl by mistake. She immerses it in haldi by mistake and says letter got haldi instead of Maan. Vasundhara says maybe it is not in the fate of children to meet before marriage. Rajender says they will meet after marriage, no issues. Dhara says Janaki something is wrong, else why Maan would not attend his haldi. Rajender says he must have got some important work and takes them from there. Vasundhara asks Latha where is Maan and says he is misusing her leniance. Latha swears that she does not know. Vasundhara says Maan insulted her if he does not attend tomorrow’s function, what will she say guests. Devar asks to leave it to him, he will speak to Maan.

Bhoomi gets ready after haldi and thinks she should forget Maan. Maan thinks he will meet Bhoomi once at any cost.

Ansh sees Vasundhara still at awake at midnight and asks why is she not sleeping, She says when her mind is unrest, how can she rest and asks why is he awake? He says even he is not able to sleep. She asks him to sit and asks why is he looking changed. He says he is tensed regarding his marriage. She says she wants him to marry to a girl she has selected. He says he will marry to the girl she has selected and says he knows how it feels when relationships break and he cannot see her unhappy.


She gets happy. He sleeps on her lap and think that this is what Bhoomi want. She asks if he will not change his decision. He says no. She takes out Bhoomi’s photo and asks him to have a look. He hesitates and she insists. He with his trembling hands takes pic and says he does not need pic and belives her. She says this will keep him happy. He nods yes and went back to his room. She happily looks at him and Bhoomi’s pic.

In the morning, Dhara goes to Bhoomi’s room and wakes her up. Bhoomi hurriedly wakes up and asks what happened. Dhara says it is too late. Bhoomi sees it is already 10 a.m. and panics.

At breakfast table, Surbhi sees Vasundhara smiling and asks Suman why is Hitler smiling so much. Suman asks her to control herself, else Vasundhara will get their smiles out. Maan’s dad asks Latha to call Maan. Latha says he is sleeping. Vasundhara says let him sleep as he was awake till late night with her and says Maan has accepted to marry Bhoomi.

Latha and her husband get happy and ask if it's true, Vasundhara says yes and says they should start shopping from today and ask Devars to decorate the house well as they have 2 marriages at home.

She get a call from the priest who gives marriage muharat after 3 days, else they will have to wait for 5 months. She says she will inform the bride’s family and get back to him. She calls Shanti who says she is okay with the marriage in 3 days and says even she does not want to wait long and says tomorrow there will be haldi ritual and after 3 days marriage.
Vasundhara says she is fine with her idea. Bhoomi comes down and is surprised to hear Shanti’s talks. Maan also hears Vasundhara talk and he angrily walks out of the house. Latha try to stop him, but Vasundhara asks her to let him go as he may be going to meet his friends. Devar says he will start preparations now. Maan gets into his car and starts driving angrily.

Dhara on the other side asks Shanti how will they arrange so soon. Shanti says they will have to select only Bhoomi’s dresses and jewelry and Varun will select his clothes himself. Murli says everyone will work together and book everything. Bijender says will book everything.


Rajender sees Bhoomi sad and asks why is her face dull. Bhoomi says she is fine and goes to her room.

Maan while driving his car reminisces Vasundhara telling that his haldi is tomorrow and marriage in 3 days. He also reminisces Bhoomi slapping him and in thoughts is about to crash on a vegetable cart when he applies breaks on time. He thinks he does not want to think about Bhoomi and wants to leave alone peacefully.

Vasundhara and Latha select jewelry for Bhoomi and ask jeweller to give her specially ordered necklace. Surbhi comes and says it is very beautiful. Vasundhara says it is for Maan’s wife Bhoomi. Surbhi says she likes this necklace, so she can select another one for Bhoomi. Vasundhara says she wants her to respect her bhabhi bhoomi and does not want to trouble her and says whatever she selects, nobody should argue. Surbhi and Suman get irked.

Shanti tells her family and Bhoomi that Bhoomi will get adjusted in her new family in 2 days and asks Bhoomi to select saris and jewelry for herself. Bhoomi asks to select herself. Shanti says she should not be so innocent else her saas will trouble her. Dhara asks why is she giving bad teachings to her, Shanti says her pravachans will not affect Bhoomi’s childhood sanskar and says her Bhoomi is like a sugar who will make the whole family sweeter. Bhoomi runs into the kitchen. Shanti thinks she got shy.

Varun follows Bhoomi to the kitchen and asks till when will she trouble herself and keep silent. Bhoomi tries to divert his attention and says she came to take water. Varun asks why is she not listening to him. Bhoomi gulps water. Dhara calls her and she rushes out telling Varun that she is fine and not to worry. Varun thinks how many sacrifices will Bhoomi give for family’s reputation and is made scapegoat always, this time he will not let this happen.

Latha enters Maan’s room and sees him sitting sadly engrossed in thoughts. She shooks him. He wakes up and asks when did she come. She says she was knocking at the door since a lot time, but he did not respond and asks what is the issue. He says nothing important. She shows him selected necklace for Bhoomi and asks how is it. He smiles.


She asks if he is happy. He says if she is happy, then he is also happy. Latha says everything happens for good and he should not repent elder’s decision.

Bhoomi on terrace reminisces Ansh to proposing her and then she slapping him. Varun comes there and seeing her thinks whatever she thinks, she loves only Ansh and not Maan, so he should take Surbhi’s help/

Surbhhi asks Suman how can Vasundhara forget her for Bhoomi and gives her better necklace. Suman says marriage is in 3 days, how will get rid of Varun. Surbhi says she will marry Varun as he loves her a lot and prays and says she is sure he will keep her happy. Suman asks her not to take wrong decision and says when Varun will give her change pocket money, she will realize her mistake. Surbhi says he is a doctor and will earn well. Just then, Varun calls her and says he wants to talk to her something important about Bhoomi. Just then, Bhoomi snatches phone from him and cuts call and asks what was he doing.

He says only Surbhi can help them. She says let us do what elders have decided and she cannot ruin family’s happiness, so she has decided to marry Maan. She asks him to promise not to tell about her secret to anyone. He says he will not. Surbhi calls him and he says he wants her to help Maan and Bhoomi meet. Surbhi asks if he thinks she is a cupid. He insists, she agrees. Bhoomi says Ansh was her past and Maan is her future, so he will not do anything. He agrees.

Saurabh messages Ansh to come on online, Ansh open laptop and sees Saurabh has sent him and Bhoomi her snapped during Saurabh’s marriage. Bhoomi on the other side thinks she has to forget Ansh as Maan is her future. Maan deletes pics and thinks he has to forget Bhoomi and stop giving her importance.

In the morning, Latha wakes up Maan and asks him to come down soon getting ready as they have to go to bride’s house with haldi and says after 3 days his wife will wake him up. Maan thinks he cannot marry Vasundhara’s girl and will never give Bhoomi’s place to anyone, so he will speak to Bhoomi and convince her.

Vasundhara’s family reach with haldi to Bhoomi’s house. Latha applies haldi on Bhoomi and Suman applies haldi on Varun.


Latha welcomes Bhoomi in prajapati family and says she is lucky to have a pretty daughter inlaw like her. Husband says she is right and says now they will leave. Daada says Janki, Dhara, and Rajender will come with haldi for Surbhi and Maan in some time. Family then applies haldi on Bhoomi and Varun. Shanti asks Janki and Dhara to prepare shagun haldi as they have to reach Bhopal early. Varun says he is tired and will go and rest. Daadi says he can and asks Bhoomi to sit while relatives apply haldi on her. Dhara and Janki get haldi and Shanti asks them to go with Rajender. Varun says he will drop them till car and takes haldi thali from them.

Varun gives letter to Janki and asks him to give it to Maan. Rajender asks what is in it. He says Bhoomi wanted to give this letter and was shying, so he is giving this letter.

Vasundhara is busy with Maan and Surbhi’s marriage arrangements. Cloth seller comes with marriage dresses. Vasundhara calls Surbhi and asks her to select her dresses. Surbhi selects costliest 1 lakh lehanga. Vasundhara asks to show a bit cheaper one. He shows 8-10 K range clothes. Vasundhara likes it. Surbhi yells that she does not let her select dresses of her choice. Vasundhara says her in-laws are simple people and would not like heavy and costly clothes. Surbhi angrily goes to her room. Suman thinks Vasundhara irked her daughter. Vasundhara asks Suman to be a good mother and control her daughter. Suman goes to Surbhi’s room and says she warned her not to select poor groom, she will have to face this her whole life as Varun is not rich like them. Surbhi says she will marry Varun and make him ghar jamai in 6 months.

Vasundhara asks Latha and Devars to get ready for haldi celebration and asks her to call Maan. People start coming in. Latha goes to call Maan, but does not find him in his room. She reminisces Maan telling he will marry only his selected girl and gets worried that he must have changed his mind. She goes down and informs Vasundhara that Maan is not in his room. Vasundhara asks Devar to call Maan. He tries and says Maan’s phone is not reachable.


Suman murmurs it is good Maan eloped, else he would have caught in Shukla family’s trap. Surbhi asks her to stop murmuring. Latha asks Surbhi to call Suarabh and check. Devar says if Maan does not come on time, what will they tell Shukla family. Rajender enters just then with Dhara and Janki and asks what problem. Vasundhara says nothing important.

Surbhi touches Janki’s feet and Janki blesses her. Suman asks Surbhi to touch her softly as her daughter is bought up in palace. Vasundhara and Devars feel embarrassed. Vasundhara asks Suman to go and bring something. Dhara asks where is Maan. Latha says he is taking his bath. Rajender says they want to perform haldi first on Maan and will wait until he comes.


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