10 Most Innovative Gift Gadgets For Christmas 2019

We’ve been keeping track of gadget sales through the year of 2019, and we’re delighted to present you the most innovative 10 incredible cool gadgets that are trending now. These innovative gadgets are also ideal as special gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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1. TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker

10 Best Most Innovative Gift Gadgets For  Christmas 2019

The TikiTunes portable 5-watt speaker offers 6-hours of continuous playtime from any wireless compatible device with its built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. Connect up to two speakers using dual sync capabilities from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo-sound. The warm LED ambient light emits a flickering, atmospheric light providing the perfect ambiance for evenings spent outdoors or a cozy night in.

Get TikiTunes for $39.99 At Amazon.

2. NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones. Convenient, discreet and easy to install, extended Wi-Fi coverage is just an outlet away with this essentials edition extender. Boost your Wi-Fi for mobile devices and connect a wired device such as Smart TVs or game consoles. Boost your existing network range & speed, delivering Wi-Fi up to 300Mbps. External antennas provide better Wi-Fi coverage and higher speed, while the convenient wall-plug design saves space. It works with any standard Wi-Fi router & is ideal for keeping your mobile devices connected as you move throughout your home.

Get NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender for $15.99 At Amazon.

3. KeySmart Classic - Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer

KeySmart Classic - Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer

In 2012, an engineer named Michael was fed up with his bulky keys. They would jingle every time he moved. They looked messy and disorganized. One day, he sat down in a meeting and yelled out in pain when his keys jabbed him in his back pocket (ouch!)

He knew he needed to create a solution...and fast

After many long nights and several iterations, the KeySmart was born. KeySmart launched on Kickstarter in 2013 where it raised over 13,000 USD the first night and went on to raise 330,000 USD during the campaign, making it one of the most popular products ever launched!

Get KeySmart for $22.99 At Amazon.

4. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Smart BMI Scale, Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

13 KEY body composition analysis: Body Weight, BMI, Body Fat%, Water %, Skeletal Muscle, Fat-free Body Weight, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, Basal Metabolism, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat and Body Age.

High Accuracy & Made of Quality Materials

The RENPHO Smart Scale is equipped with four high-precision sensors and four electrodes to ensure a quick and accurate body composition analysis. Surface is made of solid tempered glass; bottom is made of quality ABS plastic.

Sleek and Modern Design

The RENPHO Smart Scale has a simple, sleek and modern design. It comes in a classic black color, which makes it fit perfectly into any bathroom or bedroom!

Get RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale for $25.99 At Amazon.

5. Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder

Broken glasses, shoes and toys, and you have been thinking how to permanently repair it without incurring extra cost to buy a new one?

Bondic has gained an incredible 1500+ 5-star reviews because it’s just that much better than super glue. If there’s anything around the house that you need to fix, from glasses to door hinges Bondic can fix it. It’s really an incredible technology that you can now have in the palm of your hand to not only get things fixed fast, but fixed STRONG. It’s the perfect gift for a college student, a homeowner, dad, or someone who just likes to be able to fix things and feel like James Bond doing it. We love this one.

Get Bondic for $29.48 At Amazon.

6. MORTENTR Translator Device Smart Voice Translator with 2.4inch HD Touch Screen, Support 70 Languages for Learning Travel Business Shopping

MORTENTR Translator Device Smart Voice Translator

Instant Voice Translator Device Translation 70 Languages Smart two-way for Travelling Abroad Learning Off-Line Shopping Business Chat Recording Translations
This Voice Translator Device covers Chinese (simplified), Cantonese, Chinese (traditional), English (United States), English (Philippines), English (Ireland),
English (Britain), English (Canada), English (Australia), Japanese, Korean, French (France), Russian, Finnish, Spanish (International), Greece Arabic (United Arab Emirates), German (Germany), Danish,
Spanish (Mexico), Arabic (Iraq), Nepal, etc.

Get this Voice Translator Device for $176.98 At Amazon.

7. SKT Productions iRoller Screen Cleaner

SKT Productions iRoller Screen Cleaner

A modern day “Renaissance Man” - Dr. Stanley Taub is an 86- year-old dynamo retired plastic surgeon, prolific inventor, musician, painter, sculptor, artist and then some! He learned that the tacky material he used to hold surgical instruments in place during surgery, also did a great job of removing smudges from glass. And that is how the iRoller was born!

Hate how quickly fingerprints collect on your touchscreen? Tired of wasting so much money on disposable wipes that you can only use once? Concerned that liquid cleaners will damage your smartphone speakers and camera with excess moisture?

The iRoller features the latest liquid free technology for touch screen cleaning as well as film negative cleaning, and may be used countless times, saving you time and money! Stop worrying about liquid cleaners damaging your expensive smartphone.

Get iRoller Screen Cleaner for $16.57 At Amazon.

8. Decibullz


Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs are easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear. This creates a perfect fitting earplug that will never hurt, never fall out and provide superior noise isolation. Simply heat the Decibullz thermoplastic molds in boiling water, let them cool for a bit, and shape them to your ears. That's it, and If you don't get the perfect fit the first time Decibullz are the only custom earplugs that are re-moldable.

Get Decibullz for $25.99 At Amazon.

9. MySmile Home Teeth Whitening Kit

MySmile Home Teeth Whitening Kit

The active agent removes superficial stains and deep discoloration by altering their chemical structure.  Rated as one of the best teeth whitening products, we ensure results with a safe and comfortable process.

The powerful 5 LED lamp act as a catalyst for rapid results providing the most effective teeth whitening at home system.

Your use of the teeth whitener, your genetic makeup, how stained your teeth are and the cause of  your teeth stains are big factors on the level of results. However, This is one of the best teeth whitening products on the market.

Get MySmile Home Teeth Whitening Kit for $24.99 At Amazon.

10. Pure Enrichment Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

Pure Enrichment Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

Set the perfect mood for sleep and relaxation with the Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine. With six different high-fidelity sound settings, you can drown out distractions and escape into a peaceful environment that supports rest and rejuvenation. The unit’s modern yet compact design fits well on any size night stand and is a great complement to any décor.

Get Pure Enrichment Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine for $23.45 At Amazon.


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