20 Best Electronic Gifts Ideas For 2020

You can find your unique electronic gift to give in 2020 on this list. We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, ViralMag may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Mini Projector

20 Best Electronic Gifts Ideas For 2020

Promising review: Bought for my kids, they really love this tiny portable device. Easy to set up, follow the instruction, the device can be easily connected to the smart phones (mine is iphone, just like plug the in charging cable), then you can project your cell phone contents onto the projector. No software is required. picture quality is good, and you can easily achieve 100” screen size.  It will play the videos while at the same time charge your cell phones. Kids love to use it for watching animation, online learning. Sound quality is great and multiple options to choose with a remote. It works perfectly with YouTube app. My family is now having routine family activities (home cinema). It comes with video/audio cables which can be equipped with fancy sound system for even better sound effects. If you are looking for a projector with such financing budget, this is definitely the most recommended one.

Price: $100 At Amazon

2. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Promising review: Very pleased with this purchase and seller . This little speaker is not only meant for the shower but can be used anywhere and every where. Happy to say that this elegant speaker has now become my constant travelling companion. Excellent product and I must mention that the customer service from this seller is second to none. Will definitely recommend to all. THANKS!

Price: $30 At Amazon

3. High Ball: an Electronic Game for The Seriously Baked

High Ball

Promising review: This is marketed as a toy to play with when you're "high," but it stands alone as an intriguing and well-designed object for play no matter your mental state. There are several programs of play; the sounds are pleasant, it also has a chill mode that runs through attractive patterns of light and sound. But even more cool, my six-year-old grandson thinks it's great and immediately began playing the first game.

Price: $40 At Amazon

4. Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Promising review: I have never seen an alarm clock like this.  It has so many features. You can chose color morphing or set it on 1 of the 7 solid colors.  They are bright and beautiful.  It's definitely a feature that sets this apart from other alarm clocks. Everyone will love this feature .... especially kids and teens.  I personally hate waking up to a traditional alarm sound.  I don't like to start my day by being startled. So I really appreciate that this has 7 different sounds to chose from as your alarm.  A traditional beep, birds singing, the sound of an ocean, stream, wind bell, soft music and piano music. You can also set the radio as your alarm.  It also give you the option to relax and fall asleep to 3 calming sounds. The sounds of a forest, river and of rain.  This might help anyone who has trouble falling asleep.

Price: $40 At Amazon

5. Lintelek Smart Watch, Smartwatch Blood Pressure Monitor

Lintelek Smart Watch

Promising review: I mostly wanted this watch for myself to use for: blood pressure, time, phone alerts, & sleep tracking. It’s perfect for what I need it for! It also came in my most favorite color ever so that was a plus! Blood pressure is pretty accurate so I don’t have to take my blood pressure cuff out anymore when I feel anxiety coming to make sure my blood pressure is ok. Time, obviously works & alerts is definitely working as needed! I hate always having to carry my phone around & it stays on silent because if I finally get the twins down for a nap I definitely don’t want them to wake up! This alerts me if my phone rings or gets a text as well as Facebook & alarms. Lastly sleep tracking is pretty much spot on. I have a sleep number bed which tracks my sleep & cpap machine that also lets me know how my sleep went. All pretty much say the same when compared. Also the battery life is amazing! I’ve maybe charged it twice since having it. So basically I give this smart watch an A+ For perfection!

Price: $40 At Amazon

6. Electronic Digital Drawing Pad

Electronic Digital Drawing Pad

Promising review: Forget the mess of broken crayons and lidless markers....Your kiddos will never complain of road trip or grocery shopping boredom again once this tablet is in your bag of tricks! For safe keeping (especially in little hands), I would definitely attach the pen to the tablet with some twine or yarn, but otherwise this tablet is the perfect solution for on-the-go creativity!

Price: $23 At Amazon

7. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Promising review: Purchased this product for winter fly fishing to keep my hands warm. I am yet to use it for this purpose but I am very confident that it will work very well. It was partially charged when it arrived and only needed slightly more than one hour to fully charge. I set it on the highest setting and after five minutes I took a surface reading with an infrared thermometer. It registered 143 degrees. Almost too hot, but if you enclose it in the felt bag that was provided or if you set it at the medium setting, it would work extremely well. This "little oven" throws some serious heat. The rubberized surfaces also provide a comfortable, secure grip to ensure that it does not slip out of your hand. Overall I am very pleased and impressed with this product.

Price: $26 At Amazon

8. 3D LED Cube Light

3D LED Cube Light

Promising review: This cube light allowed everyone a break from technology and some time to build something from scratch. It's always fun to see what the end project looks like. The pieces were all there. I did not have any issues putting the pieces together. Everything worked in the end.

Price: $30 At Amazon

9. CINCOM air compression leg massager

CINCOM air compression leg massager

CINCOM air compression leg massager can not only relieve fatigue, but also can help people improve circulation. It can provide wonderful and different massage experience for young people and the elderly.

This Leg Air Massager is also very helpful for people who have suffered from restless leg syndrome and leg edema for a long time.

Promising review: Oh my goodness! These are the most incredible things ever. I bought them expecting them to be just a compression cuff but when you turn the remote to mode 1, the pressure that inflates does it so that it's almost in a rolling pattern so it feels like a rolling massage. It's hard to explain but this is so worth the money and I would definitely recommend this to anybody who has circulation problems in their legs. Mode 2 on it is the just the compression were it inflates it and holds it for so many seconds and then deflates and repeats. There are three settings for how much compression that you want. I have it on the 3rd setting because I like deep massage and deep pressure. I also think you can play around a little bit depending on how tight you wrap them around your legs. The tighter you wrap them- the more compression you're going to feel. These are worth every single penny!

Price: $60 At Amazon

10. Blasses Portable Wireless Speaker

Blasses Portable Wireless Speaker

This portable bluetooth speaker has a strong durability to make it lasts longer.

Stylish and separable design of this portable bluetooth speakers proves that you really can have the best of both high performance and gorgeous design.

Price: $20 At Amazon

11. Hercules Tuff Charging Station Organizer for Multiple Devices

Hercules Tuff Charging Station Organizer for Multiple Devices

Promising review: I now own not one, not two, but THREE charging stations. I use them in my classroom for my high school students to charge their phone. It’s a win-win for them and for me. They get a quick 45 minute charge. I get an almost phone free lesson! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Each station is equipped with charging cords for iPhones, iPads and android phones. It’s super great!

Price: $44 At Amazon

12. Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

Promising review: This was a gift for my father. He absolutely loves it. He sits and just stares at it floating and spinning for hours, no lie. Very easy to use, very easy to set up. You don’t have to worry about the ball getting broke either. It’s very lightweight. The whole thing is kid friendly, no small parts, so perfect for a kids room too. The best part is that the ball actually has a real map on it.

Price: $46 At Amazon

13. Electronic Shooting Target

Electronic Shooting Target

Different from other electric target with 3 target in the current market, this digital target improved into 4 figure targets to make more joy. Not only great for solo practice but also perfect for competitive play with friends, the Digital Target is a fun and exciting challenge for shooting target of all skill levels.

Promising review: Our little family of three just played with this last night. It's a great little target for Nerf guns. Love that once all three targets are knocked down, it resets them automatically. Bought it for my 6 year old nerf obsessed nephew with all the gadgets. This was a HUGE hit! So fun and multiple kids were shooting at it.

Price: $31 At Amazon

14. Marrado Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker | Color Changing LED Mood Light | Dimmable Table Lamp | Best Electronic Gift for Men, Women, College Teens, Kids, Adults Night Light.

Marrado Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Promising review: I used some string and a Command hook to use this as a reading light by my bed. It works perfectly! I think my only complaint is that it has to connect to Bluetooth or else it will start complaining with “waiting for device connection” every 30 seconds. So if you want to use it as just a light, connect it to your device and turn the volume on the device all the way down.
Marrado Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $27.95 At Amazon

15. Sleep Headphones

Sleep Headphones

Promising review: This is an awesome sleeping mask, the Bluetooth is a plus. The mask really does. It let light in so for me helps to fall asleep faster. The Bluetooth connects super easy and fast no problems and once mask is fully charged battery lasted all night into the morning. Sound is good just like headphones but with out them being in your ear, mask stays put at night to, it has an adjustable strap so anyone can use. Mask is washable. It’s very soft and seems very durable too. Great product for the price definitely recommend this one!

Price: $29 At Amazon

16. Mini Drone

Mini Drone

Promising review: When I ordered this mini drone I was a bit skeptical because I thought it’s description was a big hype, but when I received this mini drone it was a different story. It is fast,flies steady and the altitude control is on point. For a better experience flying this mini drone, you should get VR glasses and you should order a second battery. The Potensic App is easy to use and connects to your mini drone right away.

Price: $56 At Amazon

17. Electronic LED Candle Set of 3

Electronic LED Candle Set of 3

This Color Changing Electric Candles provide the perfect solution. Made from real wax with a beautifully realistic LED light in place of a harmful flame,these ivory pillar candles will make a truly stunning addition to your home.

Price: $16 At Amazon

18.  Aront Shoulder Massager

 Aront Shoulder Massager

This shoulder massager is originally provided hand touch sensory quality. Provide deep tissue massages on your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, foot, tights, calves, legs, feet and arms helping relieves stress and fatigue. The RT2086 can reduce the noise below 55 dB, providing you a better massage experience. The best gift for people who are suffering from neck, shoulder or back pains.

Suitable for: People with fatigue, nervousness, and hypoimmunity. Relieve Lower Back Pain, Relieves Tension from Upper Back, With your arms and even your palms.

Promising review: Wow, this product works great. I received it today and immediately opened and tried it out. You get a car charger and an ac adapter as well. I did my shoulder blades then my lower back. The rotations on this massager feels so good. I didn’t expect this product to be as great as it is. I highly recommend this product.

Price: $45.95 At Amazon

19. Binoculars for Kids

Binoculars for Kids

Promising review: Purchased these for my son and they are perfect for him. Even though they are kids binoculars they are built similar to and work just like your regular standard adult binoculars. They are smaller in size compared to normal adult ones but the smaller size is perfect for kids to be able to use easily and the right way. It's easy to adjust to be able to look through and once you adjust it the way you need it, it does not easily move out of place to where you are constantly having to adjust it back into place which is another great thing I like about the product. Comes with small rope like material to carry it around your neck while you're not using. The lens are also clear and easily visible to look through when using. It comes with 2 different storage bags to store in while it's not being used and the storage bags are designed to where binoculars fit inside one and then the bag that has the binoculars inside it goes inside the other bag. All over happy with my purchase and the product; would definitely recommend to get for those who have explorers in training would make them the perfect gift!!!

Price: $21 At Amazon

20. Portable Bubble Machine

Portable Bubble Machine

Promising review: I loved how easy to use it was. we were able to like take it out and use it instantly, I am excited to use it for my sons birthday party. As you can see how much fun my little one is having in this video. He loves bubbles, we didn't know this machine will be this big which was a surprise but we don't mind. Overall it worked easy and smooth and lots of bubbles to pop.

Price: $30 At Amazon


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