6 Best Smart Light Bulbs In 2020

Adding smart light bulbs to your home is a quick and easy way to make your place smarter without breaking the bank. Available in all sorts of sizes and styles, a smart bulb can set the mood through dimming or setting a scene with bursts of color. We have gathered the best smart light bulbs around to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

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1. BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb

Best Smart Light Bulbs In 2020

BERENNIS LED Smart WiFi Bulb is an easy, affordable way to add colorful, smart lighting to your home, featuring 16 million colors and thousands of whites. Connect multiple bulbs in an APP without hub and enjoy smart light in every room.

Promising review: I tried 3 different kinds but nothing could beat this one. I love the APP it was easy to install and easy to setup the light. I think it's plenty bright enough especially at warm white is full brightness. I love that in the app I can set it to change colors at certain times so as it gets closer to bedtime it gets calmer. Setup with Alexa and Google Home super easy. I was using the big WEMO plugs but this is so much easier and smarter. I would highly recommend! They are slightly larger than normal bulbs or even there 4.5W bulbs which I did find too dim, but it's not a big deal. They look great and work great. Hope this helps!

Price: $29.99 At Amazon

2. Smart LED Light Bulb 2.4G

Smart LED Light Bulb 2.4G

Promising review: I wanted to get into smart lighting for my apartment but was discouraged by the high price and less than stellar reviews of Philips Hue. Decided to give these a shot due to the reasonable price and positive reviews... they are legit.

The bulbs easily pair with the Smart-Life app and have plenty of color/brightness/temperature options. In addition, my Echo Dot links with the app for voice control, no hub needed.

One of my favorite (albeit small) details is that they gradually turn on and off instead of just blinking on and off. It’s a nice touch. Also, the customer service is great and I bought more for the rest of the lights in my Apartment.

Price: $22.99 At Amazon

3. WiFi LED Light Bulbs

WiFi LED Light Bulbs

Promising review: These bulbs are awesome. They are super easy to set up with the Smart Life app on iOS and connect to Siri and Alexa. They are really bright and you can dim them. Dimming is also easy to do with Alexa. You really can't go wrong with these bulbs. I will definitely buy more of these!

Price: $43.99 At Amazon

4. TECKIN Smart Light Bulb

TECKIN Smart Light Bulb

Promising review: This bulb provides more features than I expected. I got choices of cold, warm and color light. Color mode as well as brightness can be conveniently controlled by the smart app on your phone. Even though says 13W, it’s pretty bright when I set to the max brightness. Wifi and app connection setup was pretty easy and straight forward, just need to follow the instructions and hints. My favorite feature is the voice control part. It’s hooked up with my google home, so instead of turning it on & off via APP, I just need to do voice control. For me I feel like this is so convenient and saves time. The bulb looks great too and you can feel it’s in great quality. If you are looking for a smart bulb with reasonable price, this is the one I highly recommend.

Price: $20 At Amazon

5. Harmonic Smart Light Bulb

Harmonic Smart Light Bulb

Promising review: I have never owned smart light bulbs before. I read an article highlighting the benefits of different color lights and their ability to enhance you mood and improve your health. So I wanted to try these color changing lamps. The app is simple to use and the many colors that the lamps can change is breathtaking. I set it on green today, that is the color that will make you happy. Must be because it's the color of money. Lol. I highly recommend these lamps.

Price: $25 At Amazon

6. Smart LED Light Bulb

Smart LED Light Bulb

Promising review: Was extremely easy to install. I already have the smart life sockets so I did not have to even do anything to connect to my Alexa but the instruction manual will give you clear steps. For the bulb all I had to do was manually turn it on and off 3x and then it will start blinking. You confirm in the smart life app that it is blinking and then it will connect to your wifi and that's it! Once the light bulb was added connected into my app I am able to turn it on/off, change the brightness, change the color, and schedule times. I was also able to control it by telling my Alexa. Great product and easy to use.

Price: $22 At Amazon

Light all the things

Having a smart light bulb opens the door to many different possibilities. Through smart home integrations, light bulbs can be automated to simulate the light of day, or they can activate when motion is sensed. Best of all, smart bulbs are the ultimate in convenience as they allow you to control them without having to get up from the comforts of your couch or bed.


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