Not many people can say they were born on a bus. BABY ON BOARD: Woman gives birth in bathroom of bus, driver helps out.

One boy arrived in the world in the bathroom of an inter-city bus recently in Lethbridge, Alta.

Red Arrow Motorcoach says the bus was about to pull out of a stop at the University of Lethbridge when a passenger ran up to the driver and said his wife was in labour in the bathroom.
 Canada: Alberta woman gives birth in bathroom of bus

Red Arrow says the driver was soon on the phone with emergency operators and helped the woman, whose water had broken and whose contractions were only one minute apart.

Paramedics arrived, the baby boy was born and all was well.

The driver, Shawn Coulter, says he had been on the job for less than a month, and it was his first time in such a situation.

“It was obviously not the first time for the paramedic. He reminded me of a quarterback on one knee ready to receive the ball,” Coulter said in a press release from Red Arrow.

The baby’s parents, back home in Calgary, decided to pay a little tribute to the bus company.

“We changed the boy’s name after being born on Red Arrow,” mother Jen McCallum said.

“We were going to name him Darius Axel, but we changed it to Darius Arrow.”

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