Creators of gay Jesus Netflix special bombed in Christmas Eve terrorist attack

The offices of Porta dos Fundos, the production company behind the Netflix satire suggesting Jesus was gay, was bombed on Christmas Eve, according to a report.

The company's Rio de Janeiro headquarters was "hit by a Molotov cocktail attack" on Tuesday morning, Variety reported.

According to the outlet, a fire broke out after "two petrol bombs" were thrown at the building.
Creators of gay Jesus Netflix special bombed in Christmas Eve terrorist attack

The Netflix movie showing Jesus as a gay man was slammed by Texas bishop as 'blasphemy' according to fox news.

The Catholic Bishop of Tyler, Texas joined the more than one million people denouncing Netflix after it released a satirical religious comedy depicting Jesus as a gay man.
The film, titled “The First Temptation of Christ,” premiered on Netflix Brazil on Dec. 3 and has since sparked a ton of controversy online for its satire that paints Jesus as a closeted homosexual on Christmas. Bishop Joseph Strickland joined the many Catholic voices deriding the film on social media.

“Just cancelled Netflix....hardly have time to watch it anyway but blasphemers don’t deserve a penny of support!” he wrote in a tweet Sunday.

Porta dos Fundos released a statement following the incident, confirming no injuries had been reported. However, the company stated the attack "endangered several innocent lives" of staffers and civilians on the street, Variety said.

“Porta dos Fundos condemns any act of violence. We expect those responsible for the attacks to be found and punished. However, our priority right now is the safety of the entire team that works with us,” the comedy group said (via Variety).

No one was hurt in the attack which, however, “endangered several innocent lives in the company and on the street,” Porta dos Fundos said in a press statement. Porta dos Fundos has given security cam footage of the attack to authorities.

The statement continued: “We will speak again once we have more details. Meanwhile, Porta dos Fundos would like to reinforce our commitment to good humor and declare that we will move on stronger, more united, inspired, and confident that Brazil will survive this storm of hatred, and love will prevail along with freedom of speech.”

The Brazilian production company released the controversial Christmas special titled "The First Temptation of Christ" on December 3. It quickly sparked outrage from conservative Christians who demanded Netflix remove it.

The attack also comes after petitions began appearing on Change.org, some of which landed more than two million signatures.


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