English businesswoman, actress, and model Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian look identical in Christmas photo shared on Instagram! And it got fans taking.

Elizabeth Hurley and son Damian look identical in New Photo

Elizabeth Hurley and son Damian Hurley had everyone doing a double take on Christmas.

The pair shared a photo over the holidays, in which they are wearing coordinating black beanie hats over their similarly flowing locks.

“Happy Christmas!” Damian, 17, captioned the pic.

Several fans commented on the mother and son’s nearly identical appearance, writing, “Peas in a pod” and “twins.”

A fan wrote:
You're great looking, Damian, like your Mum. Are you transitioning to female? If not, you are being mistaken for a woman esp. wearing your hair that long and in that style. Shorter hair in older pics was so nice on you. All the best with your modeling career.

Another fan wrote: OK but is he a girl or going to be a girl? Or just a boy? He looks like he is transitioning fro. Boy to girl

Damian, who is Elizabeth’s son with American businessman Steve Bing, has benefited from his striking resemblance to his famous mother.

Damian Charles Hurley is an English actor and model. He is the son of actress Elizabeth Hurley and American businessman Steve Bing. Hurley portrayed Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein in a December 2016 episode of the E! television series The Royals, which stars his mother as Queen of the United Kingdom.

A post shared by Damian Hurley (@damianhurley1) on

A post shared by Damian Hurley (@damianhurley1) on

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