Angela McGill, 52, was tucking into the festive snack when she ate what she thought was a bit of pastry. But she realised that she’d actually swallowed her partial dentures and started panicking. The caterer went to hospital and an x-ray revealed the plate was stuck half way down her throat.
Mum needs teeth for Christmas after swallowing dentures while eating a mince pie

Medics advised any procedure to pull the plate back up her throat would do more good than harm. So Angela had to wait 72 hours for her dentures to pass through her digestive system, before flushing them down the loo.

Mum-of-three Angela, from Glasgow, said: ‘I think I made their day to be honest, maybe even their year. It was ever so funny!’ She added: ‘Obviously I wasn’t going to be using that plate again – like I say, all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!’ Angela said she is ‘finding the funny side to this right cock-up’ but has sworn off mince pies forever. 

She laughed: ‘I just couldn’t believe I’d swallowed my plate – how silly is that? ‘And I was really enjoying the mince pie too, I just got distracted when someone I work with said my name and I gulped.
Mum needs teeth for Christmas after swallowing dentures while eating a mince pie

‘It was rough, and really hard – I thought it was a tough piece of pastry! ‘Then it went down, and got lodged at the back of my throat, and I thought, “Oh my god, I’ve swallowed my plate, I’ve literally lost my teeth.”’ Angela had her inch-square partial dentures fitted last month to replace 40-year-old caps she had fitted as a girl after an accident. 

‘I was swimming when I was about 11 when this boy jumped in the pool, knocked me, and then I clattered my teeth against the edge of the pool,’ she said. ‘Forty years on, the crowns needed replacing obviously, so they fitted me with two front teeth on this plastic plate instead.’