PS5 release date and price update

According to the latest rumors, Sony will not be announcing a PlayStation 5 update during the remainder of 2019.
PS5 release date and PlayStation 5 price updade

The biggest confirmations here come in the form of the official name for the console and a release window. It’s not surprising that the system is called the “PlayStation 5,” but it’s always nice to know that for certain so we can move on to juicier details.

The second confirmation we received, courtesy of The PlayStation Blog, is that the PS5 is launching in holiday 2020. This puts it in line with Microsoft’s plans and in line with our own predictions from several years ago (had to brag, feels good to be right!).

Wonderful news all around, and if they stopped there it would be enough to keep us hyped well into 2020, but Sony was apparently feeling generous today. We also received some new updates regarding discs, the specs, and even some new details about the next DualShock controller!

PS5 release date and PlayStation 5 price updade

But time is running out for when the big reveal can happen, especially when you consider that November 2020 is the expected release date for the console.

So how long is left until gamers find out about Sony’s PS5 successor?

According to recent online reports, the new PS5 reveal will be happening in February 2020.

To be exact, Sony is planning to reveal the future of PlayStation gaming on February 12.

That means there are still a few months to wait until we find out vital information, like price and design.

Fans have now seen plenty of dev kits but these V-shaped boxes won’t be the consoles that will be hitting shelves.

As always, leaks regarding big tech announcements have to be treated with some caution.

But a recent one shared online has been backed up somewhat by the fact it also predicted a State of Play event before the end of the year and that TLOU2 would be released in May 2020.

This might have still been a lucky guess but it does give the idea of a Sony reveal in February 2020 more backing.

Sony recently announced its plans to hold a new State of Play event later this month, focused on PS4 games.

There won’t be any news regarding the PlayStation 5 console but that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth watching.

We could still be hearing about games coming to the PS5 in the years to the come, with cross-generational titles being planned.
Assasin’s Creed Ragnarok is reportedly one of them, while others like The Last of Us Part 2 expected to follow.

The new Sony State of Play is being held on December 10 and will include plenty of news for PlayStation fans.

How Much will the PS5 Cost?

It is no secret that gaming is an expensive hobby. What makes it more so is the fact that every six years or so, a new lineup of consoles releases, bringing forth another wave of items for gamers to purchase. With the heralding of a new console, the internet immediately goes into a frenzy, speculating about prices. The PlayStation 4 has already let that particular cat out of the bag, and four hundred dollars is less than what people expected. So what about the PlayStation 5? What can we expect the PS5 Price to be? Should we start saving up now?

PS5 release date and PlayStation 5 price updade


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