The Best College Students Backpacks For 2020

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College life requires a lot of organization, planning, and focus; it’s hard to get by the day without a good system to keep you in tune. Going for classes, keeping up with work and projects can be a hassle without a good utility bag to keep all the necessities in place. Backpacks are a reliable storage companion with cool features that help you get through the daily schedule and tasks. From water-resistant properties, multiple functional pockets made from ventilated materials to size and multiple compartments, these are just a few advantages. We have put together a list of the best college backpacks that will definitely get you through school, work and the busyness of college life.

1. College Laptop Backpack

The Best College Students Backpacks For 2020

Promising review: This backpack is awesome so far it is extremely helpful and contains lots of space for me to pack away any of my school supplies for my classes. Speaking of classes I created this GIF for my class through the use of a website and the combination of both After Effects and Photoshop just like how this backpack has a combination of pockets for me to store my smaller items away. This GIF also creates an eye-catching effect with its fast past color and word change just like how I was able to decorate my backpack with several different patches that were both weird and cute like the GIF I created for a class. I also enjoyed the element of surprise like my GIF that the backpack contained more pockets that what I assumed it had. Overall I love the new backpack I got from here if anything one negative comment would be that it gets stained quickly since the classroom in my school can be dirty but 10/10 would recommend this backpack to others.

Price: $25.99 At Amazon.

2. Hynes Eagle School Backpack, Student Casual Daypack Laptop Backpack

Hynes Eagle School Backpack

Promising review: I was looking for something like Kipling bags with lower price, and this is the best so far. It has large storage space and other small pockets for different purposes. Love it very much.

Price: $34.99 At Amazon.

3. Waterproof Business, Work, College Bag with USB Charging&Headphone

Waterproof Business, Work, College Bag

Promising review: I am pleasently surprised with ease of use of this laptop backpack. It looks simple but I can pack my work laptop, kids tablet, extra pair of clothes, PJs , travel accessories, plenty of food and water bottles. USB and headphones jack are blessing in disguise specially when my phone runs out of juice and I need to hear music . The secret pocket on backside is very useful to put and take out id and boarding pass during the travel. I am using it for my day to day work and also during weekend travel. Very nice bag at a reasonable price.

4. Himawari Travel, School Backpack with USB Charging Port

Himawari Travel, School Backpack with USB Charging Port

Promising review: Perfect. Use it for my backpack at university. Fits a couple of text books, a binder, a mini binder planner, and a my bible. As well as 2 side pockets. Both fit my stainless steel water bottle, a front pocket that I use for pens and stuff and a back zipper that opens the main compartment if you don’t want to open it from the top. I got the one with the charger plug, but I’ve had a hard time with it. It’s not a battery pack that is attached if your wondering, it’s a usb that connects to YOUR battery pack, and a usb plug in on the other side for your phone charger. I was confused about it when I read the description so thought I’d mention it. Other than that it’s a great bag. Oh and it does stand up on its own. All while looking pretty sophisticated too. Highly recommend.

5. Laptop Backpack for Trip, School, Work

Laptop Backpack for Trip, School, Work

Promising review: Yep, schools coming, backpacks are needed. I am very happy with this backpack. The intense blue color is totally what i want !I really like this bag. The price was great but this one has more features than I expected. It is spacious with multiple compartments. It has room for laptop or tablet and still lots of room for overnight stays or school books. The material is water repellant. Also,It has safety reflectors on the front and back, the shoulder straps are padded quite nicely. We can also connect our own portable charger with the bag. It has the built in charging cable and aux cable to connect the device inside the bag to my headphone. The size of bag is also ideal for cozy trips. So happy !

6. JanSport Big Student Backpack - 15-Inch Laptop School Pack

JanSport Big Student Backpack - 15-Inch Laptop School Pack

The big news with Big Student is that it now features a dedicated 15in padded laptop compartment. You still get two large main compartments, front utility pocket with organizer, pleated front stash pocket and zippered front stash pocket keeps all your gear organized. Choose from dozens of fabrics and colors. Go Big or go home. 

FEATURES: Ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps, Front utility pocket with organizer, Fully padded back panel, Pleated front stash pocket, Side water bottle pocket, Two large main compartments, Web haul handle, Dedicated 15" padded laptop compartment, and Zippered front stash pocket.

Promising review: We all have been Jansport fans. The lasting quality in these bags have been amazing and worth the price. As a mama, I still have mine from the 90's that I used in high school and it's now being used by my oldest daughter. This purple one we just bought is for my younger daughter...both daughters love Jansport and is excited to keep using them for the upcoming school year. Worth every penny spent.


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