The Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer Review

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A portable Bluetooth mini printer that'll have you turning your fire Instagram pics into IRL framed beauties. Compatible with  iOS & Android, NFC & Bluetooth Devices.
The Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer Review

Just took the perfect selfie?
The Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer Review

Print your social media and camera memories instantly with the unique Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. Simple one-touch operation makes it easier than ever for the whole family, from kids to young adults, to get in on the instant print action! Just connect to your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth or NFC, and watch your pictures come to life as pocket-sized photo prints that you can share.

What You Get:

1 Polaroid ZIP Mobile Photo Printer
Micro USB cable
Polaroid ZINK Photo Paper (10-Pack)

Specs & Details:
The Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer Review

Dimensions: 2.9ʺW x 4.7ʺL x 0.9ʺD (74 x 120 x 22.8mm)
Weight: 6.6 oz. (186g)
Micro USB Port
Battery: Rechargeable 500 mAh Lithium Polymer
Charge Time: 1.5 Hours
Prints per Charge: 25

You can get The Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer for $96.65 At Amazon.

Promising reviews:

I bought this for my husband for Christmas. We were very pleased with the print quality, which I was happy to hear that my husband thought it was pretty good too, considering he is an advertising photographer.

I guess it is really all about what you EXPECT to get compared to what you ACTUALLY get. Some people set themselves up to be disappointed. We had no preconceived notions about this device, nor did we get our hopes up for the prints to come out amazing. Really, for $100, it just seemed like a fun little gadget to have that hopefully would print halfway decent. And THAT it does!

I was very happy with how these first two photos printed. I added a sepia filter (there are filters, stickers, borders, etc. you can add from the ZIP printer) to the photo of my dog and I, as well as a couple of stickers. The other one, of my husband and I, was printed as-is from my phone.

The printer does come with a few photo sheets to get you started, but I didn’t count them before I put them into the printer. (Although I read on another review that it comes with 10.) By: Hardcorqueen.

Second review:

I will start off by stating that I read alot of the reviews for the Polaroid Zip Printer before I purchased one. I did decide to buy one and I could not be happier. I read alot of negative comments on picture quality but I have not encountered that at all. Some say not to edit in the Polaroid app, but again, no issues editing within the app for me. Pictures come out wonderful! I have also printed pictures edited and enhanced in photo editor apps and again they come out great.

Take the time to get to know the app, and the printer. My only complaint if there is one, is the battery life Is a bit short. But I don't see that as an issue either. Just use a power bank to power it use it away from home. Most people have one of those these days.

I didn't expect much from this printer going into it, but I am very pleased with ease of use and picture quality. I would purchase this again. By NDHaberman.

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