This Kids Waterproof Video Camera Is The Perfect Children Christmas Gift

Christmas is almost here, the kids waterproof camera will bring more fun for your children, full develop your kids' field of vision and creativity! Move up, Take your children to see the world with prograce kids camera!

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This Kids Waterproof Video Camera Is The Perfect Children Christmas Gift

Original design and manufacture by Prograce Team, The Waterproof Camera offers high quality and non-toxic safe material product to protect your kids' health. Updated design with 4X digital zoom, 3-level volume adjustment, 40 photo frames, burst shooting, time-lapse photo, face recognition, manual brightness adjustment and games to add more fun.
This Kids Waterproof Video Camera Is The Perfect Children Christmas Gift

Easy for Kids to Use

Just have 5 functions(Playback, Photography, Setting, Video Recording, Games)for operating, it's super easy for kids to use; connect to your computer to download all of your creations (Includes USB cable).

You can see pictures/videos from this toddler camera directly or from the computer, the computer show better visual effects.

Connect to computer via USB cable to transfer photos/videos, or recharge the camera. Generally, it takes about 2.5 hours to be charged fully.

  • Waterproof function
  • 5MP with 4X digital zoom
  • Burst shooting and time-lapse photo
  • Face recognition
  • Manual brightness adjustment
  • Built-in mini game
  • 3-level volume adjustment
  • 40 photo frames+7 color video modes
Bike Mount
The kids digital camera includes a bike mount that attaches to most bicycles for taking pictures and recording videos. Also available for scooter,skateboard, helmet and so on, enrich your children's outdoor life!
Bike Mount

Flat Mount
This kids video camera allows the video camera to be attached to any flat surface to use, recording beautiful moments in use.

Flat Mount
Helmet Mount
The kids underwarter camera come with one Helmet Mount and two Helmet Belt,you can easy install it on the helmet.
Helmet Mount
The Kids Waterproof Video Camera is already having so positive reviews from consumers who are describing the product as "Super Cute Little Kids Camera.

Kids Waterproof Video Camera is available for $35.97 At Amazon. Shop Now.


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