Thousands of bizarre little creatures called ‘penis fish’ have washed ashore at Drakes Beach, California.
Thousands Of ‘Penis Fish’ Washed Up On A California Beach

These sausage-like marine creatures are also known as Fat Innkeeper Worms (Urechis caupo) and are believed to have appeared on the beach due to a recent storm.

If you’re still wondering why these creatures are dubbed ‘penis fish’ well, just have a look at them and decide for yourself whether it’s an apt title.

Spotted by Ivan Parr on December 6, the biologist from the Western Section of The Wildlife Society explains that the 10-inch fat innkeeper worm typically lives underwater, burrowing in mud or sand. But the storm likely dragged them from the depths.
Thousands Of ‘Penis Fish’ Washed Up On A California Beach

The reason it’s called an innkeeper worm is that they live in small underground u-shaped burrows, which become habitats for other sea creatures once the worm leaves.

Seriously, there’s a load of them, and as you can see, they’re really f***ing gross.

These phallic-looking fish is actually a food delicacy in Korea and Japan.

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