Today Thursday Episode On KING OF HEARTS: Zee World Series

Here is a quick highlight of the zee world series KING OF HEARTS Today Thursday's Episode.
Here is a quick highlight of the zee world series KING OF HEARTS.

Sid tells Anya that he is no longer interested in resolving things with Roshni as he has done all he can and he deserves a break.

She asks how he can give up hope when he was the one who gave her hope.
She says she’s sure Roshni will come back to him. He says if not for Anya, he would have given up a long time ago and she has been the only one supporting him.

He thanks her. Naina begs Neel to open the door. He opens the door.
Naina apologises to him for allowing the aura healer to come to the house and make Neel feel like something is wrong with him.

Neel picks up a photo of him and Roshni.
He says her eyes don’t reflect a love for him and he thinks they are not meant to be.
Naina tells him not to allow one bad relationship ruin another for him.

Neel says he thinks Sid was right and he’s probably not meant to be with the person he loves.
Roshni hears him and blames herself for the way Neel is feeling. Anya is back at the hospital to see Arav. She begs him to wake up, if not for her, for the sake of their unborn child. The door opens and she sees Arav’s mum and a nurse.

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