12 Essential Travel Gadgets For All Travelers This Year

Getting ready for a vacation is never easy (there's always something you're bound to forget to pack) but once you're there, you want the trip to be a breeze. To make your adventure easier than ever, all you need is a few of these cool travel products. Note: The prices on this list reflect the retailers' listed price at the time of publication. And also this article contains affiliate links: as an Amazon Associate we may earn commission from qualifying purchases.

1. VASCO Travel Electronics Gadget & Cable Organizer Bag

The Best Travel Gadgets To Shop This Year

No more cluttering your entire backpack or suitcase with cables, scattering your gadgets and accessories all over the space, and struggling to find every individual item when needed.

Promising review: I travel for work and require an assortment of cables and connectors for presentations. I was looking for a way to get my travel back pack more organized and this product nailed it. I keep a long HDMI cable in the zipper pocket and then all my other items throughout. My only is that the zippers could be a little nicer, but that is merely a nitpick. Great travel solution - by D.Avery.

Price: $20 At Amazon

2. Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

When you travel, do you miss your morning cup of tea the most? Well, worry no more with the Silicone Travel Kettle! This fully portable water boiling system features an easy one-button control, translucent pitcher, and cool silicone design for your folding convenience. A super fast stainless steel heating element boils water in as little as five minutes. You'll also enjoy top notch safety with overheat and boil dry protection. With our specially designed 1-2 cup capacity, you'll save time, energy, and tons of luggage space for all your sipping adventures!

Price: $20 At Amazon

3. BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow

BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow

The BlueHills Travel Blanket comes in a plush outer case with a hand luggage belt and a carabiner backpack clip, allowing it to be taken portably with a luggage or backpack anywhere. In addition, the outer case functions as a soft and comfortable pillow, allowing you to use the product as either a pillow or a blanket depending on which is more convenient for you. The blanket can be taken portably on a train, car, plane, bus, and ferry, and can be used while camping.

Price: $26.95 At Amazon

4. Steamer for Clothes

Steamer for Clothes

Promising review: I purchased and returned a couple steamers that didn't take out the wrinkles. THIS one WORKS. It even does a decent job on cotton fabrics. My favorite feature is you can plug it and it warms up but doesn't start throwing steam until you switch it on!! Easy to fill. Decent water reservoir. Nice carry bag to put it in. I LOVE it! - by Kaja.

Price: $35 At Amazon

5. Ultimate Travel Pillow

Ultimate Travel Pillow

With its patented ergonomic shape, the Travelrest inflatable travel pillow attaches to the 'wings' of an airline seat, headrest of a car, or can be worn 'messenger bag style', nestling against the head and neck to provide support and comfort in flight or on the road.

Price: $25.95 At Amazon

6. Travel Shoe Bags

Travel Shoe Bags

Promising review: These zippered travel shoe bags were exactly what I needed. The bags are lightweight and fold flat when not in use. The stitching looks nice and even. The dual zippers are smooth. The carry handle is convenient if you want to take along at work or in the car. I like the variety of colors so I know which shoe is in which bag without having to open them. Most importantly, the bags are very roomy... this is a pair of women's size 11 athletic shoes. You can see that they fit comfortably, without stretching or pulling. I highly recommend and would definitely buy again!

Price: $16 At Amazon

7. Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Box Organizer

Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Box Organizer

Vlando Macarons Jewelry Box is the collection which is designed to meet your basic daily need of jewelry storage and organization. This is a great travel accessory for carrying jewelry on vocation.

Enhanced and refined inner design of space-saving, this jewelry box keeps more jewelries with earrings holders around the mirror and necklace hooks inside the lid which is superior practical than any other jewelry boxes.

Price: $15 At Amazon

8. Neck Fans

Neck Fans

Never lose your cool with Zeniso’s Multi-Use Portable Hanging Personal Neck Fan! You’ll never have to be a sweaty mess again!

It’s a simple no-nonsense solution to keeping cool anywhere if you're at the gym, travelling, at work, camping, in sports, in the summer, drying nail polish, on the beach, golfing, or cooking up a meal. The uses for our fan are endless from work, to fitness, to beauty and leisure. It’s a small mini fan packed with a lot of wind and uses.

Price: $15 At Amazon

9. Portable Mini Travel Tabletop Humidifier

Portable Mini Travel Tabletop Humidifier

Fancii personal humidifier quietly moistens the air in small spaces, providing the ideal moisture balance to help you breathe better. Simple in design but powerful in function and performance, this portable unit utilizes individual water bottles (sold separately) to improve the air quality and moisture content in the immediate vicinity while combating the harsh effects of dry air. Ideal for your home, office, car, or travel.

Price: $25 At Amazon

10. Universal Travel Adapter

Universal Travel Adapter

Promising review: Excellent quality, versatile, love the lock that holds the plug being used firmly extended. I used this in Egypt and Kenya on a recent trip, and it worked perfectly in many hotels, boats, tent structures in game preserves. A real bonus is that it comes in a zippered case so it was easy to carry and store without worrying about dust or debris getting into the slots while I was carrying my backpack all over Africa!

Price: $20 At Amazon

11. Portable Car Jump Starter

Portable Car Jump Starter

Promising review: This compact jump starter us great for small cars. It's pretty straight forward, you don't need professional help to use it. I have battery problem randomly and this jump starter is a preventive just in case. This morning my car won't start and finally gotten a chance to use it, it work like a charm, no problem at all.

Portable Car Jump Starter

Price: $80 At Amazon

12. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

Promising review: Battery life is high, provides loud and clear sound. Suitable to carry everywhere. In-ear design ensure the headphones sit securely in your ears.Perfect for running, jogging, hiking, yoga, exercises, gym, fitness, travelling and birthday gift. Worth to buy, recommended.

Price: $50 At Amazon


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